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Ritual Renewal Of The Night Adds Zangetsu As A Playable Character, Randomizer | Instant News


  • 505 Games and ArtPlay announce new updates for “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night”
  • The update adds Zangetsu as a playable character
  • The update also adds a Randomizer which allows players to tweak important game parameters

Fans of the Igavania title “Blood Stained: Ritual of the Night” will be happy to know that the people behind him are releasing some new things for the game.

According to a blog post on the official website of the game, players will soon be able to play as Zangetsu. They will also get a new Randomizer tool that makes playing games more interesting than existing ones. The following is a brief overview of new characters and play modes.


Those who play the game will get used to Zangetsu, a fast-moving and skilled samurai / devil hunter who is determined to destroy every demon that confronts him. This man wields a powerful sword known as “Zangetsuto” – a weapon Miriam needs to defeat certain enemies.

Zangetsu Photo: Official website covered in blood

Zangetsu will be played after the player completes the game and receives “Good Ending.” Those who play as swordsmen will be able to use all their fighting moves and skills. His playing style is different from Miriam’s, however: he doesn’t use fractions, and his focus is on fast-paced battles.

What’s more, things like consumables, treasure chests, equipment, crafts, quests, and story cutscene are all deactivated when playing as Zangetsu.


Randomizer allows players to change games, resulting in a different game each time. There are eight different game parameters that can be changed. Here is a glimpse of eight game parameters.

  • Aim: this parameter determines what the player must achieve to complete the game. It also determines the main items needed to complete the game, and the map that will be activated.
  • Main items: this is an item that the player needs to obtain to complete the game.
  • Room Savings / Warp: this tweaking combines the location of the Save and Warp room.
  • Item: This setting regulates where and what players can obtain items.
  • Enemy Drops: this setting determines which items the enemy dropped when defeated.
  • Craft: This tweaking changed the system of crafts, weapons, shards, and cooking.
  • Store: tweak the store settings according to how the Item settings are tweaked.
  • Quests: this setting allows changes to the Quest prize.

Players will also be able to produce “seed“Their random play so that it can be written and saved, or shared with others.

ArtPlay developers and publishers of 505 Games say the update “Blood-Stained: Night Rituals” will arrive May 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Switch players will get it later between late May and early June, Gematsu note down.


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