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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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Australia faces a crisis of youth unemployment after COVID-19. But this program helps | Instant News

Australia faces a long-term youth unemployment crisis after the coronavirus pandemic, with experts warning that if a young person does not have a meaningful job at the age of 22, they are more likely to face the future of welfare dependency. .

The non-profit organization SYC says that with young people bearing the burden of losing a pandemic job, the youth unemployment rate tends to take longer to recover than unemployment in general.

It promotes programs such as “united” projects as a way to involve young people and keep them in employment.

One of the participants was Tarrenga Roberts, who was studying marine and aviation courses at TAFE SA.

He said he lacked motivation before getting involved.

“It’s very difficult to find work, just because I really don’t have much support,” he said.

“I’m very confused and confused. I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t care to do anything, I’m lazy, and I don’t want to listen.”

Look for motivation and focus

Roberts said that that had changed with the help of youth coach Jenna McIntyre.

For more than a year, the couple has been meeting regularly to discuss Ms Roberts’ goals, and help her overcome all obstacles she encounters along the way.

“That helped me find a job and find the study program I wanted to study.”

McIntyre said the program took a one-on-one, long-term approach to help young people find and keep working.

“Be it job support, we use tools to increase their self-awareness, set goals to achieve their goals and only support them along the way.”

Youth coach Jenna McIntyre helps young people develop ambitions and find meaningful work.(ABC News: Jenya Goloubeva)

Following desires

In the case of Ms. Roberts, it’s about using her interest to find a career path.

“In the beginning, he identified what he wanted to do,” McIntyre said.

“He has a passion for working around water. He is now doing a maritime course so we set goals, we approach the company so he can get the job he wants to do.”

From being unemployed and lacking motivation, Ms. Roberts now has a career path and high aspirations.

A young woman stands before a water body and a Navy ship.
Tarrenga Roberts has ambitions to be the captain or captain of the ship.(ABC News: Jenya Goloubeva)

“I like water, I enjoy being on water on a boat, it makes me feel happy,” he said.

“I want to be a captain, captain on a ship, maybe a naval ship.”

SYC chief executive Paul Edginton said the program was a success, with young people who were involved twice as likely to get jobs.

Corona virus prospect

He said employment programs targeting young people were more important than ever, with a coronavirus pandemic placing more risk on long-term unemployment.

“They are disadvantaged because they are young and now they are facing competition from experienced adults who have lost their jobs in other sectors,” he said.

“Young people who do not enter the workforce within two years lose confidence. They also begin to lose skills, they start to lag and their lifetime income is affected.”

Edginton believes that the government’s stimulus package has little impact on youth unemployment rates after the global financial crisis (GFC), and is unlikely to be successful at this time.

A bespectacled man
SYC CEO Paul Edginton said young people who undergo training programs are twice as likely to get jobs.(ABC News: Michael Clements)

“But unemployment in general tends to decline until 2019, unemployment for young people and adolescents remains at the level of the GFC and remains there.”

Edginton said one solution was for targets to be built into government contracts on the recruitment of young people.

However, he called for a bolder approach, which integrates work and paid study.

“In Australia, we don’t have a culture of thinking big about the aspirations of young people. We have a kind of Australian approach to kicking them in the homeless and making them work,” he said.

Industry has a part to play

Clive Allwright is a hairdresser and company founder who helps salons find staff.

He believes the industry has a role in involving young people in work.

“Our industry, like many industries, is struggling to find young adults to trade,” he said.

“This is a constantly changing world, and we need to work with a fresh new eye on ancient problems. The young people out there are amazing.”

Mr Allwright has helped people find work through the SYC “stay together” program and said more businesses must consider new ways to engage young people.

“They appeared and they were clearly very nervous, like most people,” he said.

“At the end of the course, they are only beaming with confidence and enthusiasm and that is really motivating and this is an amazing journey to watch.”


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Manufacture of large bio-secure stumbling bubbles for PCBs | Instant News

KARACHI: Pakistani cricket leaders are eyeing the resumption of domestic and international action at home but face huge obstacles – the conditions needed to create a biological safety zone.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still continuing, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is aware that they need to find ways and means to safely proceed with national-level activities that include several major domestic tournaments planned for September and October this year.

Well-placed sources told ‘The News’ on Thursday that top House officials had discussed the idea of ​​restarting domestic cricket starting in September if the necessary approval was given by the government.

But the agreement was not possible unless the PCB succeeded in convincing the authorities that they would hold an event in a bio-secure condition.

