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Even People Who Write Sea Bass Jokes On Animal Crossing Tired | Instant News

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At this point, the sea bass is joking Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a meme. People hate it. But the man who wrote the joke shared an interesting insight behind it and how much they and other developers who worked on the game cared for even the smallest details.

Sea bass jokes quickly become something that players get bored with in a few days Animal Crossing let go. While players try to catch some new, rare and exotic fish, they catch s otherea bass and have to hear the same joke again. Maybe for the 100th time or more. It quickly becomes annoying.

The man behind the joke, Nintendo Localization producer Rob Heiret, shared Twitter long thread go into detail about the writing process behind the joke. For starters, yes, he’s also bored. But when he originally wrote the joke it was a little different.

The first draft reads like this: “I caught sea bass! Well … maybe bass C … “

But he and others who worked to translate the game realized that this would be a joke player will see many, many, many times. And that might be a negative moment for players, so hitting them over the head with a negative value seems too cruel and not too cute or fun. So the joke was changed a bit and instead of C- now it will read C +.

Small details, sure, but important ones. That’s also the kind of thing that Heiret and others do in the game thinking about a lot of things, according to its Twitter thread.

“We have done our best, down to details that you might not have considered, to make this the most positive, entertaining, funny game we can,” Heiret explained. And that seems to pay off, because people all over the world have flocked there Animal Crossing to hold birthday parties, announce events, hold team meetings, play games together, or even host talk shows.

When the pandemic continues to grow and people remain trapped indoors, often alone and unrelated, Animal Crossing has become an escape to a better, better and sweeter world. And that world exists because all the work that Heiret and others do in the game is put into every little detail. Even that stupid and obnoxious father joked.

And Heiret has been fascinated by how many people are living in today’s game, fleeing from the real world. He believes that this is because, in current world conditions, people need agency. A place where players can arrange pillows on their beds as they wish.

“That feels like the most important part of the popularity of the game for me.”


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