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China entered into a secret deal with the Pakistan military for biological warfare | Instant News

Beijing [China]July 24 (Ani): as part of a wider operation against India and the Western competitors, Pakistan and China engaged in a secret three-year agreement to expand the capacity of the biological potential, including a number of research projects related to the lethal agent anthrax, horn reported, citing multiple sources.

China has been criticized for the handling of the pandemic coronavirus with the assumption that the disease might arise from Wuhan Institute of Virology, although most experts refuted the theory.

According to the report, authored by Anthony Klan, the same laboratory has signed a secret deal with the protection of the Pakistani military science and technology organization (DESTO), collaborate research on “infectious diseases” and the promotion of research for biological control diseases transmitted.

According to intelligence sources quoted the horn, they have serious concerns about hidden project involving China testing biological agents outside its borders in order to minimize “risk of causing condemnation from the international community.”

China was blamed for its lack of transparency in the treatment of the syndrome as the most important information of the deadly virus was not detected in the beginning of the epidemic, which could help pandemic to be more effectively addressed.

The infamous laboratory of Wuhan “lent all financial, material and scientific support of the project”. The program is fully funded by China officially named “cooperation with emerging infectious diseases and research on biological control of vectors of transmission of diseases,” the report said.

One senior source in the intelligence said that DESTO participates in various dual-use research projects related to anthrax under a secret programme to develop biological weapons.

Report horn said “hidden Chinese-Pakistani project was a “successful soil sampling tests” to isolate Bacillus thuringiensis (BT), which has “striking similarities” with the Bacillus of anthrax or ulcer””.Given the striking similarities between BT and Bacillus anthracis, the secret bio-ov, (Pakistan) improving know-how in processing, the bacteria can enrich the potential offensive biological program,” he was quoted saying the source.

Laboratory Wuhan granted Pakistan of reagents for Bacillus thuringiensis. He also has “extensive training in the manipulation of pathogens and bio-Informatics” for the Pakistani scientists” to help Pakistan to develop its own database of virus”, the report said.

According to the source intelligence have led to the outlet, it can help Pakistan to “enhance its potential for genetic identification of viruses, access to dangerous microorganisms, and the use of genomic tools for the study of infectious diseases”.A secret project was “divorced from the control of civilian universities or state departments of health in Pakistan” and was designed to unspecified operations, the report said.

A source was quoted as saying that the agreement “clearly determines that the cooperation is not limited to the stated objectives and new case studies for monitoring potential new diseases can be added to any of the parties.”

China’s participation in the project is considered by India and key Western intelligence agencies as “driven mainly by its agenda to bring Pakistan against India,” a security expert told the horn on condition of anonymity.

“China’s interest in the project is mainly on their agenda to bring Pakistan against India and to conduct potentially harmful experiments on foreign soil, without putting their land and people to risk”, – said the expert.

The plan, according to the report, was part of a movement to Beijing “to designate Pakistan a dangerous place for bio chemical research” and “evasion from the use of its territory for such activities” that are “worth the risk of drawing criticism and condemnation from the international community.”

Sources told the horn that the China-Pakistan biological project has conducted experiments on hemorrhagic fever Crimea-Congo virus (CCHFV), rapid-onset fever virus, which causes death in about 25% of cases and is similar to the Ebola virus.

Pakistan allegedly carry out tests on CCHFV in laboratories that are not equipped to handle bio-safety level-4 disease, the report said.

The threat of biological warfare has increased significantly in recent years, experts have warned that China is actively involved in DNA, which may allow a biological weapon to target, or be ineffective against people of certain races.

Intelligence sources provided the horn said there were problems in the Wuhan Institute of Virology was also established Institute of medical biology in Kunming, in southern China’s Yunnan province.

There were fears in Kunming object, which is controlled by the Chinese Academy of medical Sciences, also treatment of 4-th class of diseases without adequate protection, the report said.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, there was 15,439,456 cases of coronavirus worldwide, while deaths associated with the virus has risen to 631,926.(Ani)


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