“The first task for PCBs is to plan bio-secure conditions for major domestic tournaments. After the target is reached, the Council can think about having an international match at home, “said the source.

This is not an easy task considering that PCBs, which are already facing financial constraints, need to dig deeper in their pockets to cover the additional costs of making bio-secure bubbles even for domestic tournaments.

The two most important domestic events that PCB wants to hold later this year are the National Twenty20 Cup and the prestigious Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, the country’s first-class major tournament.

The Council’s top officials plan to hold the first T20 Cup because they want the event to take place before the players draft for the 2021 edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Although the date for the draft PSL has not yet been completed, PCB plans to overtake the departure of the Pakistani team to New Zealand in November this year.

According to sources, PCBs were working on the idea of ​​hosting the T20 Cup in Rawalpindi and Multan in September.

“On paper, the Council can establish bio-secure conditions for players and officials in Multan and Rawalpindi. But the biggest problem is that it will require far greater funding to organize the tournament in a bio-secure bubble, “the source said.

In addition to financial matters, the Board also lacks the expertise to make bio-secure bubbles. “That is also a problem but the Council is learning from the British cricket boards which are currently hosting the West Indies. After the current series, the Pakistan team will play in England. “

For the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, the PCB plan is to host the entire 2020 edition in Karachi.

According to sources, PCB is of the view that it can accommodate the draft players for the PSL 2020 in Karachi during the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy. “A draft of the players must take place before the national team departs for a tour of New Zealand,” the source said.

Pakistan plans to hold the entire 2021 PSL edition in their country in February-March.


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British air restrictions without scientific basis | Instant News

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The Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, has stated that Britain’s decision to leave Portugal from the list of safe tourist destinations has no scientific basis, even with the criteria that the country chose to follow.

The Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition participated in a conference jointly organized by the Spanish news agency Lusa and EFE Spain, with the theme “Tourism during the Covid-19 period”, when he stated that the decision of the United Kingdom, one of the main tourist markets for Portugal, was taken “without scientific basis, even adopting criteria that were decided to be followed “.

“This is a completely different situation, which occurs in Lisbon and in all regions that have a low incidence rate,” he added.

The official also underlined that the availability of the national health system was never under a “stressful” situation, and faced a good response to the pandemic.

The UK is the main tourist market for Portugal, representing 19.2 percent of overnight stays from foreigners in 2019 and has recorded successive growth since 2013, only interrupted in 2018, according to data from INE.

The preferred destinations for British guests are the Algarve (63.8 per cent of overnight stays in the market), Madeira (18.5 per cent) and the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (10.8 per cent).

On July 3, the United Kingdom announced which “international travel corridors” would resume from July 10, excluding Portugal from the list.

Portuguese diplomacy has reacted, given the British decision to exclude Portugal from the “international travel corridor” as “absurd”, “wrong” and a decision that caused “great disappointment”, bringing several economic consequences and problems of mutual trust.
During the conference, Pedro Siza Vieira also said that he was confident that Portugal “because of its ability to present itself to the world as a safe destination”, with its wide diversity of landscapes and cultural environments, would return to the center of consumer preferences. .

“During this time, which is from now until we restore the flow of travel that we all expect, it is very important to have the capacity to support thousands of companies, many of them small and medium-sized companies, which will have a very reduced turnover during this year, which needs to be preserved as much maybe, because that’s what makes a tourist destination a success, “he stressed.

Pedro Siza Vieira considers it necessary to invest in future competitiveness factors, such as sustainability, digitalization, and qualification of human resources.

“We will continue to invest in what is the goal of the new country, nature tourism (…), redesigning buildings to become parks, (…) to support the conversion of living units to more circular economic systems, greater energy efficiency” , guaranteed minister.

The real effect of the decline in tourism can be seen in the latest statistics from INE in Portugal.

According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), overnight stays of residents declined 85.9 percent (-93.5 percent in April) and those who were not residents declined 98.4 percent (-98.9 percent in the previous month).

Total revenue recorded a 97.2 percent negative change (-98.5 percent in April), standing at € 11 million. Income from accommodation totaled € 9.6 million, down 96.8 percent (-98.2 percent in the previous month).

Guests and guests staying maintain historical decline in the period under review, with around 70.4 percent of tourist accommodation establishments closed or without a record of guest transfers (85 percent in April 2020).

The main markets maintained a decline of more than 90 percent, with the biggest declines in the UK, Ireland (-99.4 percent in both), North America (-99.3 percent) and France (-99.0 percent).

