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Show speed, Moveset, upgrade projects and new demos | Instant News

key point

  • “Genshin Impact” 1.4 released the Venti replay banner
  • The next character banner will feature Tartaglia
  • Rosaria is the only new character that will appear in “Genshin Impact” 1.4

“Genshin Impact” creator miHoYo released a new character demo trailer for Rosaria. A short video reveals brand new information about the upcoming four-star Cryo user. This includes her mobile device and upgrade items, etc.

Rosaria Moveset

Rosaria is the only new character under the Tartaglia banner of the “Genshin Impact” 1.4 update that will debut in a few days. Her normal attack is called the Spear of the Church, allowing her to perform up to 5 quick strikes.At the same time, she was charged attack Let her sprint forward while consuming her energy.

Rosalia’s elemental attack is called arrogant confession. Through this attack, she quickly puts herself behind the enemy.After that, she used her to pierce and slam the opponent Pole arm, Leading to Cryo DMG. Unfortunately, she couldn’t use this ability to follow behind huge opponents.

The joyful singing is blowing in the wind and perpetual under the flowers of the ancient hymn; although you should look for the meaning of the holiday, Photo: Genshin Impact official YouTube channel

Her elemental burst is called the end ritual, and it shows her unique understanding of prayer rituals. She first uses weapons to cause damage to neighboring opponents. After that, she summoned an ice gun to hit the ground to deal with Cryo DMG. Although the ice gun is still active, it periodically releases a burst of cold air, causing freezing damage to neighboring enemies.

Release date and pull rate

Rosalia will play an important role in the upcoming Girls’ Generation farewell. This Tataglia flag is planned to be in Venti on April 6th Rerun the end. The Tartaglia banner will last for three weeks and will end on April 27th.

The pull rate of the characters in “Genshin Impact” is very low.since Rosaria Is one of the four-star characters in the game, the player has about 5% chance to pull her out. However, considering that she is a featured character in the banner, her promotion rate will increase. “Genshin Impact” players will have more opportunities to pull her instead of a 5-star character like Tataglia.

Upgrade information

Players interested in upgrading Rosaria will have to collect her upgrade items, including hoarfrost and emerald cores dropped by Cryo Regisvine. Players will need to collect a large number of ballad books, as well as recruits, lieutenant and sergeant badges. More importantly, the four-star Cryo character will need the shadow of the warrior, which can be obtained from children.


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Zhongli Rerun, 3 new incidents, new leaks seem to confirm the house video | Instant News

key point

  • “Genshin Impact” 1.5 may be launched sometime in April
  • The previously rumored Chasm area may not be unlocked in Update 1.5
  • miHoYo may move the release of the Inazuma region to a future update

“Genshin Impact” version 1.4 has only been used for a few days, but the vulnerability regarding update 1.5 has been posted online. The latest news confirmed the replay of the Zhongli banner, three new events and some other interesting details.

On Twitter, industry insider Zeniiet shared a new set of detailed information about “Genshin Impact” 1.5.according to InsiderWith the launch of the new update, players can look forward to three new events in the popular gacha game. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information on these events.

After “Almanac” was over, the audience stood in front of the landscape painting screen, as if expecting to hear the echo of the past. Photo: Genshin Impact official You Tube channel

“Genshin Impact” neutral banner replay

In addition, the neutral aspect is very likely to re-run another character banner in the incoming update. Insiders also noted that the previously rumored Chasm area may not have been unlocked in the 1.5 update. Earlier, some insiders claimed that the Inazuma region may be launched in the 1.6 update.

However, if Chasm in version 1.5 has not happened yet, it is likely to be launched in the 1.6 update. If this happens, miHoYo may move the version in the Inazuma region to a future update. Zeniiet also shared a new video showing the new housing system in “Genshin Impact”.

Obviously, this new house system will allow players to own and decorate houses in the game.earlier AeEntrophyAnother “Genshin Impact” insider shared the rumored image of a furniture store. According to reports, this company sells blueprints for furniture that players can make and use in the new housing system. It seems that players will have to use a new form of currency in this furniture store.

For Zhongli, resetting the character banner may be a good idea.A few months later, the character didn’t get much love when he made his first appearance in “Genshin Impact” before. Players complained that he lacked shielding ability and damage. Chinese game studio miHoYo later gave him some fans at the beginning of version 1.3. Through adjustments, Zhongli can easily become one of the strongest playable characters in the game, and become the first choice for later team gatherings.

“Genshin Impact” can now be used on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices.


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How to complete the door puzzle | Instant News

key point

  • Hu Tao’s story pursuit now lives in “Genshin Impact”
  • It is difficult for some players to open the door in “Perfect Delivery”
  • The following are some tips and tricks on how to solve difficult problems in the exploration of Hu Tao’s story

Walnuts can finally be obtained through the Blooming Moment banner in “Genshin Impact”. Her story mission, called “Perfect Delivery”, is now available and sees players accompany the fire character in a long dungeon, full of monsters, spiders and ghosts. Players who are looking for ways to solve difficult problems in missions can use some of the tips and tricks in this guide.

Yellow sign

In a step called “Follow the Road to the Border”, “Genshin Impact” players will find themselves in a place that looks like temple. Here, they will fight the enemy and open the mysterious door by looking at the yellow sign correctly. This part is not the main problem in the mission, but some players find it very tricky.

Players will find yellow signs on the rocks, and they must look at these signs in a certain way so that they form an icon. To do this, the player needs to stand under a yellowish light on the ground and adjust the camera several times until the sign turns yellow and opens the door. Those who cannot make the sign flash can try to change its position on the ground.

