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PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass leaked, showing the ‘Spark the Flame’ theme | Instant News

PUBG Mobile Season 13 might have just been released a few weeks ago, but it looks like Season 14 leak has already begun. Leading informant, Mr. Ghost Gaming has posted a new video detailing some information about the upcoming season. While the best leak is taken with a pinch of salt, the YouTuber has so far been quite accurate with the leak.

Starting this is the fact that Season 14 Royale Pass will have the theme ‘Spark the Flame’. As to be expected. Rewards rates include clothes, leather weapons, parachutes and more. It also seems that there are some Egyptian-themed clothes that have male and female variants. Looks like there is a Cowboy-themed skin too.

It is still unknown when the Season 14 update for PUBG Mobile will drop or what new features will be added to the game. However, a few days ago. PUBG Mobile shares a very cryptic email that seems to suggest a launch new map. This e-mail displays a picture of a postcard, and the stamp indicates a new map. Speculation suggests that this might be the new Karakin map, while others believe it could be a new and better version of the Erangel map that has been part of the game from the start.

That Season 13 update for PUBG Mobile introduces a number of new features, the most important of which is the new Mad Miramar update. This update takes inspiration from the Miramar 2.0 map that was added to PUBG PC a few months ago. The new map adds a few more locations, a new unique vehicle and the latest version of the Win94 rifle that packs the innate 2.7x scope. You can see our beginner’s guide to the new Mad Miramar map here.


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