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DeAndre Baker of the Giants surrendered to the police on charges of armed robbery | Instant News

New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker had handed himself over to Broward County Prison on Saturday for four armed robbery charges and four counts of assault with firearms, according to his lawyer, Bradford Cohen.

Cohen confirmed that Baker turned himself in Saturday morning at an Instagram post.

“We believe our client is innocent of all charges,” Cohen said. “We urge people not to rush to judge. We have statements from several witnesses who released my client.”

Cohen said he had some written statements from witnesses who freed Baker from error in suspected crime. He said he planned to provide video evidence to the judge in a timely manner.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar, who is wanted on four counts of armed robbery with firearms, has not surrendered, and there has been no decision when or whether he will do so, said his lawyer, Michael Grieco.

“Nobody ran away from this,” Grieco said. “My client is innocent. I don’t want him to do a minute in jail because of this. If we decide that he will surrender, then he will. But the Miramar Police Department is committed to this case because it has become public.”

Baker and Dunbar were sought by police over alleged incidents that occurred Wednesday night at a party. According to the arrest warrant, Baker and Dunbar were accused of stealing money and forcibly monitoring when armed with semi-automatic weapons. It was stated that Baker deliberately threatened the victims with firearms.

According to the arrest warrant, several witnesses said at one point during the incident that Baker ordered another suspect to wear a red mask to shoot someone who had just entered the party.

Grieco said he submitted five sworn oaths from witnesses who freed Dunbar from error to the state attorney’s office. Grieco said this was the same witness who gave the original statement in the police report which led to the arrest warrant.

Although the two lawyers said they had a statement cleansing their client, the Miramar Police Department insisted that they both surrender and welcomed witnesses to add or change anything to their statement if they wanted to do so. On Saturday morning, police said there were no victims or witnesses who told them their stories.

Grieco said police told him they would examine allegations of perjury to witnesses if they were found lying in their statements to the police. He also said he had made contact with Cohen but there were “different circumstances” with Baker than with his client.

The Miramar Police Department confirmed that they did not treat Baker or Dunbar differently from other suspects.


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Attorney – Certificate clears the Seahawks’ Quinton Dunbar of suspected robbery | Instant News

Michael Grieco, attorney for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar, said he had “five sworn statements from witnesses” who said his client was not involved in the alleged armed robbery that took place in Miramar, Florida, on Wednesday.

The Miramar Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Dunbar and New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker on Thursday along with a 14 page written statement detailing the alleged crime committed by two NFL players.

Grieco said he gave this information about “star witnesses who withdrew within 48 hours” to the Miramar Police Department and advised the state attorney’s office, but authorities insisted that Dunbar still surrendered to the warrant.

The police said on Friday that the arrest warrant was still valid, there were no victims or witnesses who told their stories to them and there were no players who surrendered.

“We have recorded, swear statements from four victims and one witness. If they change their statements, we welcome them to come to our police department and give us a new statement,” police spokesman Miramar Tania Rues told Brady Henderson of ESPN.

Grieco said he was looking for another way so that his client was not arrested for what he called a “fake case.”

“I’m sure he was there but sure he didn’t commit a crime,” Grieco said of Dunbar. “He was targeted because of who he is.”

Grieco did not want to talk about Baker’s mistakes, which he said were represented by other lawyers and had different circumstances. He did note that the two players were not tight, despite being South Florida natives who knew each other, for reasons of a 5-year age difference.

The warrant for Baker’s arrest was for four counts of armed robbery with firearms and four counts of assault with firearms. Dunbar was wanted in four counts of armed robbery with firearms.

The alleged event happened Wednesday night at a party that began Wednesday night. According to the arrest warrant, Baker and Dunbar were accused of stealing money and forcibly monitoring when armed with semi-automatic firearms. It was stated that Baker deliberately threatened the victims with firearms.

According to the arrest warrant, several witnesses said at one point during the incident that Baker ordered another suspect wearing a red mask to shoot at someone who had just entered the party.

The statement contained conflicting statements from witnesses about whether Dunbar was armed, and some said they did not see his weapons.

Grieco cited this as an example of an unreliable witness and said he believed it was “ridiculous” that Dunbar was still expected to surrender.

“I assume this is because Miramar did their virtual touchdown on Twitter when they were talking about their arrest warrant. Now they are trying to resolve a joint case,” Grieco said. “I don’t know how they will do it.”

Rues refuted Grieco’s assumption that the department created a sensation in the story by announcing an arrest warrant.

“Our police department doesn’t hold press conferences, we haven’t appeared on camera even though I’ve got dozens of interview requests – we reject every single interview – we haven’t entered the radio, we haven’t given one interview on the radio, we issued tweets in response to bombing calls “The telephone number we received for requests for public records from the warrant and written statement,” said Rues.

