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The action was sought against the ‘illegal’ sale of KPT land worth Rs450m | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Transparency International (TI) Pakistan has written a letter on Friday to the Chair of the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) against alleged corruption by the KPT Estate Department to allow the sale of Rs land worth Rs 450 million by KPT tenants in May 2020 after the expiration of the lease in March 2019.

Pakistan IT Chairman Sohail Muzaffar said in the letter that the buyer had issued a public notice on May 11, 2020, in a leading newspaper asking for objections within seven days of purchasing the KPT property from the tenants.

TI Pakistan believes that the initial grant in the form of a five-year lease on the KPT property covering 4,466 square meters for Karachi Steel Industries is irregular because it contradicts the prohibition imposed by the then prime minister on temporary land allotment of the DTL in May 2014.

The letter asked the chair of the KPT to act against the relevant officials in the case under Part 9 of the 1999 National Accountability Ordinance.

The letter showed that the lease of 4,466 square meters of KPT’s No. 16 West Wharf road in Karachi ended March 31, 2019, and its sale by Karachi Steel Industries Pvt Ltd was illegal prima facie.

The initial allotment was only three months but the KPT Council extended it for five years on November 27, 2014, despite a ban imposed by the prime minister. Even the KPT Planning and Development Division gave NOC for five years only 1,000 square meters, but the KPT Board extended it to 4,466 square meters by its own procedure.

TI Pakistan noted that the KPT estate department did not take over its property according to the terms of the lease even after the expiration of the illegal lease in March 2019.

The letter also shows that there is a large amount of litigation involving billions of billions of KPT land due to the mistakes of its own employees. In a letter in early 2017, TI Pakistan had pointed to such manipulation in which the plantation division of the KPT was under its manual allocation, the land of the KPT for a temporary period of three months. Then, departments and influential parties won on the KPT Board to extend the temporary rationing for 25 years. And those who temporarily canceled the rationing received orders to stay overnight from the court and continue to use the KPT land. That is what led the prime minister to ban the May 2014 temporary allotment of KPT land. In 2014 regarding Pakistan’s IT complaint, the KPT canceled the 12 plots that were given arbitrarily. TI Pakistan has urged to auction off KPT land under an open bid transparently.

The Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi, when contacted about Pakistan’s IT letter, stated that he had told the KPT management to propose a comprehensive policy on new leases and renewal of KPT land leases and related matters due to complaints and litigation about it. . He said the focus was on transparency and non-discriminatory treatment of all cases related to KPT land. He said that the new policy would ensure the best value for KPT land and increase business related activities. Zaidi added that as far as special cases in the IT letter, the KPT management would respond according to the law.

KPT Chairperson Rear Admiral Jamil Akhtar, while opposing the facts in Pakistan’s TI letter, stated that the land had never been included in the category of temporary rationing long before partitioning, so the PM’s temporary rationing ban did not apply. He added that this lease of land had been extended on 31 January 2019, long before the expiry of the lease for 25 years and the question of failure to take over the land did not arise. He further stated that if the KPT land was sold by the lessee, the plot transfer was carried out after the approval of the KPT Board after payment of the transfer fee and there was nothing unusual if the lessee sold to another party. Land rights always remain with the KPT for the duration of the lease in such cases. He added that the Maritime Ministry had banned new allotments to improve criteria and processes and only extension cases were being processed. And that the KPT has won 250 of the 500 KPT land cases in different courts in the past two and a half years that have been delayed for years.


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Reply was sought in the rejection of the promotion case | Instant News

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Friday issued a notice to the Punjab police inspector general and other respondents about the petition by an inspector who opposed the refusal of promotion for being a complainant in the 2014 Model City case.

During the trial, Lawyer Farhad Ali Shah argued in court that his client Inspector Rizwan Qadir had been given discrimination and victimization every time he came to his promotion. He said that the petitioner, even though he had the right to be promoted to the rank of deputy police chief, had been deprived of his rights. He pointed out that almost all of his fellow petitioners had been promoted to the next rank.

The lawyer claimed that the respondent’s authority was not ready to provide a legitimate promotion to the applicant because he was a complainant in the FIR country from the Model Town incident against Pakistani activist Awami Tehreek (PAT). He asked the court to order the IGP and other respondents to promote the applicant to the DSP ranking.

Judge Muhammad Ameer Bhatti heard the argument and asked for a reply from the respondent on May 18. On June 17, 2014, 14 people were killed and 100 others injured when police opened fire to disperse activists who protested against PAT outside the residence of PAT chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri.

Initially, the police had registered the FIR of the incident with Inspector Rizwan Qadir’s complaint. Then, the court session on the petition filed by PAT also ordered FIR registration for the party’s complaint.

