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One of the best-selling fashion illustrators in NYC is from Mercer Island | Instant News

High fashion. This is a world of luxury and glamor, flashbulb, runways and couture dresses. Many will never have the chance to wear designers like Gucci and Valentino, but fashion illustrations give people the opportunity to appreciate, maybe even worship, different ways.

“This allows people who don’t need to have access to high-end fashion brands to invite high fashion styles to their homes,” he explained Blair Breitenstein, which is one of the best-selling fashion illustrators in New York City. “That gives me a reason to have this fantasy world in my life because I normally wouldn’t use this designer.”

Breitenstein has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Chanel, Prada and Sak’s Fifth Avenue – his artwork has graced the pages of major magazines and he has garnered many followers in social media. But his passion for fashion and art began to grow on Mercer Island, and spent time with his grandfather, an abstract painter, and grandmother, a serious fashionista, who might be Breitenstein’s biggest fan.

“The way my grandmother dresses – she still dresses like this to get a letter, she wears full clothes. She makes her hair every weekend with jewelery full of beehives, clothes all the time. So I think I’m really only inspired by her love of fashion,” he said .

As a child, Blair often flipped the pages of his grandmother’s W Magazine, Vogue or Town and Country magazine. He also collected … shopping bags.

“Nordstrom shopping bags at Christmas when we grow up, they have illustrations on it,” Breitenstein said. “When I was 7 years old I would keep every bag and every gift card from Nordstrom that has illustrations on it.”

Breitenstein initially did not pursue art as a career. He holds a communications degree from Washington State University and works at an advertising agency in Seattle. Then he began to share his illustrations on the internet.

“Etsy is a platform that made me realize that people are interested in paying money for my art because people buy my prints. They are $ 25 and I will make it at Kinko,” he said. “It made me realize people want what I make. From Etsy, I started using Instagram. Instagram is where I start marking brands, magazines and creative directors. With Instagram you can see when you are tagged in something, so I only caught the attention of a few important people. “

One of the key people was an executive at Oscar de la Renta, who invited him to New York to sketch backstage and from the audience during their fashion show.

“I remember actually crying on my desk when I received the e-mail because at that time I had begun to get a little professional job. So, I began to think ‘This will be a dream to go to a fashion show’. When that happens, only words can I think about it [to describe it] it’s real. I cried literally because it was one of my dreams that came true, “he said.

Working with de la Renta opens the door. He traveled to Europe for two fashion week seasons with MAC Cosmetics and designed international packaging for the Fresh cosmetics brand, among many other impressive projects. But it was Blair’s approach, his style – that distinguished his work. It’s abstract, fun and often spontaneous.

“Sometimes a picture will take ten minutes for me and I don’t think that means it’s less than a work of art,” Breitenstein said. “I think it just adds to the pleasant dynamics of my work quickly and makes you see small mistakes such as water droplets. I think that makes them unique and fun and not too serious.”

His works often focus on the eyes of the subject and include a vintage vibe, something that continues to resonate with fans and big brands, including those close to home.

“I did a Nordstrom gift card a few years ago. It was a kind of full circle,” Breitenstein said. “Nordstrom gift cards and bags are what triggered my desire for fashion illustration, so that being able to do Nordstrom gift cards is really cool. I’m glad I can donate some work to Seattle, the Seattle brand.”

So, what’s next for Blair? With a fashion show on the pause, he found new inspiration in the world around him such as household goods, food or just the view from his roof.

“I think part of my future will try new things and different subjects and I’m very excited about that.”


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This is what’s at stake in MLS Tuesday is the Back Tournament game | Instant News

Tuesday’s slate at MLS Back Tournament will be full of action, with two Group A matches in the evening following an important Group B tilt for breakfast. Here is a brief overview of what is expected and why the game can greatly affect each team.

Chicago Fire vs. Seattle Sounders

9:00 ET – ESPN, ESPN Deportes in the US; TSN in Canada

The two sides met during Week 1 of the MLS season – Seattle won 2-1 thanks Jordan Morris‘brace – so we’ve seen a kind of preview. That Fire move to Group B as part of an overhaul of when Nashville and FC Dallas resign, and this fight marks the opening of their tournament. Chicago doesn’t pay much attention schedule changes, while Seattle hopes to repeat the March 1 results. Sounders drawing San Jose, 1-1, in the only Group B match to date, and three points are at a premium for the MLS Cup champions who survived when Chicago tried to end four more months of layoffs with shocking doubts.

