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Britain, India will collaborate on anti-microbial resistance research worth 8 million pounds – India news | Instant News

Britain and India deepen the collaboration of existing scientific research with five new projects worth eight million pounds to overcome anti-microbial resistance (AMR) which can lead to important progress in the global war against bacteria and antibiotic-resistant genes.

The funding award was announced by Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, Minister of State for South Asia and the Commonwealth, ahead of a virtual visit to India on July 28, according to a statement from the British High Commission here.

India is a major producer of antimicrobials in the global supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry, and this research project aims to develop a better understanding of how waste from antimicrobial plants can inadvertently trigger AMR.

Subject to permits, five projects are planned for September this year. The UK donated four million pounds from the British Research and Innovation Fund for International Cooperation, and India matched this with its own resources. In total, eight million pounds will be used to fund research, the statement said.

Ahmad said, “Britain has partnered with India’s Serum Institute to produce the COVID-19 vaccine, if clinical trials are successful, with plans to distribute to one billion people throughout the developing world. But there are many things we can do together to tackle the pressing global health problems in the world. Our growing research and innovation partnership will benefit people in the UK and India, and so on. “

Sir Philip Barton, High Commissioner for India, said, “Britain is the second largest research partner in India, with combined research estimated to be worth 400 million pounds next year. This large investment allows us to work closely together on global health challenges such as finding the COVID-19 vaccine. “

“Today’s announcement is another demonstration of our excellent research relationship and will strengthen important struggles against anti-microbial resistance,” he added.

Ahmad will lead a virtual roundtable with senior stakeholders based in India and the UK on cold chain technology which is crucial for effective vaccine transportation, ensuring they succeed in reaching their final destination, according to the statement.

Other elements of the minister’s visit include meetings with the State Minister for External Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs, V Muraleedharan, to discuss a number of subjects including multilateral cooperation, meetings with Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, discussions with local government and others regarding opportunities in the workforce wind and virtual tour of the UK-funded solar power plant in Rajasthan.


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The American Innovation Machine Slows Down | Instant News

AAlso important to innovation in the US is high-productivity metropolitan areas, such as Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Seattle, and Austin, Texas, where knowledge-based clusters grow, usually around universities. Engineers, academics, investors, designers, computer scientists, and supply chain managers blend in with various companies, share ideas, have a lot of coincidences, and encourage one another in ways that make entire groups more productive and creative than individuals. isolation. “The ten most innovative cities in the United States,” a latest research papers show, “accounts for 23 percent of the national population, but for 48 percent of patents and 33 percent of gross domestic product.” The paper goes on to argue that complex industries such as semiconductors, biotechnology, and neurobiology are even more likely to benefit from grouping in big cities when compared to less complex activities such as paper making or clothing.

Before the pandemic, housing shortages in the San Francisco Bay Area and other much-needed locations had been a major barrier to innovation and economic growth. Silicon Valley and similar groups now face a rather different challenge: a sudden surge in remote work. Pandemic has reminded people of the value of a large living space. Already, the most congested postal codes of the metropolitan area have seen home purchases doubled as the most populous, according to the American Enterprise Institute Housing Center. This trend applies to many large industrial groups in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

Meanwhile, large technology companies that are forced to deal with remote work have found that, at least in the short term, it works well. Instead of dealing with the constant reopening of uncertainty when the virus rages, companies like Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, and Quora have allows most or all of their employees to work from home permanently. The exodus of engineers from Silicon Valley can prove beneficial to smaller communities in cheaper parts of the country – but it can slow down the kind of innovation that occurs when talented people work at close range.

Physical isolation of employees will hamper development innovative ideas in individual companies. It can also reduce the number of abundant opportunities that can arise in new companies. The proverbial process in which two engineers meet in the office, starts to flip through product ideas at their downtime, consult with local venture capitalists to get advice, and go to find start-ups will be greatly reduced if all of these connections are mediated through Zoom. Videoconferencing is useful in maintaining existing relationships but is a poor substitute for accidental meetings with new colleagues. Even if distance work is equally useful for certain technology companies, it can be a net negative for the larger industrial groups and for the country.


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Sunlight can protect against the corona virus by increasing vitamin D levels, the study found | Instant News

Previous studies have found an association between low vitamin D levels and susceptibility to acute respiratory infections.

Dr Lee Smith, who took part in new research at Anglia Ruskin University, said: “We found a significant crude relationship between average vitamin D levels and the number of Covid-19 cases, and specifically the Covid-19 mortality rate per head of population throughout 20 European countries.

“Vitamin D has been shown to protect against acute respiratory infections, and older adults – the group with the most vitamin D deficiency – are also the most severely affected by Covid-19.

“An earlier study found that 75 percent of people in institutions, such as hospitals and nursing homes, were very deficient in vitamin D.”

The advice for British Public Health (PHE) is that people consider taking vitamin D supplements during the fall and winter months, when many are deficient.

Last month, PHE advised people to continue taking supplements into the summer to avoid vitamin D deficiency as a result of exposure to bad sunlight due to locking.

Starting Thursday, Italy has recorded 29,684 deaths and Spain 25,857, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. However, the two numbers are likely to be significant statements of the actual number.

The new study, which has participation from the NHS, was published in Aging Clinical and Experimental Research.


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