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Sea of ​​Thieves, Wind of Ashes: patch notes, flamethrower, etc. | Instant News

Sea of ​​Thieves The latest update “Ember Wind” is now live, adding flamethrowers and a few bones.

This game is about an online game where you and your friends are driving a ship on the sea in search of murdered treasures, fame and other pirates. This is very interesting and a truly meaningful collaborative experience.

Lord of Ashes The update is the next monthly patch from developer Rare Ltd, which will add a lot of new content.

The Ash Lord is a new type of skeleton just added. They like to throw burning skulls at you, but if you can finally put them back in place, you will be able to fire on your own.

Disposing of these skeletal Ash Lords allows you to turn their skulls into flamethrowers, and frankly, they look very cool.

This type of enemy will randomly appear on the island you browse, and as you can see in the trailer below, they can be identified with a tornado.

Please note that each of these walking bones looks similar to an MMO raid boss, and is not easy to put down, your trusted crew will have to beware of its devastating attacks.

If you succeed in defeating a person, then you and all those who help will get their precious treasures, and you will get the Ashes Skeleton.

This can be used for normal trading, or it can be turned into a weapon, allowing you to spray flames in a cone. For example, it is suitable for grilling another player’s boat and crew.

The “Ember Wind” update also brings many gameplay changes and black market updates, which we will introduce below.

Sea of ​​Thieves, Ember Wind patch notes:

Grey wind

  • Through the rebellion of Stitcher Jim and the help of all the pirates, Captain Flameheart accumulated Tomes, Jewels and other etiquette supplies to cultivate his most loyal followers as the fiery Ashen Lord.
  • The Ash Lord has been added to the game.
  • They will appear randomly on the islands, and you will clearly see them when the huge tornado reaches the sky.
  • Kill them to collect treasures and ashes skulls.
  • They can be traded with Ashen skulls by ordering, or they can be used as flamethrowers-but be aware that they have limited uses.

Greywind Medals and Achievements

New rewards have been added that will give players rewards, such as a new title, Ashwind Skull Sail and a series of Ash tattoos.

You can unlock new achievements for Xbox and Steam by making new in-game rewards.

Grey wind event

If the daily bounty and gold rush multiples are not enough to fill your nautical calendar, please head to the dedicated event center for more information about the real-time events included in this update-including Skull Sweep!

Please note that the Ashen Expeditions event has now been withdrawn to the Vault.

Black market update:

There are new items on the black market for you to buy, including Fearless Bone Crusher equipment and Nightshine Parrot equipment.

Fearless bone crusher equipment

  • This month, you can use fearless bone crusher buckets, compasses, fishing rods, lanterns, pocket watches, spades, trumpets, telescopes, and tankards to drive fear into the hearts of your enemies. They can all be purchased through Doubloons.

Luminous parrot equipment

  • Spend some gold to get Nightshine parrot bucket, compass, fishing rod, lantern, pocket watch, shovel, talking horn, telescope and blackjack.

Game improvements:

Cause damage through the environment

It is now possible to prevent all melee and long-range weapons from causing damage through the solid surface of the ship.

This means that players can hide behind the mast of the ship during long-range encounters, or hide under the deck.

Long-range weapons can still fire through the ship’s railings, stairs and deck grilles.

Inactive ships in the arena

  • If a competitor’s crew quit the intense competition, their boat will now sink immediately, preventing any further silver damage from damaging it.

World Tournament En

  • During the “Ember Wind” update, the frequency of encounters with the Ash Lord increased.

Skeleton ship supply

  • Defeating the Skeleton Ship will now reward the player with a storage box containing food, wood and shells.

Skeleton Fort Wave

  • After the horn is issued, a new wave of bones appears much faster.

The Ashen Winds update also brings some accessibility changes and other bug fixes, you can read about them here. Official website.


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