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The PHF is asking for government support for a junior training camp biosafety bubble | Instant News

KARACHI: The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has sent a communique to IPC Minister Dr Fahmida Mirza and the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) to help him organize the final phase of Pakistani junior training in Karachi for the Junior Asian Cup to be played in Dhaka in early June.

PHF Secretary Asif Bajwa told ‘The News’ on Thursday that PHF is seeking permission and assistance from the competent authorities on this matter.

PHF has decided in principle to create a biosafety bubble for the training camp, which is planned to be held at the Abdul Sattar Edhi hockey stadium in Karachi.

PHF Secretary said, there is less than two months left before the Junior Asian Cup. This event doubles as the qualifying round for the 2022 Junior World Cup.

It is important to mention here that Pakistan missed the 2016 Junior World Cup due to the ruse of the Indian government.

Pakistani juniors have not played against a quality team for a long time and there is no chance of such a match before the Asian Cup due to the coronavirus. The only options for PHF to prepare them are dometic events and training camps.

Bajwa said that PHF had assured all authorities that the Covid-19 protocol would be strictly adhered to.

He said all the training and preparations carried out so far would have been in vain if the last stage of training was not held.

He hopes that PHF will receive a positive response from the IPC and NCOC ministries in a few days.

Sources say that the number of training camp participants will likely decrease or camps could be arranged for groups of players.

Camp command and team manager Danish Kaleem said he was waiting for direction from PHF.


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The Suez Canal Crisis Creates More Fear For New Zealand’s Animals | Instant News

Security has reported That 20 live export ships were delayed due to being hit by a container ship, Ever Given, which is currently blocking the Suez Canal. If the situation is not resolved, thousands of animals can be killed.

SAFE CEO Debra Ashton said this was the latest in a series of direct export crises.

“It’s an unpredictable situation like this that makes living exports very risky,” said Ashton. “And that adds to our concern for animal welfare in the live export trade.”

“Disease, bad weather and shipping delays can leave animals stranded at sea.”

Thousands of animals were recently stranded in the Mediterranean on board the cattle ship Elbeik and Karim Allah. The two headed for Libya, but after the onboard bluetongue virus disease outbreak, they were denied entry at several ports. Many of these animals have now been slaughtered.

“New Zealand experienced a live export crisis of its own last year, when Gulf Livestock 1 sank off the coast of China,” said Ashton. “This is not the last crisis.”

“The government is currently considering the future of live exports in New Zealand. It is very important for them to ban it.”

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Dunk feels very safe in Pakistan | Instant News

KARACHI: Australian hitter from Lahore Qalandars, Ben Dunk, has given the thumbs up for the security arrangements for teams in Pakistan, raising hopes next year’s Australian tour of the country will be extraordinary for the Pakistani people as well as the players.

Australia is scheduled to tour Pakistan for two Tests, three ODI and as many as T20I in what will be their first tour to Pakistan since 1998.

Asked if he would give a thumbs up if Cricket Australia took his opinion on safety and security in Pakistan, Dunk said, “I think 100 percent. In my four visits to Pakistan, I never felt unsafe.

“The security around the hotel, to and from the match was extraordinary. I think it would be great for the Pakistani people if the Australian team were to tour here, “he added.

Britain and New Zealand will also visit Pakistan later this year.

Dunk was part of the Lahore Qalandars for the second time after appearing for Karachi Kings in 2019.

The 33-year-old Queenslander, who played five T20Is for Australia from 2014-17, hopes the Covid-19 situation improves by the time Australia travels to Pakistan in February next year.

“Hopefully, at that stage, the Covid-19 situation around the world and here in Pakistan will allow for significant crowds. “It will be a wonderful experience for Australian boys to play in front of a Pakistani audience,” he said.

“I am very fortunate to be able to play in front of some amazing spectators and my memories will last. The same goes for Australian players to play test cricket here, “he added.

Dunk said he always enjoyed his visits to Pakistan. “This is my fourth time in Pakistan. The hospitality was great and the food was delicious. I am very fortunate to be hugged by the local people. I had tremendous support and was welcomed by everyone.

“I always look forward to returning to Pakistan,” he added.

Lahore Qalandars’ two wins in their first two matches saw them top the ladder. They opened their HBL PSL 6 campaign with a four-goal win over 2017 champions Peshawar Zalmi and made a strong statement with a nine-goal win over Multan Sultans.


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Queensland abolished New Zealand as a ‘safe travel country’, travelers now have to go into quarantine | Instant News

Queensland has removed New Zealand as a “safe travel country”, Queensland Health announced.

