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Google Bells Nest Users Afraid of Their Security as Stranger’s Cam Suddenly Appear in Google Nest Hub | Instant News

Smart security systems and tools such as Google Nest Doorbell help ensure our homes are safe, regardless of whether we exist or not. But many Nest Bel users are afraid of their safety and privacy lately because there are disturbing reports where a stranger’s house suddenly appears in the Google Nest Hub.

(Photo: Gretta Blankenship from Pixabay)
Google Nest Bel owners worry about their privacy because strangers’ terraces appear randomly in the Google Nest Hub.

Google Nest Bell Bait Appears Randomly

According to reports by TechRadar, Reddit user The_Mustard_Tiger says that the Nest Hello Doorbell feed suddenly appears on their Google Nest Hub.

However, the owner was confused because first, someone walked in the front door of a house they did not know, and second, they did not have Nest Bel, which only meant that the food came from a stranger’s house and Sarang Bel.

At first they also thought that it was an advertisement, but soon realized that was not the case.

Because of this incident, some people worried about the security of Google Nest Bel and thought that if it could be broadcast to foreigners’ Google Nest Hubs, it might be possible that the Nest indoor cameras could broadcast feeds to Nest Hubs around the world. .

News outlets are trying to contact Google about this issue, but they haven’t issued a comment.

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Google Reached

However, a Google employee actually reaches a Reddit user and sends a direct message, but the user reveals what is included in the message.

According to the author subReddit thread, they just ask the time zone they are in, the firmware and build their device information, whether the video appears randomly, and whether the device was recently purchased or not or whether it is gifted.

Reddit users say the device was newly purchased.

Until now, it looks like Google is investigating about this incident.

Are We Really Safe?

Some people have reason to panic over minor incidents because Google Nest is involved in sextortion fraud earlier this year when hackers took advantage of some Google Nest users.

In a report by CNBC back in January, hackers would contact the victim and say that they would have illegal and private records from the victim and would tell them to pay or would reveal the recording to the internet.

However, the video that hackers used to convince their victims did not originate from violations, which means the video actually did not come from the victims’ Google Nest cameras, but was enough for the owner to think the worst.

The news comes at a time when videos worry about hackers and criminals gaining access to security devices such as Google Nest and Amazon Ring cameras.

Last year, Ring was also criticized for violating big data which exposed personal data of around 3,000 owners.

To help their customers feel more comfortable with their safety and privacy, Google now requires all Nest users to enable two-factor device authorization.

According to the internet giant, this “helps prevent someone from logging into your account on the Nest application without your permission.”

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