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The JeM cadre who was held revealed about his training in Pakistan | Instant News

Nangarhar [Afghanistan]April 16 (ANI): A terrorist cadre of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), arrested alive after meeting Afghan security forces along the border with Pakistan, has revealed that he was given weapons training in a neighboring country for about four months and then sent to Afghanistan to carry out attacks.

In a video recording by Afghan security forces, the unknown cadre revealed that he crossed into the Mohmand Dara area in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province along with Taliban elements.

He said, “I have infiltrated Afghanistan for the first time. I was given training for four months and arrived here 10 days ago.” It was a major operation in which 10 JeM cadres, 5 Afghan Taliban, and 4 Afghan Army personnel were killed.

On the eve of the April 13-14 intervention, a large group of JeM cadres was intercepted by Afghan security forces while trying to cross into Nangarhar province.

Several JeM cadres were killed and a large number of weapons and ammunition, as well as some parts of the bomb, were found.

This includes Russian mortar launchers, RPGs and sniper rifles.

On several occasions, Kabul blamed Pakistani intelligence agents, ISI, for basing terrorist camps in Pakistani territory to target Afghanistan. (ANI)


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