Rues said Grieco’s actions were terrible and “only a distraction for what actually happened.”

Rues said there was no standard amount of time that an individual was expected to turn himself in once an arrest warrant was issued. This is on a case-by-case basis.

The NFL said late Thursday that it was aware of the issue and would not have further comments. The League will review the incident based on its personal behavior policy and share discipline if needed.

Baker, 22, was the choice of the Giants’ first round in 2019. The Seahawks acquired 27-year-old Dunbar in March trade with Washington Redskins. Both players are from Miami.

“We are aware of the situation. We have made contact with DeAndre. We have no further comments at this time,” Giants said in a statement Thursday.

The Seahawks said in a statement that the team “was aware of the situation involving Quinton Dunbar and was still gathering information. We will postpone all further comments to league investigators and local authorities.”

Information from Jordan Raanan ESPN is used in this report.


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Raiders, Buccaneers, Bengals See Biggest Increase in 2020 NFL Ticket Prices | Instant News

Although the release of the NFL schedule is clearly an annual holiday for tens of millions of league fans around the world, this is also a very important date for 32 teams to really improve the ticket sales process.

Of course everything is tentative with live sports events attended by fans as long as there is not enough testing or cure for COVID-19, but that also means the cancellation of the 2020 international match, which in a silver lining which plays means eight home games for each team. It will be several months before we determine whether and when the games actually occur, but that is a whole other problem.

After a few days the sales market has been established, the TicketIQ ticket search engine website is provided some interesting data about how things have vibrated so far.

Based on the average sales prices of secondary NFL tickets seen throughout the industry, the difference in Raiders ticket prices has gone up astronomy 527% in their first season after moving from Oakland to Las Vegas. Half of Raiders’ eight home games will be primetime to showcase the new Allegiant Stadium to national TV viewers.

Along with the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos, a young team that might improve next season, Cincinnati and Tampa Bay are two teams with some serious moves towards the fall. The Bengals rode a wave of optimism after compiling the original Ohio quarterback Joe Burrow first overall in the draft last month, while the Buccaneers have never been more popular after signing Tom Brady and trading for Rob Gronkowski.

With Brady no longer a member of the Patriots, ticket prices for New England home games have dropped by 39%, the highest decline in the league. That was followed by a 22% drop in Chicago Bears tickets, an 8% drop in Los Angeles Chargers prices and a 2% drop for the Detroit Lions.

Although Chargers are expected to move to the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, which they will share with L.A. Rams– which has an average middle price increase of 46% – the price reduction may have something to do with a dramatic increase in SoFi capacity compared to Dignity Health Sports Park. Although Bolt managed to average 31,750 fans to the stadium with a registered capacity of 27,000, it is the lowest average in the league with more than 15,000 per match. Cincinnati finished 31st.

But not all secondary ticket price increases are due to greater interest. When it comes to Jet, price increases may be due to lower inventory inventories in the secondary market. In fact, Gang Green has seen a 91% decrease in the number of available secondary market tickets, per TicketIQ, the biggest negative difference in the league.

Giants, Jets’ neighbor MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., has seen a 60% reduction in the number of secondary tickets since last year. Green Bay, Washington and Pittsburgh complete the top five positions.

Although many numbers based on quantity are likely based on coronavirus, the number of NFL tickets available on the secondary market has continued to decline over the past few years. And that is also a possible cause of rising prices, with demand still high due to thinning inventory.

According to TicketIQ data, the number of tickets in the secondary market has steadily declined and is at the lowest number, down 84%, since 2013. Perhaps because this supply has decreased, average tickets have risen to $ 391, an increase of 51.5% from the average on 2019.

Las Vegas is also home to the most expensive secondary tickets in the league, per TicketIQ, almost $ 1,100 per pop. Denver, Dallas, Seattle and the New York Giants complete the top five.

But if you want to see live NFL games at prices under $ 300 per tote, there are still 10 teams where you can get that price. That includes the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl champion, where you can get a seat at Arrowhead Stadium for $ 271. And despite high demand, the average Buffalo Bills ticket will cost only $ 179, the second cheapest in the league. The cheapest tickets you will find are in Detroit, where the average secondary ticket is only $ 142


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Source – Reunion between Jadeveon Clowney, Seahawks is impossible | Instant News

While Jadeveon Clowney stay open to re-sign with Seattle Seahawks“He has to take far less money than what the previous team offered so that a reunion can occur,” a source told Brady Henderson from ESPN on Wednesday.

The Seahawks have not closed the door completely on potential reunions with Clowney, but that is not being considered at this time, the source told ESPN.

Clowney, who said on Tuesday that he remained focused on rehabilitation from core muscle surgery, said that he was healthy and was ready to contribute to whoever he played.