The last argument in the funeral case for corona victims was sought by the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday looking for the final argument about the petition seeking the formation of separate graves for victims of the novel coronavirus.

Judge Shakilur Rehman Khan directed the applicant and also official respondents to continue their final argument in the case at the next hearing on May 18. The petitioner stated before the court that the people affected by Covid-19 were kept in isolation to prevent the spread. the virus and if any patient dies due to the disease they are buried in the grave according to strict preventive measures.

He argues that victims of highly infectious diseases should be buried in separate graves. Applicant; Therefore, pleading with the LHC bench to issue directives for the government to establish a separate grave for coronavirus victims.


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Comments are sought from the Center, Sindh on appeals for the destruction of stray dogs | Instant News

The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday issued a notice to the federal and provincial governments, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and others about a petition seeking to enact new laws to prevent animal cruelty and animal birth control rules. and directives to the authorities to stop the destruction of wild dogs.

An NGO working on animal welfare has filed a petition at the SHC, saying that the federal and provincial governments are brutally destroying stray dogs in various parts of the city even though the local government has laws to provide protection against wild animals, animal offenses and the construction of pound of cattle.

The applicant’s adviser said that although there was a mandatory function, the KMC had so far not set a pound to confiscate wild animals but began to eradicate inhuman stray dogs throughout the city.

He said that there was not the slightest evidence that animal mass destruction was the solution to curb rabies or dog populations. The adviser said that many countries have passed laws to curb wild dog populations in a humane way, adding that federal and provincial governments are responsible for making the same laws as new preventive measures for animal cruelty.

He also cited 2001 animal birth control rules that could be adopted, enforced and implemented in Pakistan in accordance with recommendations and guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

He said, the Sindh Regional Government Act 2013 regulates the mandatory and optional functions that must be carried out by the authorities to control wild animals, and they must be regulated through a household budget, which has not yet been enacted.

He pointed out that innocent animals should not be punished because of respondents’ negligence to carry out their legal duties and obligations, saying that if the government obeys legal duties, there will be no need to carry out mass annihilation of this deception. the animal.

The adviser said acts of disappearance and commissions carried out by the federal and provincial governments in connection with killing animals in pursuit of Section 119 of the act of cantonment were violations of legal obligations and obligations, adding that they were illegal and against orders from Islam, so Section 119 of citizenship actions might be will be hit.

He said displaying dead animals on roads in Karachi and other parts of the province could cause further illness, because leaving poisons on the streets was very dangerous for children and also pets.

The court was asked to state that the government is responsible for enacting laws relating to the prevention of cruelty to animals as well as birth control rules in Pakistan that are implemented in other countries in accordance with WHO guidelines and recommendations.

The petitioner also requested direction from the regional government and the canton board to stop the campaign to eradicate stray dogs and mass sterilization of these animals to prevent further spread of the disease.

After the preliminary hearing of the petition, the SHC division bench led by Judge Mohammad Ali Mazhar issued a notice to federal and provincial government legal officials, the KMC, the barracks council and others, asking them to submit their comments on the petition.

The court was also directed to correct this problem by calling for petitions to control stray dog ​​populations and ensure the availability of free rabies vaccines.

The LG authority had informed the court in March that 53,726 stray dogs had been killed and dumped in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpurkhas, and the Shaheed Benazirabad provincial division since November 2019.


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Detention fees are sought | Instant News

KARACHI: The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) has urged all shipping lines and their agents in Pakistan to abolish the cost of detention and penalties or other indictments for all shipments that land from March 10 to May 31, 2020.

KCCI President Agha Shahab Ahmed in a letter to the All Pakistan Shipping Association (APSA) and the Pakistan Ship Agents Association said that in their current circumstances, they have a moral responsibility to expand aid to recipients of goods and set aside charges and penalties for FCL shipments and LCL to facilitate the cleaning and delivery of cargo to recipients of goods.

“It is important to mention that the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the KPT has also approved the abandonment of port demurrage and allows an additional 10 days of free storage for imported cargoes. But unfortunately due to the accumulation of detention costs, importers cannot clean their containers, “he added.

During locking in March and April, importers cannot remove cargo within the specified free detention period, and incur large amounts of fees and penalties, which they cannot afford.


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Operation 24/7 trying to transport goods to Afghanistan | Instant News

PESHAWAR: The Association of Border Customs Agents, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, President Ziaul Haq Sarhadi has called on the government to allow businessman Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to operate 24 hours to help facilitate exports to Afghanistan.

In a statement on Monday, Sarhadi, who is also a former vice president of the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and head of the Pak-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said currently 7,000 loaded trucks were being parked in the congested port of Karachi. millions of demurrage rupees every day.

He said that it did not make sense to allow only 50-100 trucks to transport goods to Afghanistan while thousands of trucks had been parked at Karachi Port. Sarhadi said that it would take months if 24/7 operations were not permitted to transport goods to Afghanistan.

