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Fed up with prolonged lockdown people scoff at restrictions | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Contrary to the opinions of doctors, small traders and the general public are fed up with prolonged locking and have begun to violate restrictions imposed for their safety.

They really want to get out of the house and they want the government to lift the so-called lockdown so they can enjoy freedom of movement.

Small traders, daily bets, and uneducated people think they will follow preventative measures, including maintaining social distance, wearing face masks and washing their hands when dealing with customers to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

What demands relaxation in lockdown shows that few people follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) and don’t care at all about social distance rules.

Ignoring repeated requests from the government, experts and Ulema, people do not bother to observe social distance rules when receiving cash assistance under the Ehsaas Program.

People can be seen wandering in markets and praying in mosques regardless of social distance to stop the spread of the corona virus.

Although the government has banned transportation between districts, transporters and owners of cars and small vehicles are seen doing their routine work.

Although the police have set up checkpoints in the city and also on the main road to catch violators, passengers alight from vehicles near the checkpoint to avoid the police.

This correspondent witnessed the movement of the passengers and then spoke with the traffic officer, whether they really did not know about the violations of the driver who was carrying five passengers and burdens the helpless.

Officials say they know everything but cannot use force always. “Sometimes, we ignore and open the way for people to move forward instead of applying strict rules,” said a traffic inspector.

“We impose fines on drivers for overloading passengers, but we also know that there is no transportation and people must reach their destinations in Ramazan,” he added.

Even though traders, drivers, daily movers, and people who join in all walks of life verbally support SOPs, many at least feel disturbed in following them practically and present conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic.

A retired military officer, Fazal Rahman, called on the government to closely observe and implement the rules in the interests of the people.

He said the majority of people were unaware of the coronavirus and negligence that some people could damage the entire health system.

The authorities must make a decision in consultation with doctors and implement it strictly, “he added.


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