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How to find them and what they do | Instant News

The highlight of the legend might not get new weapons, items that can be thrown, or others the first resource in Season 5, but there is one new thing to be aware of: Treasure Packages. It’s hard to miss this treasure once they’re in front of you, but you have to find it first if you want to unlock what is inside. Prizes range from developments in battle passes to crafting material, and this package will also be an important part of your PvE experience if you want to continue playing new Hunts when released.

There are a number of Treasure Packages that you can enter The highlight of the legend throughout Season 5 with more restrictions in place when you can get it, but it’s worth hunting down. If you find a Treasure Package at The highlight of the legend during your normal match, this is what you need to know about it.

How to Find a Treasure Package

To find the Treasure Package at The highlight of the legend, play as usual. Open all the Inventory Bins that you can find in the hunt to loot, and if you are lucky, an orange-red box will eventually appear. It is outlined with a large red banner as you can see on a pair of Evo Shield that is fully loaded, making it difficult to miss.

Only take one when you see it and forget it until you are finished with your match. It doesn’t take up any inventory space, and when the game is over, you will be able to see what’s inside. That’s very common, so you won’t have any trouble finding one of about two to three matches.

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What Can I Get from a Treasure Package?

Inside the Treasure Pack are things like the development of a battle pass (called “CP” and usually thousands in stages), craft materials, Apex Packages, and the opportunity to chase Hunts when they are released. Your prize will be shown to you after the match.

If you want to see what will happen, go to the “Quest” section of the Season 5 menu that appears in the top left corner of the main Peak Can not. You will see a talk about a story called “The Broken Ghost” with a series of Treasure Pack prizes below that are very similar to the battle pass development system. The gold prize separated by five Treasure Packages is Hunts, but even if you already have enough Treasure Packages to play one, you have to wait until it’s released.

What is Hunting?

The hunt is a PvE mission that was added in Season 5 centered around Loba and its mission in Kings Canyon. Nine different hunts will take place throughout the season, and you can start investing in the story now by visiting the prologue section above below.

The first hunt is not alive, so don’t stress because you don’t see the options. It starts on May 19 with more after that, so you still have plenty of time to get the Treasure Pack.

Apex Legends Menu
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How Many Treasure Packages Can I Get?

You can get only one Treasure Package per day and can collect a total of 45 of them throughout Season 5. This means that it is impossible to reach the maximum number of Treasure Packages if you don’t play consistently, but again, it doesn’t need more than one or two games to find one from personal experience.

Restrictions on the Treasure Package essentially turn findings into daily entry prizes, although you have to work a little more for this than other games that only distribute prizes immediately. Those who play more will benefit more from them, but because all prizes are directed at cosmetics with the exception of PvE Hunt, you will only lose to a certain extent if you don’t find them all.

What If I Hit the Limit of My Treasure Package?

We still have a long way to go until players start to reach the limit of 45 Treasure Packages, but it is very likely that you will find a number of them in a day if you play often. Because you can only collect one per day, you have to do with them what you have to do with all the other valuable booty: Ping them for your teammates.

Characters have a unique voice line for the Treasure Pack and will warn their teammates to the prize location. They are not really worth fighting because they are quite common, so don’t leave your team to them, but grab them when you can.

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Apex Legends Devs Hope to Make Lifeline More Unique with “Sidegrade” | Instant News

Lifeline state in The highlight of the legend once again become a topic that is often discussed with start Season 5, and developer at Respawn Entertainment aware of the conversation between the players. Those who prefer to play Legend have regretted the fact that their gameplay identity has been overshadowed lately because other Legends have been scrubbed or reworked, and those who prefer to stick with characters have called fans. Peak lead game designer Carlos Pineda responded to some of these suggestions by saying that the character does not really need fans and would instead benefit from a “sidegrade” to separate it from other characters.

As one of the original legends in the game when it was released and the only character classified as a healer – Combat Medic in his case. He can use healing items faster, revive his teammates with a shield to protect them, heal their teammates, and can find additional resources in the inventory.

