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AEW Signed Several Former WWE Superstars And That’s Very Good | Instant News

With the release of The Revival on Friday, All Elite Wrestling is once again faced with a situation where a disgruntled former WWE Superstar has fallen into his lap. If you have read tea leaves, AEW will most likely advance in signing a very talented tag team.

Despite potential concerns about WWE freeze their contract because of an injury, both Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder free to work with whatever promotion they want and not under the non-competing clause, as suggested by WWE “immediate releaseLanguage

With Wednesday Night Wars creating a hot gap between (mostly male) AEW and NXT fans, the NXT contingent has criticized AEW for its dependence on former WWE Superstar. The criticism was very prominent, forcing a response from AEW Executive Vice President Cody:

“Talent is talent. Performance based company [sic], ” tweeted Cody

“We have a great list of all types of places (especially the blossoming independent stars). This is a good balance. “

Cody’s comments are far from the previous sentiment that only 5% of WWE talent will be signed to the AEW contract, the number recognized acknowledges hopefully increased:

“Honestly, I’m kind of joking to say it’s five percent and I’m talking Jim Ross, Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho, maybe some of the others. This is not the same. Having equality with WWE is amazing, but as I talked about, you have to be able to cut it and meet the standards that people have in their bell-to-bell contests. That number can increase, because the opportunities are there for boys and girls to make more money, both here [AEW] or there [WWE], for boys and girls have a choice. That number can increase. ”

Cody on the Ross Report

With The Revival very likely tied to AEW, that number is less explosive as PAC, Shawn Spears, Luke Harper, Cody, Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Dustin Rhodes and current world champion Jon Moxley are now headlines for the list of former WWE Superstars to get into AEW.

And while Cody felt the need to maintain the AEW signing spree, there was nothing wrong with AEW taking on former WWE Superstar or 10. In fact, warning that wrestlers now had other primary choices justified the existence of AEW.

With the advent of AEW, the pro wrestling economy has changed as we know it. WWE now pay more to keep the undercard offenders which will never sign the kind of massive six-digit agreement under the pro monopolistic wrestling industry that existed recently last year. WWE is reported to offer The Revival more than $ 700,000 each in an effort since failed to keep the team from jumping ships.

AEW should embrace its status as a possible asylum for former WWE Superstars. As long as there is a pecking order set, and the former WWE Superstar does not emerge as AEW’s true star for years to come, promotions should have no doubts about signing WWE dissatisfaction. What is important for AEW is to maintain its identity and continue to promote the former WWE Superstar with its own image.

The fact that only the former WWE world champion holds the top title of AEW is a situation worth watching, but AEW has done a commendable job of making itself an appropriate alternative for disappointed WWE fans.

There is no reason why it cannot be a viable alternative for men and women who really make a living from this sport.


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