“I don’t know if people think I’m hurt because of what I experienced because of the point [injury] or because of [of injuries] in previous years, “Clowney to Fox 26 in Houston on Tuesday. “But I just want to tell people that I’m ready, and I will be ready to leave whenever the time comes.”


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Seahawks LB K.J. Wright underwent shoulder surgery, GM said | Instant News

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider said starting a linebacker K.J. Wright recovering from shoulder surgery recently and he is not sure when the 10-year veteran will be healthy.

Schneider said in an interview Thursday with KJR-AM in Seattle that Wright’s operation was not serious, while refusing to discuss more specifically than that.

Wright, who was 31 years old in July, is the Seahawks player with the longest tenure as Seattle’s fourth round pick in 2011. He entered the final year of a $ 14 million two-year deal that he signed the last offseason after the Seahawks let him reach free agency for the first time in his career. He is scheduled to count $ 10 million towards the salary limit, the team’s fifth highest total. He already owed $ 1 million in the March bonus list.

Schneider’s revelation about Wright’s operation came in response to a question about whether the midfielder’s work with the Seahawks was safe, which Schneider refused to discuss. Seahawks choose Texas Tech back midfielder Jordyn Brooks with a 27th overall pick in the last week NFL draft.

“He is rehabilitating from surgery,” Schneider said. “I am not sure about the time when he will return. Hopefully he can make it back on time and we will see how it goes. This is a strange offseason for everyone but especially for people who have had offseason operations … “Hopefully his name is there on the wall someday, right? He’s an extraordinary person, an extraordinary player. That’s why we made a deal with him last year.”

Operation Wright might add some context to Seattle’s decision to design Brooks. Wright has long played a weak midfielder next to All-Pro Bobby Wagner in central midfield, which are two places in Pete Carroll’s 4-3 defense. Strong linebackers – where are veterans Bruce Irvin is one of the candidates to start – usually playing in the soccer practice line. Schneider mentioned the possibility of Brooks playing on the weak side and Wright moved to the strong side while saying the coach would find out in due course.

Pro Bowl 2016 selection, Wright moved to third on the franchise tackle list during the past season while setting a new career high with 132. Wagner ranked first on the list. Wright start each match which is the bounce-back season after he missed most of 2018 with a knee injury.

Schneider also said running back Rashaad Penny is “good” at rehabilitation from knee surgery but insists that the injury occurred quite late to threaten its availability for the start of the season. Penny, Seattle’s first round pick in 2018, suffered a torn ACL and additional damage to her knee on Week 14. Schneider said it would be “very difficult” for Penny to make it back by cutting the list, which occurred at the weekend before the opener. That would make Penny a candidate to start the season on a list that physically cannot perform, in which case he must miss the first six matches.

But Schneider said Penny’s status was not the reason Seattle forced Miami to withdraw DeeJay Dallas in the fourth round.

Schneider said that he started running again Chris Carson remained on track to be ready for Week 1. He suffered a hip injury at the end of the season on Sunday 16 which did not require surgery.


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The Seattle Seahawks cut two former starters in an offensive line overhaul | Instant News

That Seattle Seahawks middle of releasing Justin Britt, according to some reports, and has informed the right guard D. J. Fluker that they released it, too – a significant but not surprising move when they continued to overhaul their offensive lines.

The team will wipe out $ 8.5 million in cap space with Britt and nearly $ 3.7 million with Fluker for a combined savings of just less than $ 12.2 million, according to ESPN’s Roster Management System data. They each left around $ 2.9 million and $ 500,000 in dead money.

Britt, who was 29 in May, has long been considered a candidate to be released, because he left the torn ACL and entered the final year of his contract at a cost of $ 11.4 million. That number is scheduled to rank second among the NFL centers in 2020 right behind Mitch Morse from Buffalo Bill, according to Spotrac data. Britt’s release seemed to be possible early in the free agency after the Seahawks signed B.J. Finney, a center that can also play a role as a guard, for a two-year deal worth $ 8 million.

The future of the Flukers in Seattle also seems to be getting weaker given the other moves made by the Seahawk along their offensive lines, especially the selection of the right guard Damien Lewis from LSU in the third round of the NFL draft Friday night.

Fluker who is 29 years old announced Sunday on Twitter that the Seahawk told him they released him. It wasn’t long before reports emerged that Seattle was doing the same thing with Britt. Russell Wilson post goodbye messages to both players.

He joined the Seahawks as a second round pick in 2014, playing right tackle as a rookie and left guard in 2015 before finding a permanent home in the middle in his third season. The Seahawks gave him a three-year extension, $ 27 million in 2017, making it the first offensive linemen they have compiled and extended since coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider took over in 2010. Britt only missed one match during his first five seasons before tearing ACL- her in October 2019. She is scheduled to generate $ 8.25 million in salary this season with another $ 500,000 available in the bonus list.

