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Italy is the weakest link in the West | Instant News

Europe is already established the accused Disappointing Italy at the time of its greatest need – when hospitals were overwhelmed and Rome asked for supplies and assistance, European countries at first looked the opposite, before finally offering support. It might be too late, coloring the views of the Italians about their neighbors. With a bailout package, the EU divided again. The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland have been wary of supporting the plan because of the historic reluctance to send money to what they see as wasteful countries in the South. (It does not matter that Italy does not carry the virus itself, and that countries in the eurozone are interconnected.)

In Italy, too, there was an intense political debate about the fund. The country’s coalition government supports the plan, but the League’s right-wing opposition party has been critical, the saying support will come with too many ties.

But outside the political squabbling, whether in Rome or other European capitals, there is a greater challenge: To use EU funds effectively, Italy needs political vision, something that has been lacking for decades. Following the introduction of the euro in 2002, Silvio Berlusconi dominated the political landscape. The personality scandal and sex scandal of the former prime minister were the main spotlight, rivals were united just to oppose it, and Italy lost years because of its economic mismanagement. Berlusconi left power at the height of Europe’s debt crisis, in 2011, but the country’s economy has never fully recovered.

The EU plan recommends that countries spend funds for long-term investments such as green technology and digital infrastructure, areas where Italy lags. This raises difficult questions. When does the present become the future? When you have rallied to put out fires like coronavirus, how do you start rebuilding? “If the future is not the same as the past, how can we live if we only exist in the present, without planning, hope, or imagination?” columnist Ezio Mauro recently write on Republic, middle left daily. A shrinking middle class and network of local interest groups, Mauro continued, “can easily trap weak political leadership to appease them, rather than articulating plans to change the country.”

The largest political parties in Italy are increasingly cut off from the mainstream of Europe, with no one presenting a broad vision of what modern Italy looks like. The ruling Five Star Movement, a collection of conflicting environments and right and left-wing policies, is the largest party in Parliament, but follows the polls. His coalition partner, the center-left Democratic Party, has been stepping on water for years and, unlike other aging movements, like those in France, does not have a figure like Macron who can recreate it. There is nothing as popular as the League, led by Matteo Salvini, who has ridden nationalist, anti-immigrant messages and smart social media use to the top of the poll.

Colosseum in March (Lorenzo Meloni / Magnum)

“I used to say that Italy is a good laboratory for political ideas, ‘Silicon Valley’ populism, and that there are lessons to be learned from Italy that can spread,” Giuliano da Empoli, adviser to former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, told me. “Now it’s no longer a laboratory; it’s a loose cannon. “


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The legacy of nuclear testing is the ‘most cruel’ environmental injustice, warns human rights experts | Instant News

Dangerous inheritance from nuclear the weapon testing continues to affect many communities, a leading human rights expert said on Thursday, at the 75th anniversary of testing in the United States, which heralded nuclear age.

In a call to governments around the world to get rid of it the weapon mass destruction, UN Special Rapporteur on poisons, Baskut Tuncak, said that the Trinity test in New Mexico on July 16, 1945, was the beginning of “two terrible explosions suffered by innocent (people) of Japan”, during the Second World War.

They were also followed by an explosion of hundreds of people nuclear bombing vulnerable communities in the Pacific, and disposal of radioactive waste in the lands and territories of indigenous peoples.

Heaven is gone

This has created a legacy nuclear test that “is one of the cruelest examples of environmental injustice witnessed” in “what should be a peaceful island paradise”, said Tuncak, who reports to the Human Rights Council in Geneva. From 1946-58, 67 nuclear the bomb was detonated on the Marshall Islands, he said, equivalent to more than 1.5 “Hiroshima-sized explosions every day for 12 years”.

People “have suffered” unimaginable radioactive contamination and this continues to this day “with a legacy of contamination, disease and sadness”, said the expert.

The twin environmental disasters made matters worse, he added, referring to rising sea levels caused by climate change nuclear waste is concentrated in radioactive “graves”.

200 tests in 30 years

Likewise, in French Polynesia, more than 200 nuclear tests were carried out over a 30-year period from 1966 to 1996, which caused residents to suffer health and environmental damage, the Special Rapporteur said.

From Greenland to the indigenous territories of the United States, he warned that people continued to suffer from the disaster nuclear the testing era.

Waste not

“In the last few decades, many Native American tribes have received funds to store unwanted savings nuclear “Waste on their land,” he said. And Greenland people discovered radioactive waste left by the US military, without their knowledge, when the ice continued to melt in the Arctic. “

This discriminatory approach must be addressed by all States as part of a discussion on “systemic racism” and nuclear disarmament, M. Tuncak insisted.

“Untouched, the danger of radioactive contamination will last for centuries, and so will the dangerous legacy of racism that surrounds this tragic chapter of humanity,” he added.

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