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F1 GP Brazil will stay at Interlagos until 2025 because Rio’s steps are intermittent | Instant News

The Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix will stay at Interlagos until 2025 after a new long-term agreement is reached, according to the governor of Sao Paulo.

The historic venue, which has held races every year since being shortened in 1990, will be replaced by a new circuit in Rio de Janeiro starting next year.

However, the company behind the project, Rio Motorsports, is facing an uphill battle obtain the necessary environmental permits to continue construction facility, which is located on the outskirts of the town of Deodoro.

Amid questions over whether the circuit will be built, F1 owners Liberty Media returned to Sao Paulo, despite previously arguing over their last contract, negotiating with Bernie Ecclestone, which saw Interlagos host the Brazilian Grand Prix for free.

And after being included in the provisional 2021 calendar earlier this week, it looks like the future of racing is secured.

“The Interlagos race track has been confirmed to host F1 for the next five years,” state governor Joao Doria said at a press conference earlier this week.

“The contract will be signed by [Sao Paulo] Mayor Bruno Covas and Liberty Media, F1 rights holders.

“This is a big win for the city of Sao Paulo, this is a big win for the state of Sao Paulo and for Brazil.”

Some reports claim the race will become known as the Sao Paulo GP under the new agreement, and there is definitely no love lost for those trying to take F1 away from the city.

“The understanding we have maintained since last year with Liberty Media is based on the right instruments, with race tracks that are approved by riders, by teams, and for over 30 years, having hosted the Brazilian Grand Prix,” added Doria.

“We don’t make speculations, we don’t make artificial projections, we don’t promise investments that can’t be made.”

F1 is also known to have canceled the broadcast rights agreement made with Rio Motorsports, and it is not known where the company will continue their project going forward.


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Brazil is out, Saudi Arabia is on the leaked provisional F1 calendar 2021 | Instant News

A first look at the potential of the 2021 Formula 1 calendar has leaked with some changes included.

This season, F1 will have to adapt and cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, canceling its original schedule for a new 17-race championship based in Europe with the final triple-header in the Middle East.

As noted by CEO Chase Carey this week, F1 aims to return to a more normal calendar next year, starting once again in March and ending in early December in Abu Dhabi.

22 races are also expected, just as originally intended in 2020, while no new races included in the revised calendar are maintained.

There is some conflicting information regarding where exactly the championship will start, such as Racer Australian reports will remain the opening race, in the interim F1i.com claim Bahrain will have the honor with Melbourne turning to October.

Commenting on a potential 2021 date earlier this month, Australian GP CEO Andrew Westacott hinted that all options were on the table.

“Our discussions with Formula 1 and also with Dorna, who runs MotoGP, are carried out regularly and are very, very positive in every way,” MotorsportWeek citing him as telling SpeedCafe.com.

“What I know for these two motorsport calendars is that they both intend to put out their provisional calendars for the 2021 season in mid to late October.

“What this means for Formula 1 is that Melbourne will be in the opening slot for the traditional March season on the provisional calendar.

“What it means for MotoGP is that Phillip Island will be in its traditional slot at the end of October on the MotoGP calendar.”

However, Westacott made it clear that one thing Australia could not happen to be a repeat of last-minute cancellations at F1 this year.

“We are adopting an approach that, if you want to use the wording, is modular, extensible, adaptable, flexible, and has to be sensible and very, very secure,” he added.

“My optimistic approach is that we will be ready to have an audience at Albert Park by the end of March.

“[But] Grand Prix companies, governments, and Formula 1 all have to realize that decisions have to be made on this side of Christmas.

“It will be, obviously, a collective decision, but once it is locked up, we need to commit because it’s not in anyone’s interest to cancel the March cancellation this year.”

At another place, F1i.com placing Baku in April, having initially moved back to June for the year before the cancellation, while the Vietnamese and Dutch GPs retained their start dates for their season.

Spain, which has yet to announce a new racing contract for next year, is also included, while the rest of the European season will return to normal pre-Covid conditions.

The only new race for 2021 will be the entry of the GP of Saudi Arabia on the streets of Jeddah, immediately taking place at the November Brazilian Grand Prix.

This is because the Interlagos contract expires at the end of this year, and the construction of a controversial new circuit in Rio de Janeiro now looks unlikely to be ready in time, if it keeps going at all.

see F1i.com complete temporary calendar below.

