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Deliveroo Partners with Chabad in the UK to Bring Seders-to-Go – Helping people celebrate safety in their own homes | Instant News

When Jews throughout England prepare for the upcoming festival Easter, which began on the night of April 8, Chabad-Lubavitch from England has partnered with the popular food delivery application Deliveroo to ensure that every Jew throughout the UK and Ireland can do Seder.

The “Seder-to-Go” kit will be especially useful for those who are vulnerable and isolated, who cannot shop for halal-for-Easter food for Seder and holidays because COVID-19 pandemic. Around 51,608 Britons have tested positive for the virus, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted being treated intensively after his coronavirus symptoms worsened on Monday.

Using the application, Deliveroo customers will now be able to buy a “Seder-to-Go” kit, complete with rollup Seder Plate, items for Seder plates and even plastic frogs to serve as strange visuals during the reading of the 10 plagues. Other items include a box matzah, grape juice, grapes, a Kiddush cup and a Haggadah with an English translation and instructions. This service will be available from within the application until Tuesday night at every location that Deliveroo currently provides.

This partnership comes from the executive vice president at Deliveroo, Stephen Goldstein, and his search for wine and wine before the holidays. Reach Rabbi Bentzi Sudak from Chabad Lubavitch The British, both quickly realized that together, they could help Jews throughout the country celebrate safety in their homes.

“Many Jews celebrate Easter with extended families or in hotels or local synagogues, “Sudak said. “Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have been trying to get the supplies everyone needs for the holidays.”

Utilizing the logistics prowess of Deliveroo and Chabad’s mission to help every Jew, Goldstein suggested that they partner up so that “every Jew can celebrate our freedom festival in these challenging times.”

“It is an honor to support Chabad Lubavitch UK and use our shipping network to bring pleasure Pesach to people throughout Britain and Ireland, “he said.” We are honored to support the Jewish community and play a small role in helping people, especially the elderly and vulnerable. “

This partnership came as part of The global Easter campaign of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which is because coronavirus has grown to historic proportions. Chabad distributed more than 250,000 “Seder-to-Go” kits in North America alone, as well as millions shmurah matzah.


The “Seder-to-Go” kit will provide special benefits for
vulnerable and isolated, who cannot shop for halal-for-Easter food
for Seder and vacation

All ingredients for Seder are included.


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