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Key sports Sciences to improve the level of Pakistan sports | Instant News

Lahore: South Asian karate silver medalist and student of MSC sports Sciences University of the Punjab Saweel Fayyaz said, psychologists, doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and trainers to enhance the performance of athletes.

Talking to sports journalists, said Saweel sports science help athletes during training and to tell them how to improve their physical form. “Sports science traditionally include areas of physiology (physiology of exercise), psychology (sports psychology), anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry and bio-kinetics”, – he added.

Saweel, who is a coach at the Academy other karate, Lahore, said that with the help of sport Sciences and physical education, “we can raise the level of sports in Pakistan and produce professional athletes who can bring honour to the country.

“Japan, China, America and other developed countries have honed the skills of their athletes, focusing on current research, technical training and using the services of sports specialists,” he added.

“Unfortunately, our government and sport agencies are not interested in obtaining the services of specialists in sports science and physical educationists. Because of this, the quality of sports is declining day by day, and our athletes are suffering from various problems and not fulfilling their true potential. If Pakistan wants to develop in the sport, it needs to use the services of specialists in sports science,” he added.


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