1 Bahrain GP (Bahrain) March 14th
2 Vietnamese GP (Hanoi) March 28
3 Chinese GP (Shanghai) April 11th
4 Azerbaijan GP (Raw) April 25th
5 Dutch GP (Zandvoort) May 2nd
6 Spanish GP (Barcelona) May 9th
7 Monaco GP (Montecarlo) 23 May
8 Canadian GP (Montreal) June 6
9 Austrian GP (Spielberg) 20 June
10 French GP (Paul Ricard) 27 June
11 British GP (Silverstone) July 11th
12 Hungarian GP (Budapest) July 25th
13 Belgian GP (Spa) August 29
14 Italian GP (Monza) September 5th
15 Russian GP (Sochi) 19 September
16 Singapore GP (Marina Bay) 26 September
17 Japanese GP (Suzuka) October 10th
18 Australian GP (Melbourne) October 24th
19 US GP (Austin) November 7th
20 Mexican GP (Mexico) November 14th
21 GP of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) November 28th
22 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Yas Marina) November 5


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Did Interlagos hold its last Brazilian GP? ‘We keep talking’ | Instant News

Sao Paulo Governor Joao Doria said talks continued about the future of the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos.

This year is the last based on the current contract between Formula 1 and historic sites but it is uncertain whether the race will take place because the South American country faces the second highest Covid-19 outbreak globally.

Of course, with five months to the original planned date of November 15, there is still time to improve the situation in Brazil, and Doria remains confident that Sao Paulo will host a safe F1 by 2020.

“The race track is prepared to receive Formula 1, clearly in the health protocol,” he said MotorsportWeek.com on Friday.

“Organizers know that, everywhere in the world, they must adhere to the city’s health protocol. With regard to this year, the contract must be fulfilled. Need to make this clear. Our position is that the contract will be fulfilled. “

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However, if not, it is unthinkable that Interlagos has held the Brazilian Grand Prix for the last time, at least for the foreseeable future, with continued speculation that the new circuit in Rio de Janeiro will take over hosting duties from 2021.

“We continue to talk to Liberty Media about the possibility of contract extension,” commented the governor of Sao Paulo.

“Here we have a race track that is ready, established, and considered one of the five best in the world.

“Nobody is against Rio de Janeiro, but it doesn’t make sense to spend R $ 1 billion ($ 190 million) to build racing tracks in areas that did not have environmental approval at the time of the pandemic, with scarcity of resources in the region. state, both public and private.

“We continue to talk and talk with Liberty Media with a view to renewing this contract. There was no decision signed by Liberty, but there was an official statement by the city and government. “


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Daniel Ricciardo McLaren’s contract, the value of the driver’s contract revealed | Instant News

Daniel Ricciardo will reportedly receive a monster salary cut as part of his multi-year contract to join McLaren starting in 2021.

The 30-year-old Australian rattled the F1 grid when his contract with the English team was announced just days after Ferrari confirmed Sebastian Vettel would be replaced by Carlos Sainz at the end of the year.

Details of Ricciardo’s bold steps are now beginning to leak, according to a veteran French Formula 1 journalist.

Ricciardo has enjoyed one of the biggest payment packages in Formula 1 since joining Renault at the start of the 2019 season – but his challenging days for Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel on the list of top sports recipients now look numbered.

The former Red Bull driver reportedly faces a haircut of around $ 25 million a year in base salary, according to French reporter Marc Limacher.

The report claims Ricciardo was set to produce an amazing 25 million euros (41.5 million dollars) with Renault during the Formula 1 2020 season before the Aussie received a pay cut during the season imposed by the locked coronavirus virus.

Now Limacher claims Ricciardo’s agreement with McLaren is worth $ 17 million per year (10 million euros per year) – less than half of his current agreement.

A salary cut of 15 million euros per year would represent a 60 percent reduction.

However, the fine print in the contract reportedly includes a series of attractive bonuses for the Aussie, including:

– Ricciardo has guaranteed his status as racer No. 1 team

– Ricciardo’s contract is for two years with an option that benefits him for an extension of one year until the end of the 2023 season; and

– Ricciardo can open a series of reported bonus payments starting from 400,000 euros each time he collects championship points up to 1 million euros for each grand prix victory.

The Sun reports that Ricciardo began in 2020 as the third highest paid star in Formula 1, behind only Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

The German, who will leave Ferrari at the end of the season, gets $ 68 million per year, while Hamilton is the top dog with a salary of $ 78 million.

Vettel and Hamilton are both without contracts for the 2021 season, however, Hamilton is widely expected to re-sign with Mercedes.

Red Bull star Max Verstappen is the only other star who can cross the £ 10 million per season limit, with $ 26 million reported.


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Vettel and Ferrari How did this happen? | Instant News

Sebastian Vettel joined Ferrari as a four-time world champion in 2015 who wanted to emulate his childhood hero Michael Schumacher and get many titles with the most famous F1 team. But the extraordinary fall of grace in the past five years now leaves his F1 future in doubt and the possibility of a genuine retirement to calm down from the sport at the age of only 32.

