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Which airlines have managed COVID-19 best? | Trip | Instant News

As you can see, American’s decision to push back its flight capacity limits has seriously hurt the airline in these rankings. according to the above criteria. These “bad looks” and “nudges” are more subjective than the other categories, but catch many important policies that were neither flexible booking nor health notes. We have pushed the total score in the winners and losers table above half a note (eg, B to B +) for each positive “nudge” and half a note for each “bad appearance” Negative. “Sharp elbow bumps” are the number of elbow bumps minus the number of bad looks. So a negative “net nudge” score in this winners and losers table means that an airline had a worse look than nudges. apply these policies Yellow card warning system for face covers (1) Poor transmission of policy changes; (2) did not authorize route changes online for several months. Application of solid face cover. Clear and customer-oriented information and policies. Application of solid face cover. Execution of tariff sales while other airlines kept prices high. voucher policy, which has changed several times; (2) devalued mileage program. .

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