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Tennessee RB Team Jordan Arrested with Gun, Marijuana Sues in Traffic | Bleacher Report | Instant News

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Tennessee ran back Team Jordan was arrested on weapons and cannabis-related charges in Lakeland, Florida, per record obtained by Travis Dorman from Knoxville News Sentinel.

Per Dorman, the fee is “Carrying hidden firearms, possessing narcotics and possessing 20 grams or less marijuana.”

Police see a vehicle speeding in and out of the bicycle lane, per Dorman. The vehicle was driven by Jordan, who was accompanied by a 17-year-old man in the passenger seat.

After the search, the police found a Ruger pistols without carrying hidden permits, 9.25 grams of marijuana, scale and small bags.

Per Dorman, a Tennessee spokesman, did not comment.

Per Polk County Sheriff’s Office, on Saturday night, a $ 2,000 bond was paid to free Jordan from the Polk County prison. Half of the amount was allocated for firearms costs, with another $ 1,000 divided equally over the two drug costs.

The 5’11 “, 203-pound run back is a rising senior who gets 428 yards rushing and scores one goal on 104 carries (4.1 YPC) in 2019. He adds six catches to 46 yards.


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The Best Moment of the Alabama-Auburn Competition | Bleacher Report | Instant News

0 out of 8

    Gus Malzahn and Nick SabanPicture of Kevin C. Cox / Getty

    Whether you think of the Iron Bowl as the biggest competition in any sport or just a fairly solid annual college football tradition around Thanksgiving, there’s no denying that Alabama and Auburn have produced some unforgettable moments over the years.

    There have been many last-minute dramas, special team mistakes, implications for national championships and, in some cases over the past few years, all three together.

    Instead of ranking the greatest moments and allowing novelty bias to creep into the picture, we just write them in chronological order. However, we might all agree that the 2013 Iron Bowl will be No. 1. Apart from the 2006 USC-Texas Rose Bowl, which may be the No. 1 college soccer game. 1 of all time.

1 out of 8

    This is the first night match in the history of the Iron Bowl.

    It was also unofficially the only competition game played on what appeared to be a plate of chocolate mousse.

    A rainstorm hit the Legion Square all day and night, producing a playing field suitable for swarms of pigs or concerts at Woodstock. There are only three points scored in the first three quarters, and it is unlikely that the fourth quarter played in the mud will produce even more scores.

    But at the start of the final quarter, Alabama midfielder Ken Stabler defended the ball in the options and ran 47 meters for what proved to be the game’s winning score. He was barely touched before reaching the pole, at that moment, Jimmy Carter from Auburn handled him to ride the 10-meter-high skate.

    Alabama won 7-3, extending its winning streak at the Iron Bowl to four matches.

2 out of 8

    Alabama is undefeated and seeks to secure the third AP national championship in less than a decade. Crimson Tide entered the match at number 2 in the AP poll, and a convincing victory over No. 9 Auburn (8-1) might have pushed them ahead of USC for the top spot in the final rankings.

    During the first 50 minutes, everything went according to plan for the Bear Bryant people. Alabama leads 16-0 and violations of Auburn anemiaThe Tigers did not score more than 27 points in any match that seasonhave little hope of changing it. They finally put together a good drive in the middle of the fourth quarter, but they chose a field goal to make it 16-3 with less than six minutes remaining.

    If there were a probability metric of winning in 1972, they would likely give Alabama a 99.9 percent chance of victory at that time. Chance of losing when you get the ball and 13 points advantage at the end of the game is very slim.

    But the Auburn defense struggled hard, and teams specifically caught lightning in a bottle twice.

    Bill Newton’s defensive defenses went straight through Alabama’s protection to block Greg Gantt’s cutout attempt. David Langner took it perfectly at 25 and ran for touchdown. That makes a margin of 16-10.

    Then it happened again. Alabama came in and out, Newton blocked the kick, it bounced perfectly into Langner in the 25th, and Auburn took the lead in the most unlikely sequence.

    Just for a good measure, Langner also made an interception that sealed the match moments later, ending Alabama’s dream of a perfect season.

3 out of 8

    During 23 of the last 63 meetings, Alabama and Auburn have been in the AP poll. And in 61 of the 63 matches, at least one of the teams has been ranked.

    The 1982 dispute was a rare exception to that rule. Each team is 7-3 overall and has lost two of its previous three matches. It was not a sprint to the finish line by the two squad, but produced a more dramatic one in the history of the Iron Bowl.

