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This Platform Allows Travel Content Creators to Earn Extra Money During COVID-19 | Instant News

Manon Van Os and his colleague are from the Netherlands and like adventure. They live in a van to … [+] year and travel to almost every corner of New Zealand. This photo was taken in a volcanic area known as Tongariro National Park.

Nonneke Photography / Manon van Os

Getting the opportunity to make money online during a pandemic is the key. Scopio is a platform that was launched in 2016, and correctly named it, “summarizing” the world’s greatest photos and videos from 4 billion pieces of content posted every day on social media.
Its founder, Christina Hawatmeh, switched from working at the Seed Stage VC company in 2013 to building a successful technology company with a database of 14,000 photographers who have sent more than 250,000 images. At present, Scopio has more than 11,000 customers; with an increase of 40% per month; more than 300,000 unique searches; and 1.8 million visits in the past few months.
“With Scopio, you can grow your digital presence by using their video maker to convert images into videos; focus on context and storytelling; use visuals to support it; and continue to post content, “said Christina Hawatmeh, Founder of Scopio. “The platform recommends around 9 pieces a day to optimally increase your presence.”

Interested in making extra money? Here are 4 questions for digital content generation:
1. How can travel businesses increase their digital presence during a pandemic?
According to Technavio, the stock image market is ready to grow by 1.67 billion during the 2019-2023 period. Reports show that the demand for stock images will offer enormous growth opportunities, and you can take advantage of the crisis by jumping on the travel content train.

“Some of the ways you can make money during a pandemic are by finding job openings for positions such as social media managers; social media consultant; freelancer writer for blogs; and side money through photography by sending photos, “said Hawatmeh.

Charry Jin from Brazil, uses photography to express the complexity of human emotions. This was taken … [+] at the subway station in São Paulo. Crowded public transportation was part of the daily routine of millions of passengers before the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, commuting has a completely new meaning.

Charry Jin

2. What is the proprietary of Scopio technology that makes it different from other stock photo companies?
“Scopio uses artificial intelligence in various system components,” said Hawatmeh. Scopio uses natural language processing for normalization and understanding of user questions such as detecting main keywords. The platform also implements automatic filtering to detect non-original images such as spam and cartoons, blurred images and images that represent sexual or irrelevant content.
“Another way that travel creators can take advantage of this platform is the Scopio image processing model that captures images and recognizes their objects to be tagged,” Hawatmeh said. The Scopio knowledge base provides advice to users by providing concepts related to their questions.

Tariq Keblaoui is based in Beirut and has documented protests that lasted for several … [+] for months. Although the economic and political conditions in Lebanon are uncertain, causing many businesses such as hotels to close, young people always find creative outlets for their self-expression. Morissa is an actor and producer posing in front of the iconic Riviera Hotel.

Tariq Keblaoui

3. How did Scopio react as a business to the COVID crisis?
“Scopio is currently helping small businesses that struggle with post-COVID obstacles,” Hawatmeh said. “Both Shutterfly and Scopio provide thousands of prints to elderly care facilities in New York to brighten their days.” In addition, Scopio provides free gifts for 100 free one-year subscriptions. “It is very encouraging to see that our platform is used by people from all walks of life,” Hawatmeh said. “Some of the responses from our prize include creative directors, songwriters, home-based marketing consultants, web designers, and marketing partners.”

Abhishek Yadav from India, took inspiration from Delhi’s royal court to tell the story … [+] the Indian kings who once ruled. Self-portrait is his specialty where he is the subject and photographer.

Abhishek Yadav

4. How can artists and travel-related companies make additional income working with Scopio?
“Scopio democratizes access, by allowing anyone to send pictures easily,” Hawatmeh said. “People make money by sending their images, and advertising materials around the world can use billions of images stored on our hard drives every year in a legal and organized way.”
Travel companies can take this time to develop marketing initiatives aimed at virtualizing experiences that they cannot currently offer. Scopio is a good source for collecting images that represent the offer.

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