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FBR e-surveillance found an error in the middle of the sugarcane harvest season | Instant News

KARACHI: The government’s plan to carry out online surveillance of sugar production has faced technical obstacles as a real-time video connection to the tax system could not be established with demolitions reaching midpoint, sources said on Tuesday.

The surveillance cameras initially failed to capture manufacturing activity at the sugar factory, they said.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) asked sugar mills to install a video analysis system (VAS) to share real-time production activities before January 15.

Sources at the Karachi Large Taxpayer Office (LTO) said at least two sugar mills had so far implemented VAS from designated vendors, but the gadgets were unable to sync production line records with FBR’s main database. LTO Karachi has jurisdiction over 29 sugar mills.

FBR in November last year issued a list of seven vendors. The source said vendors complained that sugar factories were located in different parts of the country and they were unable to demonstrate equipment due to travel and other expenses.

“To resolve the problem between the sugar factory and the vendor, a meeting is scheduled for January 13 (today) at the FBR headquarters,” said a source.

The source said implementing VAS in sugar mills would not be possible during the current crushing season. The sugar crushing season runs from November to March.

FBR has appointed its sugar mill officials as a temporary measure until FBR develops a real-time video link to the crushing and production processes.

Previously, FBR extended the VAS implementation to January 15 after receiving requests from members of the Pakistan Sugar Factory Association (PSMA) as well as pre-qualified vendors to extend deadlines as tasks could not be completed mainly due to the ongoing COVID-19 challenges.

Last September, FBR introduced video analytics rules for electronic monitoring of the production of certain goods through statutory orders. The following month, PSMA signed a memorandum of understanding for the application of video analytics rules.

Video analytics technology has been introduced to receive production data from manufacturing sites and use it for tax collection purposes.

FBR allows sugar mills to send final notifications to authorized vendors to send their bids for VAS installations to mills.

FBR said the sugar factory will issue work orders to the vendors that are ultimately selected. The vendor must install the VA system at the sugar mill within 15 days.

“Case of non-compliance

part of either party (sugar factory or vendor) can be handled according to law, “he said in a statement.


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At 5.8 ° C, Karachi had another cold night of the season | Instant News

People in Karachi had a particularly cold night when mercury fell to another 5.8 degrees Celsius on Saturday morning, the Pakistan Meteorological Department said, adding that winter would continue for at least another week.

“Under the influence of the Siberian wind, the temperature fell to 5.8 ° C on Saturday morning,” said Chief Meteorological Officer Sindh Sardar Sarfaraz. “This is the second time the temperature has dropped below 6 ° C this month. On January 1, a minimum temperature of 5.8 ° C was recorded. “

Sarfaraz said that under the influence of the Siberian wind, the whole country was in the grip of the cold wind. Noting that the temperature had dropped below 6 ° C twice this month, he warned that winter would last in the city for at least another week.

He said the weather in Karachi is likely to remain cold and dry until January 15 or 16, with minimum temperatures ranging between 6 ° C and 9 ° C, adding that there is no chance of rain for at least the next two weeks.


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Cotton prices hit a season high of Rs10,200 per maund | Instant News

KARACHI: Spot cotton prices have hit a season high of Rs10,200 per maund, taking cues from rising international prices, while sluggish production forecasts continue to panic, industry people said on Saturday.

The Karachi Cotton Association spot rate committee raised the spot rate by Rs250 per maund to the highest spot rate of Rs10,200 per maund.

The price hike has also occurred in the international market, said Naseem Usman, chairman of the Karachi Cotton Brokers Association. The New York Cotton Market futures contract increased to 78 cents per pound, which is the highest level this season.

US exports remained lower by 30 percent during the week. The dollar exchange rate also declined during the week. Cotton tariffs, however, increased despite the December 25 holiday, bank closings and the threat of Covid-19, Usman said.

Traders said low quality fiber was in stock but due to lower quantity mills continued to buy, resulting in a price increase of Rs200 to Rs400 per maund. Tariffs on international markets have also increased, which affects local markets.

The cotton price in Sindh remains at Rs 9,200 per maund to Rs10,400 per maund. The yarn tariff in Punjab is recorded at Rs9,800 to Rs10,600 per maund. As usual, very few fibers in Balochistan stay between Rs9,300 and Rs9,700 per maund.