Hehe, did I scare you? ???? My appearance shocked me, so many surprises? Hmm…so should I call this a ridiculous failure-or a brilliant success? Photo: Gebshin Impact official YouTube channel

Master puzzle

The main problem of Walnut’s perfect gift mission is to put the “Genshin Impact” player in a room with a door. They will see a huge spider web on the left and a blue sphere in the center of the room. They should grab the blue sphere, but don’t use it for now.

The player needs to destroy the spider web first and move forward. After that, they must enter the cave and swim to the left until they reach a new place. Path. Following this path will cause the player to be blocked by the box. They should cross these boxes to find the green portal. After that, they should turn left.

Then, the player will find himself in the room with the same mysterious door. Again, they will see the same spider webs and blue spheres. They need to grab the sphere and light the two lanterns near the door to unlock it. After that, the player needs to follow the yellow target point and enter the final cutscene. This is a confirmation that the challenge has been completed.


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Charge, swim and dive animation | Instant News

key point

  • “Genshin Impact” is about to launch Hu Tao
  • Besides Hu Tao, another long-awaited character is Rosaria (Rosaria)
  • She is expected to enter “Genshin Impact” in Update 1.4

Chinese game studio miHoYo confirmed earlier that Hu Tao is about to participate in “Genshin Impact”. Interestingly, a reliable industry insider recently leaked an animation of another long-awaited character Rosalia.

Twitter user Dimbreath leaked a short video online showing Rosaria’s lead attack, swimming and diving animations. AltChar ) And cited industry insider Lumie_lumie as a source. According to the leaked footage, it seems that Rosaria’s alleged assault is similar to other female gun users. Rosalia also seems to have quickly started a combination of ordinary attacks, which makes her an interesting character worth mentioning.

Other “Genshin Impact” fans noticed that the video not only shows Rosaria’s attack animation, but also shows an army of Abyssal Mages who seem to be holding the Staff of Homas. In addition, there is not much content in the video, but it is enough to make fans happy. Rosaria is one of the most anticipated four-star figures.

Japanese voice actor Rosaria posted a tweet on Genshin Impact Photo: @Genshin_7 / Genshin Impact JP official Twitter account

In Albedo’s 1.2 update, she first appeared in the Dragonspine incident. She is a member of the Favnonious church in Mondstadt.The elemental burst of the frozen character is called the “Last Journey” and has two section. In this way, she can use the ice spear to assassinate nearby enemies, and then use the ice spear to inflict huge cold damage on the enemy.

At the same time, her elemental skill, called “R regret confession”, enables her to emerge behind the target opponent and cut it off with her pole-arm weapon, causing cold damage at the same time. Her passive talents include Nightcrawler, frank confession, and Shadow Samaritan.As for her constellation Honey Hunter World It reveals that it includes evil revelations, uncommitted land, ascetic sacraments, amazing shame, extreme forgiveness, and divine retribution.

Game studio miHoYo has not disclosed any information about Rosaria, or whether she will actually participate in the “Genshin Impact”. However, some industry insiders believe that she will be the only new four-star role that may be introduced in the 1.4 update. As for her appearance, Rosaria has a self-cultivation habit, which fits her body very well. Hu Tao will soon appear in “Genshin Impact”. If the rumors are correct, Rosalia will also arrive after the Venti tagline in the upcoming update.


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4 star character, release date and other details | Instant News

key point

  • Keqing is the featured character in the “Genshin Impact” wish banner
  • She is the second character in the wish banner released in the 1.3 update
  • According to the leak, Hu Tao is scheduled to arrive on March 2

Game studio miHoYo recently launched Keqing as a featured character in the second banner of the “Genshin Impact” 1.3 update. Despite this, there are still several leaks that provide interesting details about the next character banner, including featured characters, accompanying four-star characters and potential release dates.

Next “Genshin Impact” character banner

According to rumors, Hu Tao is the next featured character in the last banner of “Genshin Impact” 1.3. Although the information about the next character banner has not yet been officially revealed, fans believe that the game’s latest patch notes suggest this. After Xiao and Keqing, these notes imply that more hope banners will be released for version 1.3.

Industry insiders have previously revealed that Hu Tao will be introduced through an investigation.These statements are supported by multiple codes released in the game file. There are also rumors that if it were not for Hu Tao, miHoYo might launch Yaoyao as the next featured character in the game’s upcoming wish banner.

Everyone thinks that Rex Lapis’ rule is as solid as a rock. The Keqing family only regarded Li Yue’s prosperity as a castle built by the beach. However, even she couldn’t predict that the tide would rise so quickly… Photo: Genshin Impact official YouTube channel

Four-star character

Considering that even before Hu Tao officially went live, she was a fan’s favorite character, miHoyo might release a much weaker companion character with her.The overall prediction is that Chongyun, Razor and Fischl or Sucrose may be the next Banners. This is based on multiple concepts, including characters cannot appear in two consecutive patches, accompanying characters cannot share the same elements, and the next banner cannot contain Lisa, Keaya, and Amber.

Release date

According to the leak, Hu Tao plans to arrive at “Genshin Impact” on March 2. This seems to be in line with the Keqing banner schedule scheduled to end on the same day. In addition, if the release model of miHoYo is to be followed, as Xiao Xiao and Ke Qing did, Hu Tao’s banner may last for several weeks.

It is worth noting that these details are informal and unfounded. In other words, fans should relax their expectations and pinch some salt.

“Genshin Impact” is now available on various gaming platforms. This includes PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices. The popular gacha title is in works on Nintendo Switch and PS5.


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