    Chasing 22-17 in less than three minutes, Auburn faced 3rd and a goal from the 9-yard line. Quarterback Randy Campbell connected with freshman running back to Bo Jackson on the exit route at 5. He was overturned by two Alabama defenders in 1. One defender, Tommy Wilcox, was injured in the game, resulting in a delay of several minutes before playing the fourth important down.

    The tiger came out in a tight wishbone formation, handing it over to Jackson, who went up and passed the line for a touchdown that gave Auburn a one-point lead.

    Walter Lewis from Alabama was almost selected in the first game of the next drive and then intercepted the fourth down. Jackson thwarted it back to Tide when he tried to go to the top once more on what would be the first game sealing, but Alabama was unable to return to the range of field goals.

    Auburn won 23-22, ending a nine-year losing streak at the Iron Bowl.

4 out of 8

    Even in full competition with fourth quarter drama, the 1985 iteration of the Iron Bowl took the cake for the most difficult last 15 minutes.

    After the goalless third quarter, Alabama entered the fourth quarter with a 16-10 lead. Crimson Tide has the ball in their own 5 and exits into midfield before Mike Shula’s deep ball is intercepted in the final zone for an Auburn touchback.

    Led by Bo Jackson, who pressed it with a patented leap over the line on the 4th goal and from 1, the Tigers lined up on the field on a 16-play, 80-yard drive to lead 17-16 with seven minutes remaining (with help from a penalty too many Alabama people on the pitch at an extra effort missed points).

    The Crimson Tide then went 90 yards in three plays with Gene Jelks scoring on a 74-yard rushed touchdown. The two-point effort was not good, so Alabama led 22-17 with six minutes left.

    Jackson and Co soon returned to work on an 11-page touchdown drive, playing 70-page 11 to reclaim the lead. Tigers also failed on their two-point trial, keeping the score at 23-22eerily similar to the 1982 game, except Alabama has less than a minute to work with this time.

    Shula committed the main sin of a two-minute offense, scrambling behind before taking a bad sack with 37 seconds left. This forced Alabama to burn its last deadline facing the 3rd and 18th of its 12th. The Tide gets the first one down twice to play on the brave fourth opposite where Shula sends a key block, making Al Bell release for 20 yard advantage.

    Two plays later, wide receiver Greg Richardson got open in the middle for another 20-yard advantage, barely making it to the side in Auburn 35 before being tackled. That made Van Tiffin ready for the 52-yard field goal that won the match when time ran out.

5 out of 8

    The implications of the national championship are quite common in this competition. Originating in 1957, there are 24 examples where Alabama or Auburn was ranked No. 1 or No. 2 in the AP poll: 20 times for Crimson Tide; four times for the Tigers. Nine of the games were decided by eight points or less too.

    This one feels more monumental than most, because it’s a coming-from-behind thriller that plays an important role in Nick Saban’s first national championship with Alabama.

    Helped by a successful onside kick, Auburn jumped ahead 14-0 early. It was the first time in an entire season that Alabama trailed more than seven points and only the second match where it faced a deficit of more than one point.

    Even though it is an unknown territory, Greg McElroy and Co. not panic. Alabama tied it on 14-14 in the middle of the second quarter of what good ancient nail biter from there. Auburn regained its lead by passing the 72-yard touchdown at the start of the third, and a pair of Leigh Tiffin’s field goals made it a 21-20 match heading into the fourth.

    It still scores when Alabama gets the ball on its own 21 with eight minutes left, setting the stage for the Alabama version of “The Drive.”

    Each of the first four downs comes through a short pass to Julio Jones. After the fourth, Alabama was at Auburn 28 with less than three minutes left. At that time, if Tide doesn’t score, they might not get the ball back. And after Trent Richardson led them inside Auburn 5, McElroy connected with Roy Upchurch for touchdowns on 3 and 3.

    That was the only touchdown received from a senior running back career, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Auburn can get the ball into Alabama before the hour runs out on a 26-21 win for Tide. They then destroyed Florida and Texas to end the 14-0 championship campaignsurprisingly the only Alabama unbeaten season since 1992.

6 out of 8

    Alabama overcoming a 14-0 deficit in 2009 was impressive, but Auburn played the comeback at a higher difficulty the following year.

