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Season 6’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Trailer Looks Good, But I Won’t Be Fooled Again | Instant News

There is a new trailer for Fear of The Walking Dead. This presents the sixth season which looks much darker and more full of zombies than Season 5. I mean, if I’m really honest, the trailer is very good.

But as George W. Bush said:

He stole that sentence from The Who, right?

The problem is, I have no faith left in me. Don’t believe in Scott Gimple. There is no belief in clumsy escapees, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. Don’t believe in Morgan who, come on, he’s not dead. We all hope he is dead (or, better yet, that he never joined this event from the start).

This new trailer tried to fool the audience into thinking he became a zombie with those red eyes. But I don’t think so. Maybe he was infected like Gabriel was infected. Can also only blood. Either way, my money at Morgan survived so that he could once again destroy everything that was good and right Fear of The Walking Dead (along with Chambliss, Goldberg and Gimple, of course).

Anyway, let’s watch the trailer before we continue.

“There will be more focus in the story, a little less sketch in telling 16 small films,” Gimple said EW, illustrates a different approach to Season 6. “People came out of the gates with an extraordinary first two episodes, and that is the difference. This is something that separates the show from the other two shows, narrating these 16 small films, into a little more anthologically. It’s still a continuing story, but it’s told through this very focused perspective. “

Hey why not? Why not keep changing this event every year? I mean, it can’t be recognized where it started. In Season 5 they killed everything interesting about Alicia and Daniel just like they killed Nick and Madison in Season 4. This isn’t even the same show anymore so why not turn it into “16 little films?”

Admittedly, the trailer is pretty good besides Morgan’s annoying voice over everything. To think, I used to consider Morgan one of my favorite characters. They have destroyed it just as surely as they destroy it Fright original player, though The Walking Dead has begun the process by completely slaughtering his madness.

You know what that is

Actually, for a short time Fright The fourth season everything looks pretty good. Morgan is better soon. I remember very much enjoying the character of John Dorie (a character who was later squandered in the most gruesome ways, such as a marriage that was absolutely ridiculous last season and the devotion of the next character to cowboys. I am horrified at the thought of all that).

So I’ve worked a little here. I want to like this trailer and get excited about it but to be honest I feel bad for all the actors on this show and hope everything gets better for their sake. Alycia Debnam-Carey, Garrett Dillahunt, Colman Domingo, Ruben Blades – these are all top actors who deserve better performances, or at least deserve better writing and direction for this one.

I would cross my fingers, knock on the wood, do the rain dance and all that jazz. But I will not hold my breath.

Fear of The Walking Dead should be back this summer. With the world in trouble right now, I won’t rely on anything.


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