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‘Fighting grasshoppers on a scientific path’ | Instant News

LAHORE: Chief Secretary of the Punjab Jawwad Rafique has directed all relevant departments including the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Forests to work collectively on the scientific pathway to fight grasshoppers.

He expressed this view when chairing a meeting to review steps to control grasshoppers in the province. Senior Members of the Revenue Board, Secretary of Agriculture, Director General of the PDMA and senior army officers attended the meeting. Senior Board Member Revenue Babar Hayat Tarar told the meeting that 150 vehicles and 260 motorbikes were used for spraying in areas affected by locusts and so far 114,406 hectares of land had been covered.

About 760 single power and 20 Jeeto engines are also used to spray, he added. He said at the meeting that a working group led by SMBR and consisting of secretaries from various departments including Finance, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Forests oversaw the situation. Likewise, a core committee consisting of the Directorate General of Agriculture, the Directorate General of PDMA, army representatives and the Cholistan Development Authority worked against these pests. The chief secretary said that all the funds needed would be provided for locust combat operations and the problem of supplying aircraft for area spraying would be taken at the government level. The meeting decided to start production of locally produced spray machines at a cost of around Rs 325,000 after successful results.

Ordered man: CTO Syed Hamad Abid has praised Zain patrol officer and Farhan traffic assistant for taking action against the illegal use of green number plates.

The patrol officer on duty, Zain stopped the green number plate vehicle to inspect the Karim Block area. The patrol officer asked the driver about the use of illegal number plates. The driver was unable to provide justification, so the traffic guard handed over the driver and vehicle to the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Police Station where a case was registered against the accused and he was returned to custody. CTO Syed Hamad Abid praised Zain patrol officer and Farhan Traffic Assistant. The CTO said it never allowed the use of green number plates without permission. He added the warden watched suspicious people and objects along with road traffic.

FIR: Lahore Police have taken action against people involved in violations of the coronavirus SOP.

Around 2,208 FIRs have been registered in this matter. More than 02 lac 29 thousand 484 residents have been examined on picket while more than 02 lac 18 thousand 130 people have been issued a warning. More than 4,452 residents involved in the movement did not need to be released because they provided guarantees that they would not move again to the city. More than 02 lac 06 thousand 576 vehicles including 116,647 motorcycles, 29,406 rickshaws, 6,094 taxis, 43,628 cars and 10,801 larger vehicles were stopped on the picket and the vehicle owner issued a warning for their unnecessary movements. More than 8026 vehicles have been confiscated at various police stations involved in violations.

security: Operation DIG Lahore Rai Babar Saeed paid a visit to various mosques in the city to review the implementation of 20 point government directives during prayer and security arrangements.

He checked the Jamia Khizra Cantt Selatan Mosque, Jamia Tauheed Mosque, Markazi Ya Rasool Allah Joray Pul Mosque, Jamia Ghousia Joray Pul Mosque, Jamia Islamia Hanfia Habib Ullah Mosque, and others. SP, DSP, SHO, and other officers accompanied him. DIG Operation Rai Babar Saeed directs police officers and officials to ensure very easy security and implementation of the Coronavirus SOP.

The DIG operation also visited different pickets from the Cantt Division including the intersection of Barki Road, Conscious RO and others. He directed the police officers and officials to behave politely with citizens.


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