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Treatment of thieves in a clean Fredericton scouts Canada donation Ben – new Brunswick | Instant News

Theft of scouts Canada donation box in Fredericton limits the ability of children can take and increasing spending for low-income families, the organization says.

Scouting is designed to offer children the opportunity to explore the great outdoors, and in Fredericton, this means that events such as the hike to mount Carleton.

“There’s a lot of stones there and there was a lighthouse at the top, and I thought it was really cool,” said Ethan Geneau, a member of the 1st Nashwaaksis scouting group.

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The cost of registration, uniforms and travel means that scouting is not affordable for everyone.

To help Fund programs for families who can’t afford it, the box the bottle for glass, the donations were placed in the Parking lot of the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Fredericton.

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Scouts Canada 1st Nashwaaksis scout group badges.

Megan Yamoah / World News

Carrie Daamen, leader on the 1st Nashwaaksis intelligence group, said that over the past few years they have been dealing with people stealing from the box.

But COVID-19 pandemic intensified theft, Daamen said, adding, as the donations increased, so has the number of thefts.

“It’s frustrating, because there is no sign on the box that ransom,” said Ross Geneau, Ethan’s father and another leader for the 1st Nashwaaksis scouting group.

1st Nashwaaksis Scout2

1st Nashwaaksis scouts learn about climbing knots.

Megan Yamoah / World News

“We probably average $100 a month now, where it would be more than $500 a month,” said Daamen.

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“It is not only our window bottle, it’s all around town.”

The group reviewed surveillance video and realized that there are repeat offenders.

One incident saw a group show up in a U-Haul truck and quickly emptying a donation in just a few minutes.

“First of all, how about you stay? If you are in such a financial situation, there are other programs that you can achieve,” said Ross Geneau.

The mounting problem of overflowing donation bins

The mounting problem of overflowing donation bins

The leaders of the scouts would like the community to keep watch and report any suspicious activity in the Church Parking lot.

“They cleaned the money! It’s not for children, so we want to focus on getting money to children, where it can be used,” said Daamen.

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The organization has filed three police reports and provided them with video surveillance.

In Fredericton, the force has an active investigation on the file.

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