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Soldiers who are allowed to fly to Australia will arrive Sunday afternoon | Instant News

The Warriors will arrive at Tamworth on Sunday afternoon, allowing all NRL clubs to resume training on Monday ahead of May 28 which is planned to resume.

The Chairman of the Australian Rugby League Board Peter V’Landys on Saturday morning confirmed the Warriors had been given a special exception to fly to Australia amid a coronavirus pandemic, with parties traveling to complete the mandatory 14-day quarantine period upon arrival.

“This is a very good result for the rugby league and another step towards competition starts again on May 28,” said V’Landys.

“I want to thank the Federal and State Governments, in particular the NSW State Border Force and Emergency Center for their assistance in making the arrival of the Fighters a reality.

“The club will follow strict biological safety protocols and, like all clubs, will participate in an education day about the protocol on Monday morning.”

Opportunities for the Warriors to fly across Tasman looked bleak on Friday with conflicting reports emerging about the potential for border liberation that circulated throughout the afternoon.

Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison said no authority was given when he was in front of the media on Friday afternoon.

Warriors chief executive Cameron George said it was a tiring exercise until he finally received confirmation that the club was allowed to take off Saturday morning.

“It was a 72-hour whirlwind, but we always respect the process very much and we understand that surveillance of our release application will go through and we get it,” Warriors chief executive Cameron George told Fox Sports.

“So to get the green light today is a big help for our club, our players and of course the families who support the players because we do have certainty and we can continue to confirm other plans.”

“This is somewhat receding and flowing, I talk to the players at certain times … we get suggestions that we might not get agreement at this time so we should have more conversations with the players and staff and so on.

“So we tried to hold the ship as strong as we could through the waters, but not until Peter V’Landys called me early in the morning to give me information that the documents would come and I could then communicate that to our playgroup and also our staff and that’s a relief. “

George also revealed how Tamworth became a temporary home for the Warriors.

“Last Thursday night I got that notification [planned location] “in northern NSW it won’t be suitable for several reasons, so we quickly have to find another,” said George.

“I talked to Kevin Anderson, a local member for [NSW] parliament for Tamworth and between himself and Rod Laing, CEO of the West Tamworth Leagues Club, who have got great facilities, we collect something and in three or four hours we have locked it.

“From then on we had to see turning Tamworth Airport into an international landing. We had to change planes because of the heavy aspects of the runway – I had to learn a lot about the airport recently – and from there we had to talk about quarantining Scully Park and West Tamworth Leagues Club, and there are many people who have helped us with that.

“We are very grateful for many things; the Australian government and the NSW State Government; Kevin Anderson is a fantastic member who is able to combine this.

“So we will go there for quarantine for a few weeks and then we might get closer to Sydney [after that] but we still handled it when the season draw was opened; there is still a little work to do, but at least we have a place to go and practice for a few weeks. “


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