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Sedgwick County needs more workers to polling stations as election officer begins to fight cancer | Instant News

Wichita, KS. (KWCH) – what should be a normal election year, fell on Sedgwick employee of the district election Tabitha Lehman.

She said the pandemic has raised issues no one could be prepared now, but she also recently found out that she had an aggressive form of lymphoma, a cancer which presented Lehman as a dental problem.

“It seemed to me that I have a sunburn on my chin when I was on the street and it was very strange, but it’s so strange, it took us a while to get to that diagnosis and, of course, if I can help raise awareness and other people be careful and make sure that they will, if they have concerns get it checked by their doctor,” said Lehman.

With her diagnosis and pandemics, Lehman not to be in the community recruitment and voter registration.

“I took a chance and went ahead and did, I can’t do I can’t, because my husband constantly reminds me that he is interested in me survive, so I don’t have to make such decisions myself,” Lehman said.

She shared her diagnosis to the public on Facebook yesterday to let people know that she was okay, but it needs one thing from its community, employee surveys.

“I’m going to get a little choked up, but yeah, that’s definitely what we need now is for people to step up and work those polls so that we can make sure you can vote, because I may be going through cancer, but I’m still in the electoral Commission and I have to make sure that this happens,” said Lehman.

The goal of her office is to not have to close all the polls and her post from Facebook it says:

“Nine of our polling stations currently do not have a legally binding places to discover here. 63 of the 84 polling stations has at least one open position. Many of them have 3 or more open positions, one requiring 7 working right now. Currently we are in need of more than 170 workers survey for the 4th of August.”

The mayor of Wichita Brandon Whipple, was one of many to share the post Lehman and told eyewitness news she is a key player in the elections in the County of Sedgwick.

“After reading her post, I wanted to be sure others had the opportunity to go and help him, and something like this off her plate for a little bit. She was fighting cancer and, you know, we should do what we can to help our neighbors in their time of need, and it is the time you need,” said Whipple.

Lehman said that during the voting and poll may look a little different this year with PPE and plexiglass barriers, it’s her job to make sure that people vote Sedgwick County was heard.

“Also, a lot of disinfectant for the hands will be used detergents. And so we just, we really need people to step up and help us so that we can make sure that we serve our constituents,” said Lehman.

Lehman adds, If you have requested a vote by mail and workers of the district turned to you with a problem with the app, please reply, so that the district may fix any issues and make you a corrected ballot.

The deadline for voter registration Tuesday, July 14.

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