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Air travel on the rise in the Lake Tahoe region | Instant News

Lake Tahoe Airport to South Lake Tahoe in 2017.Dylan Silver / Tribune file After months of blocking their homes, people venture to travel again. Reno-Tahoe International Airport has seen a gradual increase the number of passengers departing from the airport. mid-April, HAD airport 220 passengers depart. In the first weeks of July, they saw just over 2,000 out of 21 departing flights. Even though the airport has seen an increase, they are far from normal, according to Brian Kulpin, vice president of marketing and Reno Tahoe International Public Affairs, in a normal year the airport would see about 130 flights in total, but they are above the national average for other flights from other airports. Flight destinations are still limited . They do not fly to COVID-19 hotspots, such as New York, said Kulpin. Although they have seen flights from the east to Denver, most of the flights are on the west coast. The airport launched its latest marketing campaign, “We Move You, Safely”. Kulpin said Reno-Tahoe already has a reputation for cleanliness but they go above and beyond to keep people safe. They set up masks for passengers and staff, placed 1,000 social distancing stickers, set up disinfection stations and businesses at the airport and set up plexiglass in the registers. “We are working closely with the TSA and the airlines to keep people safe” The region’s smallest airports that handle private planes have not had the same success. Traffic at Minden-Tahoe Airport is stable. Airport manager Chris Johnson said there was an increase in business jets but private pilot flights. “Stayed the same.” What better way to distance yourself socially than being at 5000 feet above ground, “said Johnson.Lake Tahoe Airport took a hit from March to May, but saw an increase in June. They saw a 31% increase in aircraft landings from June 2019 to June Airport manager Mark Gibbs said the increase coincided with the reopening of California and Nevada, particularly the reopening of casinos and hotels in Nevada. Gibbs said they saw a lot of “Arrivals from more distant cities such as Chicago and Philadelphia. It assumes that people with private planes normally depart to places like the Bahamas but cannot because of COVID-19 restrictions.” Lake Tahoe takes advantage of its opening “Gibbs said. Lake Tahoe in the pr first months of COVID-19. Although Marc Lamb, director of aviation and community services for Truckee, said it was difficult to measure the weather because weather conditions also had an impact on them. “At first, people were hiding where they were,” said Lamb. “There are a lot of second homes here and now people realize they can work remotely.” .

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