    The Cam Newton-led Macers are freight trains for violations. They were 11-0 that year and had an average of 48.6 points in seven matches immediately before the Iron Bowl. They were especially unstoppable on the ground, entering the contest an average of 307.9 meters hurried per game.

    But the violation was not found in the first quarter. Alabama scored in each of its first three treasures while Auburn didn’t even get the first down game until three minutes into the second quarter. The Crimson Tide added a field goal and led 24-0 midway through the second half.

    Then the general meeting began.

    Newton connected with Emory Blake for a 36-yard touchdown at the end of the first half and hit Terrell Zachery with a 70-yard strike in the second game of the third quarter. He added a one-meter hurried goal about 10 minutes later, cutting the deficit to 24-21. Alabama was pinned to another field goal, but Newton passed seven yards to Philip Lutzenkirchen put the Tigers 28-27 ahead.

    Alabama dropped inside Auburn 35 on subsequent possession but could not enter Jeremy Shelley’s field-goal range. Auburn won one point, destroyed South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game and won a national championship victory over Oregon.

7 out of 8

    There is only one match in this epic competition that matches a pair of AP Top 4 teams against each other, and that is precisely one of the biggest matches in the history of campus football.

    Alabama is the No. team 1 that is invincible and almost never challenged in this country. After getting frightened by Texas A&M led by Johnny Manziel in mid-September, Crimson Tide outperformed their next nine opponents 353-50. But Auburn isn’t bent in No. 4 and already accustomed to a dramatic ending, defeated each Mississippi State, Texas A&M and Georgia on goals scored with 10, 79 and 25 seconds left respectively.

    This thing was a gem long before the last second chaos that everyone remembered.

    Auburn Quarterback Nick Marshall started the score with a hurried 45 yard touchdown. Then Alabama released 21 straight points in less than eight minutes. Auburn tied the match 21-21 early in the third quarter. A.J. McCarron connected with Amari Cooper on a 99-yard bomb to lead back with about 10 minutes left.

    Alabama has many opportunities to get rid of the game. Instead of trying a 30 yard field goal, Cade Foster had missed out of 44 and 33 earlier in the Crimson Tide game, turning it over at low tide at Auburn 13 with five minutes remaining. Then with two minutes and 30 seconds left, Alabama tried a 44 yard field goal, only to make it blocked. The cats with nine lives were given another chance, and Marshall found Sammie Coates for a 39-yard touchdown that tied the game with 32 seconds left.

    All of that was to organize Adam Griffith’s 57-yard field-goal effort which was passed on by Chris Davis behind the end zone and returned 109 yards for an unforgettable touch-off.

    Between that victory and the next 59-42 victory over Missouri in the SEC Championship Game, Auburn jumped to number 2 in the last BCS ranking before his luck finally ran out at the national championship against the State of Florida and Jameis Winston.

8 out of 8

    Scoring goals tends to be a major problem in this competition. In 78 meetings of all time, there were only two cases in both teams that scored more than 28 points: Alabama’s 55-44 victory in 2014 and Auburn’s 48-45 victory in 2019. The former including Alabama returned from a 12-point deficit. by running 34-3 in the second round, while the latter is far more than slugfest back and forth.

    Alabama Mac Jones threw for 335 yards and four goals, but he also threw a pair of pick-sixes to keep Auburn on the loose during battles where no team led more than seven at any point.

    More than half the points (48) were printed in the second quarter, and most came in the last six minutes and a half. One of the pick-sixes was followed by Jaylen Waddle doing a 98 yard kick for touchdowns. Waddle will score three times more in the game, including a 28-yard reception that gave Crimson Tide a 45-40 advantage at the start of the fourth quarter.

    Auburn was back in the lead with eight minutes left, followed by one of Nick Saban’s many times disappointed by an Alabama positioner. Joseph Bulovas crashed into a 30 yard field goal that tied the match.

    Alabama has two timeouts left, and it’s forcing three-and-out to get the ball back with one minute left.

    Or so we thought.

    On 4 and 4, Gus Malzahn threw a number of deceptions into Saban, lined up in a traditional offensive set with his punters spread over a wide receiver. With only a few moments to find out how to respond, Alabama sent people in and out of the field and were beaten with substitute offenses. The five meters gave Auburn the first win and, effectively, the victory.

    Alabama maybe will not make the College Football Playoff, but Auburn makes a damn (war) (eagle) sure that Crimson Tide will miss CFP for the first time.