He also demanded the federal government to allow imports from Afghanistan so that some important staples, including fruits and vegetables and other items, could be brought to Pakistan.

Sarhadi, who is also the deputy chairman of the Pakistan Customs Agents Association, complained that there was no specific import policy, saying that fruits and vegetables, including apples, grapes and other fruit imports should be permitted according to the season.

It can be mentioned here that the federal government has recently allowed five-day one-way trade to Afghanistan, but that is not enough to meet the high demand in Afghanistan and facilitate thousands of cargo trucks in Pakistan.


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Input from three main institutions was sought | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The ministry of parliamentary affairs has requested input from three main national institutions on risk / management assessments regarding social distance for the NA and Senate sessions.

Quickly reacting to the Senate chairman’s letter, which called for a session of the Upper House, the ministry sent a notice to the National Disaster Management Authority, the National Command and Operations Center and the National Health Service Regulation & Coordination Center, seeking their input. A copy of both letters is available with The News.

The Ministry of Parliament’s Letter said that in accordance with the proposal of the Senate Chair, all three organizations have been approached for their input on risk / management assessments regarding social distance etc., to call sessions from the two chambers of parliament. They have been asked to provide relevant Standard Operating Guidelines / Procedures as soon as possible.

He also said the parliamentary affairs ministry was always ready and willing to facilitate sitting in the Senate. As mentioned in the letter, Covid-19 is the most dangerous, contagious and new phenomenon in which national institutions provide guidance based on life-saving measures suggested by experts, especially from these three national platforms.

The Senate chairman’s letter drew the ministry of parliamentary affairs to the provisional calendar of the upper house approved for the 2020-21 parliamentary session according to which the 298th session was scheduled to be held starting March 20. However, because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it could not be held during March and April.

The Chair noted that the Senate as the House of Federation must play an important role of national cohesion, representation and oversight in the current situation. Therefore, he wants the parliamentary affairs ministry to initiate a summary to the president for the summon of the senate session in the first week of May.


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Replies are sought at the request of seeking assistance for a lawyer | Instant News

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Monday issued a notice to the federal and provincial governments about the petition by the bar seeking funding allocations for lawyers facing financial crisis due to a pandemic lockdown.

The Secretary of the Lahore High Court Association has filed a petition requesting that lawyers suffer from an acute financial crisis since the locking of the pandemic was put in place to limit movement and hear cases in court.

He said the government decided to support everyone from all segments affected by the lockdown and allocate funds for them. However, he said the government had not yet set such funds for lawyers who had no choice but to practice law in court. He asked the court to order the government to provide financial support to lawyers and set up funds for this. Chief Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan heard the quarrel and was issued to the respondent’s government to submit their replies within a week.

Petition dissolved: The Lahore High Court on Monday rejected a petition submitted by lawyers seeking direction for the government to transfer funds, received under the Access to Justice Program from various countries, to obstruct councils and associations after the locking of Covid-19.

Advocate Shabbir Hussain begged in his petition that the government had received substantial funding from time to time from an international forum for the welfare of the legal brotherhood. However, he said, the government had not intentionally transferred funds to the bar. The lawyer asked the court to order the government to transfer the eligible funds to the Pakistan Bar Council, the Punjab Bar Council and lawyers’ associations throughout the country.

He requested that funds received under access to justice programs also have to be submitted to the council of lawyers and associations so that they could support lawyers who suffered a lot because of the pandemic lockdown. The applicant pointed out that another provincial high court also requested a report from the government regarding an application submitted by lawyers in the same prayer.


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Government report looking for worker layoffs | Instant News

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Monday sought a report from the Punjab government about layoffs of workers in the industrial sector during the locking up of the coronavirus pandemic in the province.

Chief Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan was listening to a public interest petition filed by a lawyer, Ishtiaq Ahmad Chaudhry. The applicant postulates that a sudden pandemic locking caused great suffering due to loss of work and lack of food. He said workers had been most affected because their livelihoods were hampered by large-scale layoffs. He argues that the government should ensure that no workers in the industrial sector are laid off during pandemic testing. He pointed out that the Sindh and Balochistan governments had taken steps to protect the work of factory workers. The lawyer requested that the government be directed to formulate a scheme in which employees / workers who are economically weaker can be compensated by the loss of livelihoods due to the national lockdown against Covid-19.

He asked the court to suspend all termination of employment, resignation from services received by employers both verbally or in writing and withholding pay in the industrial sector. He demanded the court order the government to ensure an equitable distribution of funds allocated to workers to compensate for their losses.


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The NAV argument is sought based on the request for ex-VC’s release | Instant News


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Aid packages for the steel industry sought | Pakistan | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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