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British Coronavirus: A large surge in deaths was reported | Instant News

The number of deaths in the UK has risen sharply after the government entered figures in nursing homes.

The coronavirus mortality rate in the UK now reaches 26,097, according to new figures revealed today, Sun report.

This is an increase of 4419 in yesterday’s calculations – with figures now combined to include deaths in hospitals, nursing homes and the wider community for the first time since the crisis began.

Morning show host Piers Morgan called it “a big jump”.

media_cameraBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has returned to work after contracting the corona virus. Image: AFP

Speaking in today’s daily coronavirus briefing, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab confirmed 765 new deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours.

He added that the new total count included 3811 additional deaths awaited since the outbreak.

Until now, the daily figures reported only cover the number of people who died in hospitals.

Raab said the updated total today would help the government measure its victims against other countries’ calculations.

From the new figures, Dr. Yvonne Doyle, Medical Director at PHE, said: “Every death due to COVID-19 is a tragedy.

“Tracking the number of deaths daily is very important to help us understand the impact of the disease. “This more complete data will give us a more complete and more current picture of death in the UK and will inform the government’s approach as we continue to protect the public.

He added: “We are tracking more alongside our European neighbors”.

The new figures mean the UK is on track to become one of the most severe countries in Europe in the coronavirus pandemic.

Europe has been hit by a coronavirus pandemic. Pictured is a soldier in Portugal. Image: AFP
media_cameraEurope has been hit by a coronavirus pandemic. Pictured is a soldier in Portugal. Image: AFP

This new total makes the total death toll in Britain more than reported by France – which also includes deaths in nursing homes – and Spain, according to Reuters calculations.

That number is still lower than the total Italian victims.

Tripling the deaths in nursing homes in England and Wales within a few weeks contributed to a much higher number of victims.

British Queen Elizabeth II has released a message about the coronavirus epidemic. Image: AFP
media_cameraBritish Queen Elizabeth II has released a message about the coronavirus epidemic. Image: AFP

Meanwhile in Germany, four leading scientific research organizations in Germany say some of the steps put in place to curb the level of corona virus infection need to remain until the vaccine is found or herd immunity is achieved. They said in a joint statement that their mathematical model independently showed the reproduction rate of the outbreak had been below 1 in Germany since the end of March. This means that each person confirmed with COVID-19 has been infected with less than one other person during the past month.

The Fraunhofer Society, the Helmholtz Association, the Leibniz Association and the Max Planck Society say the decline in new cases in Germany is thanks to restrictions and changes in behavior.

But they warned “the situation is unstable, even a small increase in the reproduction rate will bring us back to the phase of exponential growth.” They said fighting for herd immunity, where so many people gained immunity so that the virus effectively stopped spreading through the population, would need “several years” and some restrictions needed to be maintained.

Experts say the vaccine may not be available until next year. These institutions urge focus on three areas: sustainable hygiene measures; expanded testing and search capacity; and adjusted contact restrictions.

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