Since the beginning of the year, all major markets have declined, with an emphasis on Ireland (-79.0 percent), Belgium
(-71.3 percent), Switzerland (-71.1 percent) and France (-70, 5 percent).

The Canadian markets (-47.2 percent) and Brazil (-51.0 percent) were, among the main ones, recording smaller decreases.
Meanwhile, the President of Portugal has worked to help encourage tourism in the country to help secure the industry.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has defended “positive discrimination” for the tourism sector, considering that the Algarve is one of the regions in Portugal where this specific discrimination is very important.

“Tourism in general; restaurants, hotels and tourism-related sectors deserve positive discrimination and the Algarve is one area where this is very important, said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The President indicated that the Government was “seriously looking at the tourism situation” especially in terms of employment. Marcelo also added that the Government was “very concerned about the Algarve situation”.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa hopes that on July 20, when Ireland released the list of countries at risk “it could translate into different news”. BS / KS / Day after tomorrow


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The Watchtower was inaugurated to secure flight operations | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Police Inspector General Sanaullah Abbasi inaugurated the watch tower on Wednesday for the safety of flight operations at Bacha Khan International Airport, Peshawar.

To improve aircraft safety in the funnel area, the construction of eight watchtowers began with a total cost of Rs.172,519 million.

Five guard towers were handed over to the Police Department and the sixth was inaugurated by the IGP on Wednesday. Work on the remaining two towers is almost complete.

A watchtower spread over one canal area was completed in the Landi Akhun Ahmad area. With the construction of this watchtower, the danger that will occur in aviation can be prevented successfully.

Previously, Senior Police Operations Inspector, Peshawar, Zahoor Babar Afridi, gave a detailed presentation to the IGP about the newly built watchtower. Capital Police Chief Muhammad Ali Gandapur was also present at the occasion.


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Electric workers gather for safe conditions, special benefits | Instant News

LAHORE: Hundreds of workers from the electricity distribution company and Wapda celebrated Protest Day on Monday.

They held meetings across the country under the auspices of the CBA Pakistan Wapda Hydropower Union, demanding electricity management to ensure safe working conditions for line staff who meet with fatal accidents due to unsafe working conditions and serious staff shortages. Three line staff members suffered fatal accidents due to electric shock within two days at the KPK, Lahore and Sukkur.

This Ramazan workers do not get special benefits (one month salary) as in previous years on the eve of Eid. They demanded from the electricity and management of the Wapda to provide special benefits to the workers as it became practice. Electric workers do the most dangerous work. They provide electricity to more than 25 million consumers throughout the country.

These meetings were held in various major cities including Lahore, Quetta, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. Workers gathered in large numbers in front of the Lahore Press Club, carrying national flags to support their demands.

Khurshid Ahmad, Secretary General of the United Nations, addressed the rally paying homage to national heroes who sacrificed their lives during the implementation of the most dangerous work, ensuring the provision of electricity to the community. He urged workers to maintain unity in their ranks and records and comply with safety regulations at work.

He assured them that the union would continue to strive to improve the living and working conditions of the workers. It has accepted demands for an increase in the scale of their salaries, increased hazard benefits, marriage grants for their children and other special benefits, bringing in 9,500 workers on a regular basis.

The demonstration was also overcome by Haji Muhammad Younas, Osama Tariq, Nosher Khan, Rana Shakoor, Muzaffar Mateen, Naveed Dogar, Ch. Muhammad Akram, Malik Zahoor and other union representatives. On this occasion, the house demanded the federal and provincial governments to increase workers’ wages by at least 30 percent, examine rising prices of important commodities and ensure safe working conditions for all industrial, commercial and media workers.


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Workers are at the forefront of securing rights during a pandemic | Instant News

LAHORE: On the occasion of Labor Day (today), the Awami Punjab Workers’ Party called for the workers’ united front to secure workers’ rights and basic needs during the corona virus pandemic.

In a message to May Day, the leadership of the Punjab party said that people working in the country faced the existential threat from the pandemic and the global economic collapse it caused. They say the crisis has exposed inequality in the capitalist order, because millions of workers have lost their jobs and millions are at risk of losing their livelihoods in Pakistan and around the world. They say that unless radical changes are made to the economy to prioritize meeting the basic needs of the majority of workers, including basic income, paid leave, health, housing, shelter, and utilities, there will be unimaginable widespread suffering. They called for immediate measures to protect the lives, health and livelihoods of important workers, especially health workers, who protested the lack of PPE provision by governments throughout Punjab, Balochistan and other provinces.