NYCFC vs Orlando

20:00 ET – TUDN, Twitter; TSN in Canada

The Cityzens have never won in three MLS matches under head coach Ronny Deila, the midfield maestro Maxi Moralez facing few weeks come out and Alexandru Mitrita may again disappear with injury alone. That makes this close to having to win for NYCFC. Orlando will try to use it in Group A after winning 2-1 Inter Miami to start the tournament handed Oscar Pareja his first win as head coach of the Lions. The 2015 expansion club together has a new leadership, and being able to head in the opposite direction in MLS is the Return Tournament based on Tuesday’s results. Beyond three points, this battle can seal the fate of the two phases of their group.

Philadelphia Union vs Inter Miami

10:30 PM ET – TUDN, Twitter; TSN in Canada

Philadelphia riding a Alejandro Bedoya purpose and clutch Andre Blake saved a 1-0 win over NYCFC, while Miami led early to lose 2-1 against their Florida rivals, Orlando City. That puts all the pressure on Diego Alonso’s group, with the expansion team yet to win in three MLS efforts. Also worth seeing if Rodolfo Pizarro started after the Mexican star rose from the bench in the tournament’s opening match. But Philly is a rising club and a second straight win can move them above Group A and enter the knockout round. They have aspirations to become a person the main MLS team, and Tuesday provided another opportunity to support that goal.


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Padecky: Why is he like Mike | Instant News

ESPN recently aired a 10-episode Michael Jordan hagiography titled “The Last Dance.” It was an extraordinary round of Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles in the 90s. It was very entertaining, revealing, mesmerizing at times. Peek from behind the curtain. Many warts appear, nothing more dramatic and disturbing than Jordan.

The best basketball players who have ever lived appear as vain, cruel, obsessive, annoying, unkind, unforgiving, arrogant, hostile, bully, jerk, one-dimensional jerk. Jordan is as soft and gentle as a cobra. He must approve the film to be shown and his portrayal clearly does not disturb him as it does for many others.

Which leads to clear questions that haven’t been asked.

Do any of us act differently? If we have such nimble talent, if we are surrounded by such worship, if we have such an impulse – almost feels like an obligation – to revive a franchise that is almost dead, can we play a humble and respectful warrior?

We love our sports icons to be obedient, cooperative, friendly, someone who plays well with others and is loved as a complete human being and not just as someone who is just awesome to hold a stick or ball. Nobody wants to root for a jerk.

This column is not to free Jordan from explaining it. How does it feel to be Michael Jordan? How does it feel to walk on his shoes?

I asked that question on one of his last trips to Oakland to play the Warriors. Sitting in front of his locker at the Oakland Coliseum, Jordan stopped, sighing.

“There is a one-lane road taken by the players after training from the stadium,” Jordan said. “This is one direction. Give us a chance to avoid the crowd. One day when I was leaving, a woman lay on the road, her body blocking my path.

“I got out of the car and asked if he could move. He said he wouldn’t. I said he had to, otherwise I would crash into him and he might die. He said, ‘I know. It is okay. I want to have your tire trail on my body. “

At that moment Jordan stopped, staring at me as if he had just spoken to someone who described him the nutritional benefits of eating a box of nails. He said he called security. They took him away for mental evaluation.

The talent that is too large to be seen can be trusted to match the spotlight that must be seen to be believed. In 1984 Jordan, then a beginner, received a standing ovation from Knicks fans at Madison Square Garden. Before he ever took pictures. By just walking on the field for the first time. As a beginner, I repeat.

Jordan was never just a man who tried to fit in. He is The Guy where his teammates have to find the flow and go with it, does it mean he is screaming to keep, to be quiet, to be a man. There is no wiggle room with him. His obsession should be your obsession. Otherwise, don’t let the door hit you in the booty when you leave.