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SEC Commish: Conference Can Restart CFB Activities on a Different Schedule | Bleacher Report | Instant News

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

City and state governments across the United States are approaching easing social distance guidelines at different steps, and SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is open for FBS conferences to follow the model to bring down the 2020 college football season amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is room for different conferences to make different decisions,” Sankey told 1010 XL radio in Jacksonville on Thursday (ESPN hours Alex Scarborough). “If there are some programs that can’t, does that stop everyone? I’m not sure of that. But the ability for us to stay connected will still be important.”

ESPN published a survey with “dozens of athletic directors, coaches and commissioners from 10 FBS conferences” on Wednesday.

“There is no model that I can run to fix the problem of not having football,” UCF’s athletic director Danny White told ESPN. “I don’t think anyone in my position with a large football fan base can make the decision to fix it. I don’t know what happened – no model, no solution, no action I can take that will solve that problem. “

The anonymous commissioner noted that their first priority was determining when it would be safe to reopen the campus for students and teaching staff, while Arizona head coach Herm Edwards added the following:

“You will need two months to get these people back again before you can even consider putting them on the field and asking them to play soccer. When you rush back, that’s when you get a soft tissue injury – the hamstrings, Achilles tendon, base thighs – because you haven’t done anything. The pro players, they have the feeling, “I have to exercise, I make a living by doing this,” but if you’re a college kid, and many don’t. “I don’t have access to the gym where they can lift, unlike him in football conditions. “

Others have offered their opinions on this matter elsewhere:

Stadium Brett McMurphy conducted its own survey, which resulted in 99 percent of 114 FBS athletic directors who responded believing that there would be a college football season in 2020, although executions remained in the air.

Spring football is canceled all over the country March 12. The regular 2020 season is scheduled to begin August 29.


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Joe Burrow: ‘I hope to be No. 1 ‘Choose in the 2020 NFL Draft Amid Buzz Bengals | Bleacher Report | Instant News

David J. Phillip / Associated Press

Joe Burrow is the overall choice No. 1 consensus in the 2020 NFL draft, but the Heisman Trophy winner didn’t take anything.

“I’ve watched the army long enough to know that crazy things have happened,” Burrow told Pro Football Talk Mike Florio on Monday night. “I have watched people on camera slips, and then the cameras remained on their faces and all that. I keep everything on the table. Honestly, I hope to be number 1, but I’m not positive about that. “

The Cincinnati Bengals are positioned at No. 1 after completing 2019 at 2-14.

The last Quarterback to go to Cincinnati in the first round was Carson Palmer in 2003. He became Pro Bowler three times with the Bengals, Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals for 14 years in the league.

Higher expectations for Burrow:

Burrow finished last season with 5,671 yards, 60 touchdowns and six picks with a percentage of completion of 76.3.

The draft will start at 8 pm. ET on Thursday.


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DE 4-Star Prospect Elijah Jeudy Commits to Georgia for LSU, Oregon, Other | Bleacher Report | Instant News

Photo credit: 247Sports

Georgia Bulldogs defeated some of the country’s best college football programs on Sunday and got a commitment from the defense of Elia Jeudy.

Jeudy, who checked in at 6’3 “and 246 pounds, is a 4 star prospect and overall player No. 167, the weak end of the No. 12 defense and the No. 8 player from the state of Pennsylvania in class 2021, per 247Sports’ composite rating.

He announced his decision to choose the Bulldogs over LSU, Oregon, Tennessee and others on his Twitter page:

Brian Dohn Sports provides a talent search report, noting that Jeudy is flexible enough to get into coverage when needed, but can provide a frightening jump with explosions out of bounds, athletic, “excellent body control” and “bursting and the ability to change direction.”

The defensive end also pays attention to how successful the Philadelphia colleagues were at the Bulldogs.

“[D’Andre] Fast and [Mark] Webb has set high standards for Philly, so if I go there I will have high hopes that, I know with hard work, I can meet, “said Jeudy, per Jake Reuse from rivals.

Swift ran for more than 1,000 yards in each of the past two years, while Webb has established himself as one of Georgia’s key defensive backs.

Jeudy was part of the talented 2021 recruitment class for the Bulldogs who were ranked No. 7 overall by 247Sports’ composite team rank.

The group will seek to help the SEC program take the last step that failed in recent years. While Georgia has won at least 11 matches in each of the last three seasons, Georgia lost in the College Football Playoff National Championship Games for the 2017 campaign and only lost to the Playoff the next two years.


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