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No, the MiLB season is not canceled | Instant News

There was a brief interruption in the police last night when a content agriculture post a report that the agent says to minor league players and Minor League Baseball teams was told The 2020 season is canceled. Apparently, not too much.

A blogger for SB Nation’s Lookout Landing (sorry, no links – did not want to reward such nonsense with Google juice) reported that he had been told by two agents representing six players that the MiLB season would be canceled and that the team had received a message that same. The story softened later, saying that there was no message to the team and Minor League Baseball about the cancellation of the 2020 season. We spent several hours on the phone – including several hours of Happy Hour before! —Trying to verify or refute, and none of the people we spoke to had an idea of ​​the season closing. Minor League Baseball also issued a statement saying this season was not closed. And many industry people, like Jeff Passan, make calls to confirm or debunk:

Now, there is no doubt out there in the industry that the MiLB 2020 season will be canceled. There are also scenarios that float around providing for a short season, or providing only a few levels of game launch, or a season schedule that starts late and goes beyond Labor Day. Everything is liquid; remember, we live in an era of improvisation. But remember: this is only April 30th, and so far the MiLB teams have only lost three weeks of the regular season. To take that concern during very bad economic times and turn it into a confirmed report about the close of the season is irresponsible. We spend a lot of time every day chatting with MLB, MiLB and summer college owners and managers who are trying to make the best of a very challenging situation. Throwing this out in the presence of their hard work was a terrible and insulting move.

With daily news about the spread of coronavirus which has an impact on industry-business and industrial facilities, it is more important than ever to stay abreast of the latest news in the venue industry. That is why we launched the Venues Digest bulletin which focuses on coronavirus information throughout baseball stadiums, arenas, stadiums, theaters and the performing arts world. For now it will appear every day, and for now it will be free for industry professionals. Register here.

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