“Pandemic is increasingly becoming a decisive crisis in our lives. Today in May we witness the layoffs of thousands of workers across the country, the system fails to guarantee our lives and livelihoods, said Abida Chaudhry, general secretary of the Punjab AWP. “Covid-19 is temporarily revealing the truth of capitalism, we are witnessing daily bets losing their livelihoods, health care workers demanding PPE, and the unavailability of final care support equipment worldwide,” added Abida Chaudhry.

AWP Punjab President Ammar Rashid said that the crisis presented two different possibilities. Tooba Syed, secretary information, said that the doctors went on hunger strike due to lack of protective equipment. Frontline life must be protected.

Shazia Khan, female secretary from the Punjab AWP, said there was also an “invisible” pandemic where there was an increase in violence against women in the country. He demanded that the government ensure actions against domestic violence during quarantine, which were reported to have increased ”.

Arif Ayaz said that the left must unite to form workers’ fronts to take action against the layoffs of thousands of workers throughout the country and secure the withered leaves. “The AWP has also released a charter of basic needs focused on economic reorganization to ensure the protection of life and the fulfillment of basic human needs.

Labor Day Meeting: To commemorate the international Labor Day 2020, a meeting was held under the leadership of Syeda Ghulam Fatima, secretary general of the Pakistan Bonded Labor Liberation Front, to discuss the main problems and current situation of formal and informal sector workers in the Covid-19 scenario.

In addition, the meeting was honored and attended by Martha Parveen, president of the Pakistan Bonded Labor Liberation Front, Syed Ayaz Hussain, advocate and coordinator, Naik Muhammad, Lahore High Court advocate, Muhammad Shahbaz, BLLF program officer, Nusrat Bibi, president of the stone factory workers union brick district of Sheikhupura, Younas Maseeh, representative of Pattoki.

Members of the meeting demanded that the government pay attention to violations of locking in the brick kiln and must take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of workers from Covid-19; including brick kiln workers in the Ehsaas Program for financial support for marginalized workers in the brick kiln sector launched by the government in the context of Covid-19. They also demanded that the government ensure compliance with minimum wage notifications at the brick kilns issued by the Punjab Gazette Board in 2019, register kiln workers and informal sector workers in all welfare schemes launched by the government. In the Covid-19 context, governments must adopt a tripartite approach and develop SOPs in consultation with the ILO and WHO for the safety of workers in the workplace. The government must pay risk benefits to paramedical staff and sanitation workers when they serve frontline defenders. Because of Covid-19, private sector workers are fired and unpaid and the government must pay attention and ensure respect for their labor rights.


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insecure minority in Modi’s India: Governor | Instant News

LAHORE – Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the declaration of India as an unsafe place for minorities was a victory for Pakistan’s attitude. Narendara Modi is peddling forward the RSS agenda.

During Modi’s reign, minorities could not feel safe in India. The world today recognizes that Pakistan is a safe place for minorities.

Victory against coronavirus will not be the success of the party or government but of 220 million Pakistanis. Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking steps to fight the corona sincerely.

In this difficult time, we all move forward with a sense of kindness for depressed humanity.

He was talking to a delegation of Lahore Iron Market traders led by Akbar Khan here on Wednesday.

He added that all this was not just the United States, but all institutions, exposing cruelty to minorities in India. The international community must pay attention to atrocities against minorities in India.

The governor quoted that America and other countries despite having billions of dollars in resources did not succeed against the corona.

“We must save ourselves and 220 million Pakistanis from the corona virus needed to stay at home and follow the government’s advice and guidelines in this regard. I appeal to the opposition parties that this is not a political time but to fight the corona pandemic together. “He said the state and history would never spare a political party that played politics over the corona.

The governor said that the government uses all resources to protect people from the corona, because this is the time to serve depressed humanity and all must play a role because it is to control the corona.

He said opposition efforts to divide the nation at the time of the trial were very unfortunate. In this difficult time, we must all move forward with a sense of kindness for depressed humanity.


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Here are 28 actual anti-virus applications that are not safe to use because of vulnerabilities | Instant News

Antivirus applications should protect your PC or smartphone from viruses and hackers. However, it has recently been revealed that there is have been completed 28 popular antivirus applications that have been found vulnerable to general security weaknesses. Using this application can put your device and data in danger. This is what you should know and why you should worry if you use one.

(Photo: www.pexels.com)

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Here are 28 antivirus applications that are not safe to use because of vulnerabilities

Your favorite antivirus applications like Kaspersky, Microsoft, McAfee, to name a few, share one similar error. This flaw originates from the same source code which can be exploited by hackers.

