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By ruling: Wisconsin Supreme Court dropped Evers’ Safer at Home order | Local News | Instant News

GOP leaders are unclear about the details of how they want to reopen the state economy, if the court wins, in the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce webinar on Wednesday.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said it was highly unlikely that the economy would soon be reopened, but, he anticipated that GOP and Democratic Evers leaders had to return to the table to coordinate a plan.

However, bipartisan agreements regarding COVID-19 countries’ responses have been few and far between since the pandemic began.

“I think that’s the challenge we have, whether we now have to start negotiating coldly, which will be a more challenging process,” Vos said.

On Wednesday, Vos said that his preference would be reopened across the state, but said he would also consider a more regional reopening, based on metrics such as the number of positive cases and hospital capacity. Last week, Vos said the regional reopening was the most appropriate response, rather than the entire Evers state approach.

Problems in forging a compromise

During a media call on Friday, Evers did not offer much insight into how quickly negotiations with Republican lawmakers, who have encouraged a regional approach to reopening the country, rather than continuing with Evers’ orders across the state.


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