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Airbus aims for ‘odor sensors’ that can detect the corona virus on the plane | Instant News

Sensors developed by Airbus and startups based in California might be able to sniff out COVID-19 in an effort to help prevent its spread.

Airbus switched to California-based Koniku because of its knowledge in building microprocessors made from biological cells. Both companies have worked on biotechnology that detects, tracks, and places chemicals or explosives on airplanes or at airports.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this technology is now being adapted to include the identification of biological hazards.

In an image, Airbus shows a sensing device that is affixed to a trash bin inside the plane. (Credit: Airbus)

“Most infections and diseases cause slight changes in the composition of our breath and sweat, which then produces a different odor,” Osh. Agabi, Founder & CEO of Koniku, wrote in a blog post about collaboration with Airbus.

Sensor receptors will trigger an alarm when “kissing” molecular compounds that have been programmed to be detected, Airbus said in a statement.

“If we can detect the odor, we can detect the presence of these infections,” Agabi wrote, adding that the approach has been used successfully with dogs that smell of cancer and detect influenza A in the breath.

“However, training dogs to smell certain and subtle odors that indicate certain diseases is time consuming, unreliable and expensive,” he added.

Pix data.

Instead, Koniku will program the DNA of cells that form these receptors to react to compounds in the breath or sweat of infected people, allowing them to filter COVID-19 and determine whether someone is infected.

The solution is without contact, Agabi said.

“Airports, when they finally reopen to commercial airlines, will need to implement new processes and security measures to filter passengers for viruses. This is why we are expanding our partnership with Airbus, “Agabi explained.

Airbus plans to install sensors, which mimic bomb tracking dogs, at airports or on planes, according to the Financial Times.

As of Thursday afternoon, more than 3.78 million cases of the corona virus have been diagnosed worldwide, more than 1.23 million of them in the US, the most affected country on the planet.

Click here for updates from FoxNews.com.


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Mourners applauded the funeral procession for the doctor who lost his life to COVID-19 | Instant News

Friends and colleagues gather outside the Garden City Medical Center in Ramsbottom, England after one of them lost his life to COVID-19.

Al-Dubbaisi, 59, died on May 3 after dedicating 20 years of his life for treatment and serving the Burial area, according to The BBC.

In the video, the funeral procession for the late Iraqi-born doctor was greeted with applause as he slowly emerged.

His daughter, Zainab, also a doctor, said his father would “always be in our hearts” and thanked the NHS staff who cared for him.

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“Dr. Saad Al-Dubbaisi is the most loving and kind husband and father,” he said. “We are very grateful to all NHS staff who took care of him during the battle with COVID-19.

“Health workers throughout the world are devastated by the virus. In the United States, health workers are estimated to be 10-20 percent of COVID-19 cases, according to Associated Press.

A study conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed the number of health care professionals who had been infected by COVID-19 was not reported in the United States.

On top of the possibility of contracting the virus, post-traumatic stress disorder can develop in patients and doctors after experiencing pressure against the pandemic and being separated from loved ones to stop the spread.

PTSD associated with COVID-19 is a problem that some hospitals don’t see coming because they struggle to hold off the spread as quickly as possible with lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and general knowledge about new viruses from the start.

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Britain has surpassed Italy’s COVID-19 mortality rate with more than 32,000 deaths as of May 5.

As coronaviruses continue to infect people throughout Britain in what is likely to be the worst outbreak in Europe, the government has received criticism from scientists, who say they have ignored the basics of controlling the epidemic.

Hundreds of plague experts questioned the response of the UK pandemic, laughing at the government’s claim to “follow science.”

Epidemic experts warn that the UK’s enormous focus on testing ignores an equally important element for outbreak control: tracking and isolating contact cases.

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It follows the delayed response to the pandemic. While the WHO declared the corona virus to be a global emergency on January 30, it was not until March 5 that Britain made the disease “known,” requiring doctors to report it.

The UK health department said recently it would train 18,000 people to track contact cases to monitor the spread of the virus, and aim to place them in mid-May. But it has not released details about how the program will work.

Such a lack of accuracy, experts worry, could cause a second wave of devastating disease.

Storyful and Associated Press contributed to this report.


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