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The Italian Coast Guard rescues sperm whales trapped in fishing nets off the coast of Sicily | Instant News

The Italian Coast Guard seeks to free sperm whales trapped in fishing nets in the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago located near the north coast of Sicily.

Cetaceans were seen in trouble by sailors on Saturday, prompting the intervention of the Coast Guard.

This operation involves divers, biologists and several patrol boats.

The authorities said the rescue was difficult because of the animal’s large size and “state of agitation”, which did not allow for safe, sustainable interventions.

Other sperm whales are saved in the same area on 7 July after remaining trapped in a similar situation.

The Coast Guard said it had confiscated more than 100 kilometers of illegal nets in the southern Tyrrhenian sea since January; Such webs are similar to those of sperm whales on Saturday, he said.

The organization said a Facebook post has stepped up efforts to combat illegal fishing.


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