But when you look at other Legends and how they have been released or modified recently, you begin to see how Lifeline can be disliked compared to the early days of the game. The Gibraltar dome shield makes teammates use items faster when in it and accelerates their recovery to their friends, and the reworking of Mirage that makes him and his teammates invisible when he revives makes the couple more worthy than Lifeline when it comes to help teammates. That New legend, Loba, can ping loot through walls and give players access to all loot around them with its ultimate where Lifeline has to find the blue Supply Bin just to get a few extra loots.

So what should be done with it? Pineda said the character doesn’t need fans based on his statistics that show him “level up in various categories. “Instead, he proposed a” sidegrade “that would make it more unique without injecting power directly into Legend’s numbers and abilities.

The result of the sidegrade will be a more unique legend that is still different from what we already have. It looks like it’s closer to Mirage reworking than just fans for other Legends, but it might take a while before the player sees the results. Pineda called the problem a difficult one and said the team was addressing it while asking the players to be patient.

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Will the Apex Legend kill other characters? | Instant News

Can The highlight of the legend be the player’s preparation for the death of other characters as we move closer to the fight between Revenant and Loba? That is the question asked by the community half-jokingly, half seriously since Loba was confirmed as a new legend joining the group Top Game in Season 5. The connection between the two characters begins before Loba has even been ridiculed, let alone revealed, and if someone tries and kills another character that is already on The highlight of the legend, it will be Loba. But will Respawn Entertainment pull something like that again and from the character the player expects (or who they already know), and can Loba even kill the Revenant if he gets the chance?

The answer to all of these questions is always “possible” until Respawn officially reveals its plans for Season 5, a plan that is expected to come true on Tuesday when we get the launch trailer for the next season. Players can and have theorized about what might happen when Revenant and Loba clash, and based on what we have seen so far relating to partner relationships, we can try and guess what the results will be.

Backstory Revenant

To understand the role of the Revenant in this matter, we must first return to Season 4 Cinematic for Legend as well as several teasers was released later and updated recently. Revenant is a simulacrum, a fancy word for a killer robot in this case, and he is a quite talented killer. We caught a glimpse of it in the cinematic shown above which made it take up an entire room, even though it was only chasing one main target.

Some The highlight of the legend knowledge saved sharpening distributed around the time of Revenant’s release and refreshed which led to disclosure Loba explained that the Revenant was put into the Apex Game to keep him busy while people could find out how to deactivate it forever because he only kept breathing every time he was killed. Revenant realized in the trailer what Hammond Robotics and Syndicate had done to him which meant he did not love the organization, but there was one person who wanted to stop him even more than the victims would do.

Loba backstory

That person is Loba Andrade, a character who has long been the subject of leakage, data, and theory. Loba will be the next Legend in The highlight of the legend unless there is a big bend, and he has a long history with the Revenant.

In Revenant cinematic, only one family member he targets is left alive: The girl. The girl is none other than Loba, and although Revenant only chases after father and has no problem leaving him untouched after he reaches his goal, Loba is not so quick to forget his actions.

The cinematics shown at the top of the article show that Loba grew into a skilled thief with combat skills and various gadgets he had. Cinematically ends with Loba finally finding out the existence of Revenant, a discovery that shows a big clash is coming.

So if a fight comes, how’s the result? The possibility of this outcome clearly cannot cover every outcome until the quarrel between the two, but there are several potential ways this story can end.

Revenant Kills Loba

We don’t doubt Loba’s skills because he has so far done it himself, but Revenant is a trained killer with some powerful tools available to him. It might be a surprise attack, but he killed Forge, one of the strongest characters who almost appeared at Apex Games, so we have to assume he can kill Loba too.

But will Respawn really kill other characters before Loba enters the game? If the fight was started by Loba, he would have a good chance of winning, but maybe he didn’t remember Loba or cared enough for him to start the fight. The developers use Revenant to kill Forge to get rid of players, but Loba has the ability and model in the game to be recorded from the game file which means he is far more likely to be in the game than the previous Forge. Although maybe the Revenant will win the fight and kill Loba, it seems unlikely we will see the same twist twice.