On Tuesday, a joint statement confirms the F1 2020 season – if it will continue – will be the last for Vettel for Ferrari and the four-time champion acknowledged the recent hiatus in the race because coronavirus has led him to reflect on what he wants from his future. The choice seems slim and quite undesirable compared to Ferrari, but it seems very likely that a father of three children could resign from Formula One by the end of the year.

So how can this happen? Vettel is F1’s hottest property in 2013 – a force that seems invincible after becoming the youngest F1 champion in 2010 with more potential for success ahead. He was perfect for Ferrari when a relationship with Fernando Alonso broke down in 2014. However, five years later and the racer and the team were unable to reach an agreement to extend his contract.

In Vettel’s defense, five years was a turbulent time for Ferrari because it had revolved through the three main principles of the team without title success and lost its autocratic chairman Sergio Marchionne in 2018. Vettel had been one of the few constants at that time, but his own. Form has disappointed him in recent years and, with the emergence of Charles Leclerc as his teammate last year, it is not surprising that he and Ferrari have decided to separate.

The partnership between the drivers and the team started well, with Ferrari returning to winning ways in 2015 after a horrific 2014 campaign where he only scored one podium. The 2016 season saw another slump for Ferrari, but in 2017 Vettel has a car that can win the championship. Important moments that determined the title in favor of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton included a collision with team-mates Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen in Singapore and a faulty spark plug which caused the engine to stall on its way to the grid at the Japanese Grand Prix.

The 2018 season offers another opportunity for Vettel to challenge the title, but on that occasion he found less. The main turning point was the German Grand Prix, where he had an accident while leading the race, causing him to win at home and an extension to lead him in the championship at that stage. Hamilton swept through dire conditions to take victory and collect fees towards another title.

Last year, Ferrari replaced Raikkonen with Leclerc as Vettel’s teammate and the dynamics in the team shifted from the four-time world champion. Vettel started the season as de facto No.1 and the pre-season agreement saw him giving preference in strategy calls and through team orders. But the car lacked performance in the first half of the season and it was Leclerc, and not Vettel, who broke the Ferrari duck with a win in Belgium and a home win in Italy a week later.

The race at Monza was a key moment in the Leclerc / Vettel relationship when the young driver failed to help his teammate slipstream in qualifying, something that initially angered Ferrari’s management, but then redeemed himself by holding back a two-pronged attack from Mercedes for an emotional victory the following day. . Instead, Vettel retired from the battle to get on the podium at the start of the race with an embarrassing mistake at the Ascari chicane and only regained his position with a strategy-assisted victory ahead of Leclerc in the next round in Singapore.

The collision between the Ferrari drivers in Brazil only added to the pressure on Vettel, who was more clearly blamed for the accident and under pressure to reassert himself in the team. Amid the media’s suggestion that the collision would be the final nail in the coffin of Vettel’s relationship with Ferrari, the slate seemed to be erased clearly during the winter. Leclerc is tied to the team on a contract for another five years, but at the car launch in February, Ferrari named Vettel as the first choice to partner with in 2021. Since then, the coronavirus pandemic means no racing has taken place this year, and it seems like time in the house has given Vettel a lot of things to think about.

As recently as April, Vettel said he still planned to drive a car for Ferrari next year, but by mid-May the situation had clearly changed. After a report in Italy stated that he had been offered a dramatic pay cut, Vettel wanted to show that the money was not the reason for his decision. More likely it was the length of the contract offered, believed to be only one year, which would mark him as the de-facto No.2 player to Leclerc and the complete reversal of the situation at the start of the 2019 season. A statement from Ferrari explained that it was a joint decision and it was possible that, after five years of trying, Vettel only believed it was time to move.

The news raises the obvious question whether Vettel has an offer from another team. The only possibility that will make it end in one of the other two top teams – Mercedes and Red Bull – is if Hamilton leaves Mercedes for Ferrari. This is a tantalizing prospect, but the defending champion strongly hints that he will remain at Mercedes in the last few months. The move back to Red Bull seems to have a certain logic from Vettel’s point of view, but Verstappen now rules the perch on the team and Red Bull shows no intention of buying big name drivers to partner with despite struggling to replace Daniel Ricciardo when he departs for Renault in 2019.

That would later leave McLaren and Renault as Vettel’s choice, especially since their existing drivers – Carlos Sainz and Ricciardo, respectively – were strong candidates to replace Vettel at Ferrari. But both teams are still far from Ferrari in terms of performance and they will represent a clear step back into F1 midfield for Vettel. They have ambitions to move to the grid in 2022 when new regulations can shake orders, but that means Vettel is committed to another long-term project to reap championship rewards.

Vettel’s official comments on Tuesday left all options – including pensions – open.

“What has happened in the last few months has caused many of us to reflect on what our real priorities are in life,” he said. “A person needs to use his imagination and adopt a new approach to a situation that has changed. I myself will take the time I need to reflect on what really matters when it concerns my future.”


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