Last year germination remained at around 40 to 50 percent in cotton seeds, resulting in a record decline in cotton production, which has so far reached nearly 5.8 million bales due to substandard seed. If seeds below the same standard are planted this season, then production will continue to decline.

Buyers remain active buying while ginners are also attracted to the trade, because they receive good prices.

The demand for polyester fiber is increasing and the price is also increasing.

Prices have continued to increase in Brazil, Central Asia and Argentina while there have been more increases in cotton prices in India. According to the Cotton Association of India, the Indian government supports farmers and spinners in the country.

“In contrast to India, the cotton crop has been neglected in Pakistan while there is a need to look at cotton crop production urgently,” Usman said.

Sowing of some of the cotton begins immediately after the March wheat harvest in lower Sindh while some of the spinning mills begin in June. Punjab Seed Corporation has started seed sales since 15 December.

Due to substandard seeds, pest infestation is higher in that season.

The government is encouraged to develop quality seeds or import quality seeds domestically. In addition, the cotton support price had to be announced but the request was rejected by the federal government.

Sources in the cotton sector said no concrete action has been taken by the government to increase cotton production in the country.


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Basketball: New Zealand Breakers lose Corey Webster to a hand injury | Instant News


Corey Webster’s shooting prowess will be missed by the NZ Breakers when they open for the NBL 2021 season on January 13. Photos / Photosport

New Zealand Breakers star Corey Webster will miss at least the first two weeks of the Australian National Basketball League season after slicing a nerve in his hand with a knife in his kitchen.

Webster, who has been wracked with chaos in 2020 by the Covid-19 pandemic, will now start the season on the sidelines after breaking a hand in an unsuccessful attempt to cut avocado.

“Corey tried, maybe without success, to prepare dinner for himself and when he was trying to play one on one with the avocado, the avocado hit him and he got a pretty serious cut on the palm of his hand,” Breakers coach Dan Shamir told Newstalk ZB.

Webster, a guard shooting specialist for Breakers, has had surgery for a wound affecting the non-firing hand and will be limited to training for the next month.

“Actually, he needed surgery because one of the nerves in his palm was damaged.

“At first we didn’t know how badly and how long it would take, but yesterday, when he visited the surgeons again, they were very happy that everything was fine and he would be able to play; but it would take another four weeks for him to recover. completely so he would have missed the first [two] week of the season.

“He’s not going to be able to play basketball too much because of the danger of these cuts and stitches having to heal properly. Therefore he won’t be able to bounce the ball or catch or anything like that.

“We will do everything to keep him fit as much as possible and I am just happy that it is his left hand and not his shooting hand and hopefully over time he will come back to himself.”

This latest setback for Webster comes after 2020 which saw his career stalled by a worldwide health crisis. He left the Breakers mid-season to take up a lucrative contract in China’s basketball league, but returned home soon after the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan province.

Unable to join the Breakers late match in the playoffs, he opted to play in Italy – one of Europe’s top basketball leagues – just at a time when the country was becoming the epicenter of the continent’s disease.

However, after just one game for Virtus Roma’s team, the league was postponed and he was once again back on the coast of New Zealand.

For Breakers coach Dan Shamir, this latest setback is one of many trials the club faces ahead of the 2021 NBL season.

“My reaction is that there are so many things that have happened to me for the first time in recent months and this is another one. Even so, it is annoying enough, this is out of court, but these things can happen and I am happy that the timing will not too long.

“I’m sure he will be back soon, healthy and will help us a lot.”

The NBL Breaker campaign is expected to kick off on January 13th with a match against Melbourne United, although doubts remain as Australia battles several Covid-19 outbreaks.


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Karachi shivered during the coldest winter nights on record | Instant News

People in Karachi experience the coldest night of the season when mercury drops to 7 degrees Celsius on the night between Monday and Tuesday, a Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) official said and warned of more cold nights in the future under the effects of dry conditions. and winds from the north and northeast.

“Last night [between Monday and Tuesday] was the coldest night of the season as a minimum temperature of 7C was recorded in Karachi. We expect cooler nights ahead with temperatures hovering between 7C and 9C and even dropping to 6C on New Year’s Eve, ”Sardar Sarfraz, Sindh’s chief meteorological officer, said on Tuesday.

He said the last time the temperature dropped to 6 degrees Celsius occurred in December 2013 under similar conditions. He hopes that after seven years, mercury can drop to six or even lower because of the extreme dry conditions and winds blowing from the north and northeast.


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