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From Dior To Mario Testino – Shop For This Mode Book From TASCHEN | Instant News

BAG is a publishing house that offers very stylish books on various lifestyle topics, from fashion and art to photography and architecture.

Nolan Browne is the Director of Claridge’s TASCHEN Gallery (yes you can guess, the German publisher also has space inside the famous 5-star London hotel) and he chooses his favorite fashion books to decorate your coffee table.

DIOR by Lindbergh: This incredible double volume features one of the greatest fashion photos ever photographed – vintage Dior dresses flying from Paris, photographed in Lindbergh’s cinematic and iconic style against Times Square – the absolute photographic work and legendary photographer the book has ordered.

Adidas Archives – Collection of footwear: Smears, blemishes, tears, history, and all 350 of these models have very high detail in extraordinary appreciation of this extraordinary brand.

With sneakers that achieve outstanding results at auctions, this book captures adidas DNA perfectly and must be on the coffee table of each sneakers maker.

For Alas & Marcus Piggott: An absolute masterclass in structuring, composition, and post-production, this extraordinary photography duo shows why they are the best in the business – high glamorous whirlwinds, seductive sexy poses and showcasing the super A-list world – this 300-page book is an entry to their mega watt high octane world.

Naomi Campbell – the latest edition: Get up close and familiar with this cultural icon in this beautifully produced double volume.

With exclusive texts from Naomi herself, this fashion book is packed with the most unforgettable photos and magazine covers all taken by the world’s best photographers in tribute to one original supermodel mode.

Mario Testino. Hello. Award for Italy: Omaggio all’Italia says it all – Testino dives deep into his archives and by hand takes photos of his most intimate favorites on this very personal journey through a country that greatly highlights his life and career. Transcending the world of fashion, Testino captures the heartbeat of Italian culture with his extraordinary style.

Helmut Newton. SUMO dear: On the occasion of Helmut’s 100th birthday and the 40th anniversary of TASCHEN’s 400th masterpiece, reformatted with the latest technology and sitting proudly in Philippe Starck’s seat is an absolute must for any photography collection. In the Baby SUMO format, this extraordinary photo exhibition is no less glamorous than the original.

The Ultimate Sneaker Book: Featuring Michael Jordan’s first pair of Nikes on the cover, this book is an epic celebration of shoes with content produced exclusively for Taschens.

From Yeezy to Reebok Pumps, Run DMC to Air Max, this monster anthology is a journey through the past and present that will make you run to get the latest pair.

Historical Mode from the 18th to 20th centuries: Three centuries of trends from the Kyoto Cultural Institute are displayed in this shiny book, featuring very fine clothing with extraordinary details.

From the outside to lingerie, shoes and accessories, industry experts guide you through the stunning KCI collection, giving readers, fashionistas or students a detailed fashion history.

Peter Lindbergh. On Fashion Photography – 40th Anniversary Edition: TASCHEN’s first and best-selling sales collaboration with Lindbergh and re-released at the age of 40th birthday edition, this seminal summary featuring 300 photos of the most famous fashion.

They were shot in Lindbergh’s humanist style and featured adapted interviews, About Fashion Photography smaller in format but still full of style and glamor.

Issey Miyake – Collector’s Edition: This innovative Collector’s Edition offers a definitive history of Issey Miyake’s design.

This monograph tracks Miyake’s material and techniques innovation since the early days of his career, including Body Series the 1980s and like practical everyday designs Help! help piece. This book is presented in an original book bag, designed by Miyake Reality Lab, in a folded form and tinfoil technique from the project 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE.

TASCHEN Claridge’s, 49 Brook Street, Mayfair, W1K 4HW


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