Travelers from New Zealand arriving in Queensland starting at 6pm local time today must complete quarantine after the state removed New Zealand’s “country of safe travel” status.

Queensland Health said the move came after the Main Committee on Health Protection of Australia (AHPPC) was notified that the level of risk in New Zealand had increased.

“Unfortunately, over the last few days, New Zealand has recorded several new positive cases, which is why we closed the border starting at 6pm,” said Dr. Jeannette Young.

“Anyone permitted to travel to Queensland from New Zealand will be asked to quarantine on arrival.

“Acting with extreme care has kept Queenslanders safe and that is the path we will continue to take.

“Things can change very quickly with this virus – we have seen it in other countries around the world, which is why I am asking Queenslanders to reconsider their need to travel to New Zealand.”

Queensland Health also recommends all travelers who have been in New Zealand since February 21 to go ahead, undergo testing and self-isolate until their results return.

The announcement came following the case of the Covid-19 community yesterday which was related to the Papatoetoe cluster.

Young said New Zealand was still at a “critical stage” in responding to the latest outbreak.

“New Zealand is working very hard to contain this community transmission, but they are still in a critical stage of their response so we need to keep an eye on it,” he said.

“Things can change very quickly with this virus – we have seen it in other countries around the world, which is why I am asking Queenslanders to reconsider their need to travel to New Zealand.”

Queensland was quick to announce the changes even though there were no new community cases in New Zealand on Wednesday.

Health director general Dr Ashley Bloomfield said today was “business as usual” with no community case and no evidence would lead him to advise the Cabinet to raise its alert level.

Bloomfield said yesterday’s news of new cases was “unsettling” but the Government’s contact tracing system was working well.

There are 11 community cases in New Zealand now – all in Jet Park MIQ and all sharing “very close” genome sequencing.

There were more than 600 people tested at Papatoetoe High School yesterday.

Queensland’s tough stance was different from NSW after Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian asked Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to “return the favor” and open a transtasman bubble with Australia.

In a press conference yesterday, Berejiklian said the Kiwi must now “return the favor” to Australians after Scott Morrison again allowed New Zealanders to enter Australia without quarantine.

He said they had been welcoming New Zealanders for some time and it was time Ardern and his Government “pulled their load” in creating a two-way transtasman bubble.

“I always hope Prime Minister Ardern returns the favor to NSW because we have definitely accepted New Zealanders since October / November last year,” Berejiklian told the media.

He has since pressured the New Zealand Government to move, saying there was no reason why a bubble couldn’t exist now.

“I’ve always been strong and confident about our ability to have a transtasy bubble. I hope it happens sooner rather than later. There’s no reason why not,” said Berejiklian.

New Zealand is considered a “green zone”, except in Queensland, which allows Kiwis to travel to Australia freely, while the rest of the world is in the “red zone”.


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Babar Awan, Shahzad Akbar failed to secure PTI tickets for the Senate election | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Two of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s top aides were unable to get PTI tickets for the upcoming Senate elections as the party issued a final list of candidates for the March 3 election.

The ruling party’s Parliamentary Council, which met here today with PM Imran Khan in the chair, disagreed with the names Babar Awan, Shahzad Akbar, Amir Mughal and Sajjad Turi as candidates for the hotly contested election.

The council gave tickets to 20 candidates.

From Balochistan, the name Abdul Qadir (a joint PTI-BAP candidate) was approved for the general seat while the PM’s Financial Advisors Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh and Fauzia Arshad were given tickets for the general seats and the one reserved for Islamabad respectively.

From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Shibli Faraz, Mohsin Aziz, Zeeshan Khanzada, Faisal Saleem and Najiullah Khattak were given general seat tickets, while Dost Muhammad Mehsud and Dr Humayun Mohmand were granted permission to become PTI candidates in the Teknocrat seat.

Meanwhile, in the women-only seats, Dr Sania Nishtar (chairman of the Ehsaas Program) and Falak Naz Chitrali will be candidates for the ruling party, while Gurdeep Singh will be the PTI candidate in the seats reserved for minorities.

In the general seat of Punjab, Saifullah Khan Nyazee (North Punjab), Ejaz Ahmad Chaudhary (Central Punjab) and Aon Abbas Buppi (South Punjab) have been awarded PTI tickets.

Lawyers for Ali Zafar and Dr Zarqa are the ruling party candidates for the technocrat seat and the special women’s seat respectively.

From Sindh, where PTI is the second largest party, Faisal Vawda was awarded a ticket for the general seat while Saifullah Abrro will be the PTI candidate for the technocrat seat.


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