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Logan Airport is Almost Empty as a Pandemic Grounds in the Travel Industry – NBC Boston | Instant News

The terminal at Logan International Airport in Boston is almost deserted.

Very few passengers traveling with the coronavirus pandemic still exist.

“I’m very nervous,” said Raven Guenneguez, who flew to Seattle. “I have a hand sanitizer, I have an alcohol spray to wipe my seat, this mask, which I won’t even take off on a flight.”

Many flights are canceled every day in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

“We have been ordered to stay at home, and we did,” said travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt of the Atmosphere Research Group.

Passenger count dropped dramatically.

Wednesday, for example, the TSA reported that around 119,000 people were screened at the country’s airports, compared with around 2.2 million at the same time last year, a decrease of 95%.

“A trip down the road looks like someone wearing a mask, someone wearing gloves, limited service on an airplane,” Harteveldt said.

Experts say it will take a combination of home stay guidelines raised along with medical advancements to get people back to heaven.

“Once we start seeing that there is a vaccine, once we have a drug that can help reduce the impact of COVID, and once people start to get the trust to really get out again, I think we will start to see improvements,” said Tori Emerson Barnes, executive vice president US Travel Association.

In Boston, the numbers are clear.

In the stretch of the past seven days, more than 10,000 people traveled out of Logan Airport, according to Massport.

That is down from nearly 420,000 years ago in the same time period, falling around 97%.

“It’s very wild,” said South Boston resident Betsy Sachs, who was flying from Denver. “It must be a strange time to travel and be at the airport.”


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