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SEC cuts football schedules to 10 league games, pushing the start of the season Mizzou Sports News | Instant News

Sterk stands behind his statement from early summer that Mizzou can hold a soccer match as long as the campus is “operational”. For now, Mizzou plans to have face-to-face and online classes when the semester starts August 24.

“As long as the campus is still operating, I feel we can have football,” Sterk said. “Mizzou plans a private class and a mixed class. … So I think they are ready to spin and adjust as needed. “

“After carefully considering public health indicators in our region and following the advice of our medical advisors, we have determined that this is the best course of action to prepare a safe and healthy return to competition for student athletes, coaches, etc. The SEC is related to our sports program, “said SEC commissioner Greg Sankey. “The decision to limit competition to conference opponents and rescheduling SEC championship matches is based on the need for maximum flexibility in making the necessary scheduling adjustments while reacting to developments surrounding the pandemic and further advice from medical professionals.”

For now, Mizzou plans to limit the capacity of the Memorial Stadium to around 20 percent for fans this year, down from an initial projection of close to 50 percent. With a stadium capacity of 62,621, Mizzou can accommodate around 12,500 fans with a capacity of 20 percent. Sterk said MU is unlikely to sell individual match tickets for 2020. Instead, tickets will be limited to season ticket holders and students.


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