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Fred A. Edgerton Jr .: A foundation named for those killed by the Marines distributing free food in Durham | Instant News

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) – Soaring temperatures on Saturday did not prevent hundreds of people from going to the Durham shopping center in Lakewood for COVID-19 food prizes. The committee distributed 300 bags of food to family cars and single people who faced income losses caused by coronavirus problems.

The response was not surprising to the committee.

“No, absolutely not,” said Grant Frisbee, vice president of the Fred A. Edgerton Foundation Jr. “We know that the needs are big but really extraordinary, when you look at the line of cars.”

It’s quiet, valued outreach community by a foundation named for a former Marine was killed five years ago, while working as an apartment manager on Cheek Road. We learned that day in 2015 that he was asked to provide security for people who were worried about bad people roaming around their children, but he did more for many families who lived there and called him Mr. Fred.

Her sister-in-law, Tiffany Garris Covington, said, “A woman came up to us and told us that she paid for her daughter’s prom dress. Just give her money, tell her to get the prom dress. She does whatever she can.”

Now his family and others who admire him pay him forward, working with volunteers from Duke University and several local businesses including Americano USA, whose owners say “We provide this van, to be able to transport some of the food sent to our Community.”

They all reach ethnic and racial lines to make a difference.

Pillar Rocha-Goldberg of El Centro Hispano said, “This is actually building a bridge. And I think we really need to continue to work and build relationships between Latinos and African-Americans, and I think this is a very good and very way good to do it. “

And now, just a few days away from the sad anniversary of Fred’s death, they’ve talked about doing more in his name.

“We plan to come out at least twice more, for food,” said his brother-in-law. “We are looking to work with partner agents in some types of return to school, in September.”

That is part of their ongoing commitment to help people, in Mr. memory. Fred.

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