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Trevor Bauer tearing Scott Boras revealed greater tension | Instant News

Trevor Bauer went there.

The Reds thrower / provocator often uses his Twitter account to voice sentiments expressed only under the cloak of anonymity. On Wednesday, the right-hand player touches a nerve the size of a beach ball by uncovering some tension in the player association while trying to negotiate a 2020 restart plan with Major League Baseball.

“Heard a LOT of rumors about agents of certain players who meddled in MLBPA affairs,” Bauer tweeted. “If it’s true – and at this point, it’s just a rumor – I have one thing to say … Scott Boras, your client representative as you like, but keep your personal agenda away from the unity business.”

Wow, son. Suffice it to say that while Bauer doesn’t mind being a wolf, this does not represent an exclusive opinion for him. Not even close.

“Someone has to say it,” said an industry source. “Even better when it’s a player.”

Boras Chat, easily the most famous game agent, exerted undue influence on the guild, more than 50 or more of the players he represented, had been circulating around the game for most of the time Tony Clark as executive director of PA and had intensified since Clark hired Bruce Meyer as chairman of the union negotiators in 2018. During the same time (Clark took over at the end of 2013), the players negotiated the Basic Agreement (in 2016) with which they had grown very unhappy. Which means that, whether the rumor carries validity or not, the rumor is inherently negative.

Trevor Bauer; Scott Boras
Trevor Bauer; Scott BorasAP (2)

Neither Boras nor the PA did reply to requests for comment. Second industry sources argue that Bauer’s tweets are “bullshit” distributed by Major League Baseball officials and some agents and that Meyer and Boras did not know each other until Clark crashed into the first. Boras opposed the agreement that the players and owners signed a contract in March to protect both parties from canceling the 2020 season, sources offered as an example.

Ironically, Boras was far more vocal about the pact than his rivals, repeatedly publicly declaring that the agreement ensured that players would receive their diprator salaries if the season could resume, regardless of whether the match was held in front of a paying crowd. . As Joel Sherman from The Post reported last weekHowever, there is strong evidence that certain PA lawyers understand language which includes “the economic feasibility of playing games without an audience or on a neutral substitute site that is appropriate” meaning the owner can ask players to take another haircut for games without fans, as is the case for the season which began in July. On Tuesday, MLB proposed to the players a disgusting sliding scale concept where the highest paid players would give up the most. Unions do not accept suggestions well.

Boras, due to his willingness to talk about the recordings and megadeals he had signed for his client – only last winter, he earned more than $ 1 billion for his free agents, including a record-breaking, nine-year, $ 324 million contract breaking Yankees for ace’s record Gerrit Cole – always wearing a big target on his back. Now the tool looks bigger because of general frustration, both internal and external, with PA. In addition, Boras clients have more power than their raw numbers because these agents represent so many high-income producers and superstars and PA movers and shakers. The union executive subcommittee presents three Boras clients – Rangers Elvis Andrus shortstop, Yankees pitcher James Paxton and Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer – among eight members. There is no other agent that has more than one.

In order for PA to find a meeting point with MLB next week, it must get its own house adequately as well. As Bauer has shown, some work remains on this vital task.


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MLB is expected to present proposals to players to start the season in early July South Jersey Sports | Instant News

LOS ANGELES – Major league owners are expected to ask players on Tuesday to agree to a regular season that will include around 80 matches.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have never won a World Series championship in 32 years, and their manager said the victory would be sweet after what is usually considered half a season.

“This is something that has never happened before,” Dave Roberts said on Saturday. “To keep men focused and together in mind and body, and then to win the championship, I see no reason why anyone should entertain the star sign.”

Under the owner’s plan, the player will report to the training camp in June and start the shortened season in early July. Teams will play regionally to minimize travel, so the Dodgers and Angels, for example, will play mostly along the West Coast. Rosters will be expanded to take into account the possibility of canceling a minor league season, and the postseason will also be expanded. Fans will not be accepted, at least in the beginning.

The owner can change some of these concepts, first reported by The Athletic, in a conference call Monday. The commissioner’s office will then begin what can be a controversial negotiation with the players’ union.

“I still hope,” said Roberts. “I don’t see how we can’t reach some consensus on both sides. Everyone will benefit. It’s time for fans to play baseball in their home. I think it can be a good therapy and diversion.”

It is uncertain what change the league might propose if local authorities do not allow teams to play in their ballpark, or a coronavirus outbreak occurs or is repeated. It is also uncertain how the owner can propose to protect the health and safety of players and other personnel.

“I don’t think anything can be done until it (security) can be guaranteed and we feel comfortable with that,” St. pitcher said. Louis Cardinals Andrew Miller to ESPN. “We want to put a good product on the field, but it is really secondary to the health of the players. We are generally younger and healthier, but that doesn’t mean our staff, it doesn’t mean the referees will be clear.

“It’s not difficult to separate yourself from players who have children who have conditions, or other family members who live with them. I am sure that before something happens, we will solve all the problems. “

On an ESPN broadcast from the UFC fight Saturday, President Donald Trump said: “Get the sports league back. Let’s play You do social distance and whatever you have to do. But we need sports. We want our sport back. “

However, fighter Ronaldo Souza tested positive for having the corona virus, as did his two cornermens. He was removed from the Friday card but seen in Saturday’s video mingling with others at the event.

Scott Boras’s agent said MLB could learn from the experience of the baseball league that was taking place in Taiwan and South Korea, and from soccer leagues around the world. Boras, who represents around 100 major league players, said none of his clients expressed concern about playing. However, he said, any player with a medical problem who might put him at risk must be allowed to choose whether he wants to play.

