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The Lifelong Series Welcomes the Adventure Trip Held by Scott Eddy | Instant News

Travel brand ambassador Scott Eddy will host “Video Globetrotter,” a travel show aired on LifeTime.

Scott Eddy

Scott Eddy’s work with investment banking companies made him fly on private planes and helicopters to destinations around the world. Now, he is focusing on a new job, as the host of what is said to be the first tourist program that focuses on Lifetime.
As the host of the “Video Globetrotter,” which aired its first episode Friday, May 22 at 7:30 am ET / PT time, Eddy’s time on the screen made him invite viewers through the Caribbean.
The initial performance began in Trinidad, focusing on the history and culture of Carnival plus ziplining and tasting their iconic street food, “double.” In Antigua, Eddy interviewed Julie Reifer-Jones, CEO of Liat Airlines, who described the history of the airline. Scott ended his trip in Grenada, seeing the sights, resorts and beaches.

Eddy praised his previous career experience in introducing it to the “luxury side of travel” in what has become a full-time profession as a social media professional and a luxury brand ambassador. “That changed my whole [life]”Now I know how different cultures live in real life, not from TV,” said Eddy. “That has taught me to appreciate the little things because striking things disappear very quickly, small things take you through life.”
For business or personal travel, life has brought Eddy to many places. While Florida is now his home, he previously lived in Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Spain, Portland, and England. He appreciated this experience in introducing, and interacting with people from, all walks of life. “[I’ve] friends on both sides of the fence, “he said. “It really balances my thinking.”

The Globetrotter video, hosted by Scott Eddy, will debut on Friday morning, May 22.


This interaction with various cultures has built Eddy’s reputation as a good digital person for travel agents, hotels and travel brands to get his insights together by building a strong social media attitude.
While living in Southeast Asia, he started a digital agency that would eventually start doing business with the hotel industry, mostly hotels. Then, he sold the agency and built his personal brand, which finally made him speak at tourism and marketing conferences around the world.
“I started to be very active on social media right from the start,” said Eddy, who discovered the most active platform. “I like social media. I think this is a great way to communicate, network, to make friends. ”

Scott Eddy left his career in investment banking and became a respected travel authority.

Scott Eddy

Naming his social media brand, “Mr. Scott Eddy,” he currently has 243,000 followers on Instagram and more than 648,000 followers on Twitter. When his account number increased, he said that the brand began to approach him for an influencer campaign, “that’s when I realized that ‘this’ will be something. ”
As for “Video Globetrotter,” aired in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, Eddy was not worried about his time.
Although he has canceled 27 trips, Eddy said that he thought performances like this were very important at this time. “I feel it will act like a ‘travel release’ because there is a lot of desire to move, while you really can’t go anywhere,” he said. “As far as stand out, I feel that every travel show has its own personality, and everything is important. This shows that ‘journey’ does not only have one meaning, one voice. ”
Eddy also believes that the tourism sector will return and work with brands that have implemented strong hygiene policies and protocol changes. “I really want to show directly all the safety measures that the industry takes in real-time.”
“Video Globetrotter,” guided by Scott Eddy, airs Friday, May 22 at 7:30 am ET / PT.

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