Loba Kills Revenant

A revenant can win a battle if the two fight directly, but that doesn’t look like Loba’s plan. According to recent teasers like the one above, Loba almost found a way to deactivate the Revenant by ensuring his existence was not transferred to another simulacrum as soon as he was “killed.”

If someone killed the Revenant, it seemed like that would be the way to do it. It is unclear whether this means that the Revenant in his current condition will weaken, but it does mean that if he is destroyed, he will not rise again.

But killing characters that have been used by players for months seems as impossible as killing new characters for the second time. Just revenant rubbed in April and be in the right place now, so getting him out of the game will be a quick way to frustrate the people who care for him. Considering how respawning is an important part of the Revenant story, maybe he will only be gone for a week or so from a game with magic knowledge bringing him back, assuming he was once taken by Loba.

Revenant and Loba Work Together

Loba is clearly unable to completely forgive the Revenant because he killed his parents, but can he at least ally with him against a common enemy? Given that Hammond Robotics invented killing machines and possibly had a stake in hitting his parents, he would definitely come out because of blood on them too. Given the Revenant hostility towards the organization, hatred towards the group can be a common denominator between the two.

This result, or at least something like that, seems to be one of the more likely scenarios for a number of reasons. This keeps both characters alive, which means people can play as new legends and continue to play as Loba, and that adds to the anti-Hammond Robotics storyline that was created.

It’s also the only way the two can rationalize playing in the same team with each other. There are some logical holds on The highlight of the legend when you see that Legends play against themselves while in different teams, but how can game knowledge explain Revenant and Loba to work together in any capacity if they don’t reconcile their differences reluctantly if not completely?

These questions and many more will be answered as soon as we see what happens between the two and what Loba is able to do as soon as his abilities are revealed. The highlight of the legend Season 5 is scheduled to start on May 12 with the launch of the trailer which was released on May 5, so expect answers to appear in the next week or so.

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Apex Legends Fixes One of the Most Frustrated Bugs in the Game | Instant News

Small update for The highlight of the legend came out this week which ended up handling one of the most frustrating bugs in the game. The bug involved a scenario where a player would be torn down, but instead of being left waiting for their teammates to revive them and get them to fight again, they were able to pull out one of their weapons and continue firing at the enemy. The bug happens quite rarely where you don’t need to double check every single Legend to see whether they fall or not, but if they still have their weapons available to them, it feels very terrible to be overwritten by someone who fell on their own.

That The highlight of the legend The bug is one player has been paying attention for a while now, but it wasn’t until this week Respawn Entertainment solve the problem. Through the game’s official Twitter account, the developers tweeted that they will release “fast patches which fix exploits that allow players to shoot their weapons when they fall.” That’s all the updates do, but as far as bug fixes occur, this is a big update that’s been released.

For those who are lucky enough not to come up against a bug in one of them The highlight of the legend suitable, the video below is from Hypnotic_btw redditor shows what the bug looks like. Creating an exploit in Firing Range, the player drops but can still access the Spitfire and shoot at the target. Their health decreases, so the exploiter has a timer on it, but the time needed to bleed when you fall still allows plenty of opportunities to shoot someone if the exploitation takes place in an actual game.

This bug is really unfair, please fix it. from r / apexlegends

The bug is frustrating to say at least if you oppose it, but if you are a person who accidentally issues exploits when you try to exchange equipment or heal, it’s hard not to abuse it. If you fall with weapons and your teammates scramble around you, of course you will use the opportunity to help them in Peak Last Call version of Call of Duty.

With the bugs squashed now, players don’t need to worry about enemies falling at them, but be sure to keep checking the golden Knockdown shield to make sure they won’t return in a more legitimate way.

The highlight of the legend also set to reveal more about Loba and plan for Season 5 next week, so watch for in-game teasers and official releases between now and later.

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