“This contract is not slavery,” Boras said.

In March, the owners and players agreed to extend the regular season to October if necessary and conduct a postseason in November. Boras wants MLB to do that, with a longer schedule.

“There is no reason I can see that, if you start in July and you have four months, we should not play 110 to 120 games, minimum,” he said. “That’s why we negotiated that extra month.”

The agreement also stipulates that players will be paid proportionally depending on the number of games played. The owner said that the provisions assume fans will be present, and if not the parties must negotiate a lower salary to take into account the lack of income from tickets, food, drinks and merchandise. The players say the provisions cover all scenarios.

Boras was aware that the owner would try to cut salaries for the regular season game and then expand the postseason, when the owner saved almost all the money. However, he wants to see a deal, and with that the season.

“For the people we need to stay home, we need baseball,” Boras said, “so they have some incentive to stay at home, so we don’t have social unrest.”

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MLB, Union Must Approve Player Payments If Games Start Without Fans | Instant News

Even if medical and political figures agree, playing the 2020 baseball season in an empty baseball stadium will not work without further modification of the final March agreement between the player and the owner.

That part of the 17-page document, which was revealed just before the scheduled opening of March 26, was called “Player Compensation and Benefits.” This stipulates that Major League Baseball will pay the club $ 170 million to use for salary – provided that the union will not demand additional money if the season is canceled.

However, in a short season, the players will be paid a portion of their contract. But it is unclear about how players will be paid if the game is played in an empty stadium.

Trade unions and leagues, which already have a feeling of disclaimer after alleged free agent contracts froze in 2017 and 2018, can now not agree on what is included in their latest agreement – even though the ink is barely dry on documents.

Players will get full service time for 2020, even if the campaign is canceled or shortened, but will not get a full salary unless the event is not possible to play in season 162 matches. Finding out exactly what they will get has become an important point.

Without income from parking, tickets, food, souvenirs, suites and stadium signage, teams who have lost money from short spring training will lose even more. That makes some owners hesitate to start the season – even in spring training parks much smaller than in the major league cities.

One of the many scenarios discussed in baseball circles involves bringing all 30 clubs to Arizona, where 10 spring training parks plus Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, can be used for games and teams can play well into the fall without serious weather problems. .

Even under the plan, however, the park will be unprotected and players will be segregated in the stadium and sequestered in the hotel like judges in a murder trial when not playing.

Some stars, including Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw, have objected to the long-term separation from their families.

On the plus side, all parks in Arizona plan to be within an hour’s radius, plane trips will be eliminated and bus trips will be minimal – unless teams use mini-vans or allow players to drive their own cars.

“There is a way to do that,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in an interview with Snapchat on Wednesday.

“Nobody came to the stadium. Enter (the players) in big hotels, test them every week, and keep them very well supervised. Make sure they don’t infect each other or their family and let them play the season. ”

Teams must pay for food, housing, and transport players, coaches, managers and support staff – not to mention finding ways to avoid clubhouse confinement during a coronavirus outbreak that requires social distance.

Giving the green light to start the game, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed on CNN that he and Jeff Wilpon, chief operating officer of the New York Mets, discussed the issue.

“Why can’t we talk about baseball season without anyone in the stands?” he said, asking Wilpon. “I think it will be good for the country. It would be good for people to have something to watch and help them fight cabin fever. And that is something that I will do. ”

With the New York national epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis, matches at Yankee Stadium or CitiField may have to wait until 2021. But Arizona, where the problem is not too severe, can serve as a venue for all 30 teams – especially in the aftermath of President Trump’s announcement on Thursday that he plans to restart the economy in stages based on the state.

The key, beyond compliance with the recommendations for social distance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), is to make the players and owners agree.

Major League Baseball confirmed that the agreement in early March did not protect clubs in the event the match was played in an empty baseball stadium. The union said the salary issue was clearly closed.

High-powered player agent Scott Boras told Joel Sherman of The New York Post, “(The owner) got what they asked for. Why do they say now they need to reopen the agreement? What kind of negotiation is that?

“They know there is a possibility of not having fans at the ballpark. They try to make enemy players after they negotiate in good faith. ”

But a spokesman from the league said the initial agreement did not anticipate an empty baseball stadium and therefore there was no revenue for the team. According to a report in Athletics by Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich, this document has several sections that refer to the possibility of the game being played without fans.

In their article, they wrote, “A league spokesman said” both parties understood that the deal was based on playing at the stadium with fans and the agreement made that clear. “

“Trade union sources disagree with the characterization of the league, saying the language about players receiving a diprator salary in terms of partial seasons does not distinguish between playing with and without fans.”

Athletics also said, “Part of the agreement, which includes conditions for continuing the match, said the office of the commissioners and unions” will discuss in good faith the economic feasibility of playing games without spectators or in an appropriate neutral venue. ” ”

The team earns a lot of income from broadcast rights but will still lose millions without match day earnings from fans. On the other hand, owners last longer than players and will have more years to recover their losses. Expanding and expanding the post-season game, an idea that is being discussed, will help reduce losses for both parties.

With millions of people unemployed due to a pandemic, no one wants to look like a giant. Finally, the team will return to their regular city and park and hope hungry fans will return. Fans were angry with the 232-day player attack that ended in 1995 showing their displeasure with boo and boycotts – a spectacle that did not want to be repeated.


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