Fluker is one of the best signing agents of the Seahawks in recent years and a highly respected presence in their dressing room. The 11th overall pick by the Chargers in 2013, he joined the Seahawks in 2018 after a season with the New York Giants and made 23 starts in two seasons in Seattle while missing eight games due to injury. He entered the final year of two years, the $ 6 million deal he signed with the last Seahawks offseason. It was scheduled to pay him $ 2 million in base salary with another $ 1.75 million available in the list of bonuses and incentives.

Carroll and Schneider confirmed on Saturday after a draft that the door was not closed at a potential reunion with the defensive end of Jadeveon Clowney, although releasing Britt and Fluker was not believed to be an indication of any immediate steps with Clowney.

Before putting together Lewis, the Seahawks added a pair of interior offensive linemen at free agents at Finney and the guards Warmack Opportunity. They also re-signed the Britt reserve, Joey Hunt, as a free agent is limited and has recently been brought back Mike Iupati, their starter in the left guard last season.

Seahawks let it be right Germain Ifedi and swing tackle George Fant go at a free agent, replace with Brandon Shell and Cedric Ogbuehieach.

Drafting Lewis gave them 19 offensive linemen on the fold for 2020, a large number which served as another indication that one or two veterans might be released.


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Rumor Seahawks: Seattle Released Justin Britt, Save $ 8.5 million in Cap Space | Bleacher Report | Instant News

Picture of Justin K. Aller / Getty

That Seattle Seahawks is cutting ties with other offensive midfielders.

After let go veteran guard D.J. Fluker the day before, the team informed the veterans center Justin Britt that he will also be released, per The NFL insider Adam Caplan.

Quarterback Seahawks Russell Wilson took social media to say goodbye to his old offensive midfielder:

“In life … we all meet people we can spend time with and talk about life and compete to be the best in the world with … well JB .. thank you for all the focus and hard work and love you bring You put it on the line for years together and I will forever be grateful for the work ethic, passion and love for the game, but most importantly, although I hope we can continue to celebrate in the End Zone together and I hope it can be longer, the reality is your best days are ahead of you. Be your destined self. I’m thankful God put you in my life and I can’t wait to watch the rest of your journey … Love you brother. Love. 3. “

Based on Aaron J. Fentress The Athletic, the latest move will save the team around $ 8.5 million in cap space.

Saving about $ 12.1 million in cap space isn’t the only push to move. The team also has a large group of offensive midfielders on the list after sign Kahlil McKenzie, B.J. Finney, Cedric Ogbuehi and Brandon Shell offseason, defending Joey Hunt, Jordan Roos, Mike Iupati and Jordan Simmons and drafting Damien Lewis.

Finney is expected to start at the center for the team, while Lewis will have the opportunity to start as a keeper.

Britt, 29, experienced a short season in October after requiring reconstructive knee surgery. It’s possible the injury could keep him out until the 2020 season. That, combined with his age and hat, made him a potential victim of a hat.

“That’s an unfortunate thing for him, you know,” said Seahawks general manager John Schneider about Britt’s injury in the NFL Scouting Combine in February, Gregg Bell from Tribune News. “But Joey [Hunt] come and play very well. And [Ethan] Pocic can play there, too. “

Ditto for Finney. The signing probably marks the end of the road for Britt in Seattle.

But the release of Fluker and Britt could give the Seahawks financial flexibility to restore the final star’s defense Jadeveon Clowney on a profitable contract. Considering that the team has an offensive line, that’s a reasonable trade-off.


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DeeJay Dallas NFL Draft 2020: Scouting Report for Seattle Seahawks’ Pick | Bleacher Report | Instant News

Wilfredo Lee / Associated Press

RB17 DeeJay Dallas, Miami


– Has position flexibility; spend time at receivers in Miami.

—Add weight to the ideal The NFL sizes (5’10 “, 217 lbs).

—Can set and direct the barrier to help himself.

—Shifty but not fast; can make defenders lose with patience and vision.


– Don’t have long speed but still separate yourself to play big; slow to reach top speed.

—Hard to drop, but not run through the player.

—It needs a lot of help in passing protection before he can be trusted to protect a quarterback.

—That four mistakes in 2018 are a problem; Even though he has no errors in 2019, he still has to improve the safety of the ball.


Dallas was appointed as team captain in 2019 and led the Hurricanes team who had higher expectations than where he finished. After being recruited to Miami as a recipient, Dallas may have overtaken his position and turned to return. Patient runners have found success in the NFL, and Dallas will get the chance to be another example in 2020.


COMPARISON OF PRO: Chris Carson / Spencer Ware


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