RACK911 Labs was the first to discover vulnerability and has since published their findings to inform people, and encourage companies to overcome these deficiencies.

RACK911 Labs has created a unique way to use intersection directories for Windows and symlinks for macOS and Linux to turn almost any antivirus software into a self-destruct tool that can make your operating system compromised or worse, unusable.

Exploitation method

Almost all antivirus software works the same way. When unknown files are saved to the hard drive, the antivirus performs “real-time scanning” instantly or within minutes.

If an unknown file is specified as a threat, the file will automatically be quarantined to a safe location while waiting for further instructions by the user, or can be deleted entirely.

Antivirus software is run under special circumstances. This means that it operates at the highest level of authority in the operating system, and this is where vulnerability lies.

File operations are almost always carried out at the highest level, which opens the door to various racial vulnerabilities and conditions.

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Most antivirus software fails to record the small time span between the initial scan that detects malicious files, and the cleanup that follows.

If someone with malicious intent gains access to your computer, he will race conditions through the intersection of directories from Windows or symlinks for Linux and macOS, which make use of privileged file operations to disable antivirus software or stop an incorrect operating system. work.

The exploits are easier than you think so remember

Exploitation is easy to do. Malware creators will have no problem using this exploit if they want to harm your PC and files. The hardest part is finding out when to intersect a directory or symlink because time is everything.

A list of affected antivirus software that has vulnerabilities can be seen here at the very bottom of the page.

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Facebook Launches Messenger Space to Compete with Zoom and Skype; But is it safe? | Instant News

Facebook has launched a new platform that allows video calls for up to 50 people. However, skeptics worry whether it is safe to use, especially with security and privacy issues that interfere with other teleconferencing platforms such as Zoom.

Of the 8 participants in the current Messenger video call, Facebook will increase the maximum number of participants is up to 50 after the Messenger Room is fully functional.

(Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration)
The Facebook symbol is seen on the motherboard in the illustration of this picture taken on April 24, 2020.

With the current coronavirus pandemic affecting the whole world, “Facebook is feeling the demand for real-time video,” Facebook said in a statement.

In March, more than 700 million accounts made daily calls during video calls on Messenger and WhatsApp. Display Facebook Live and Instagram Live also increased significantly.

Messenger Room will be available in several countries this week. Then it will expand to other areas in the coming weeks.

Once fully operational, the room can accommodate up to 50 people indefinitely, although soft launches allow far less than that. This is easily accessed via Messenger or Facebook, and people who don’t have a Facebook account can even join the call.

It will directly compete with other video chat applications such as Skype and Zoom. Although its user capacity is less than two that can accommodate up to 100 participants in one call, the scope of Messenger Rooms is more than Houseparty, which only allows eight users at a time.

Messenger Rooms: Is it safe?

In the global teleconferencing landscape, Zoom is a major contender for Facebook video chat. However, Zoom’s issues in security and privacy have raised questions about the haphazard corporate default security settings.

Life drawing classes are held on live streaming due to restrictions on social gatherings to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Sydney

(Photo: REUTERS / Loren Elliott)
Ben Mulcahy, founder of the Darlinghurst Life Drawing studio, organizes life drawing classes for art students via internet streaming Zoom because social restrictions were held to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), at Darlinghurst Life Drawing studio in Sydney, Australia, April 16, 2020. Photo taken April 16, 2020.

On the other hand, Facebook has a “long history of both alarming vulnerability and bugs in some of his messaging products and deliberate design decisions that allow him to collect large amounts of data about who is speaking to whom. “

Messenger Rooms have no limits on call length, unlike Zoom’s 40 minutes maximum. However, anyone can join the call, even those who don’t have a Facebook account. This will pose a greater risk, depending on how this feature will be used, and if Facebook will implement a security check.

Verge has reported that Messenger Rooms will not display “end-to-end encryption” and Facebook promises not to “spy on calls”.

Meanwhile, Facebook has a habit of absorbing the features of its competitors after they become popular. This is the case for Houseparty and Campfire. The last finally closed last year but transfers most of its functions to Instagram and Messenger.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Verge that the presence of the video is not new to Facebook. “But this is an area that we want to go deeper into … we shift more resources in the company to focus on personal communication and private social platforms, rather than just the broader traditional ones,” Zuckerberg said.

Meanwhile according to CNBCZoom shares rose about 3% but then dropped 5% when the news about Messenger Rooms was released.

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