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Did the CDA plot the ICT Sector D-12 for selected bureaucrats? | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Office of the Ombudsman on Wednesday requested complete official records from the Federal Government Employee Housing Authority (FGEHA) to decide on cases of alleged out-of-turn and rationing of unfair D-12 plots to elected bureaucratic members.

During a complaint hearing filed by former secretary and Inspection Commission member Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, it was revealed that the CDA recently notified FGEHA about the availability of about a dozen plots that had been given by the Authority to several federal secretaries. FGEHA representatives claimed that they did nothing illegal and all decisions were fully legal.

It was said that a list of seniority officials who had fulfilled the requirements in the BS-22 category was provided by the Formation Division which according to him the FGEHA made an allotment.

The source said that the representative of the Authority was of the opinion that when FGEHA issued a provisional offer for this allotment, no waiting list was available and thus the offer letter was issued as “appropriate”.

FGEHA’s Legal Director in his oral statement said that they regularly write to CDA to provide plots in their sector. He revealed that 13 plots had been provided by CDA to FGEHA on March 9, 2020 and these plots were allocated accordingly.

However, the complainants argued that the Director of Law’s argument raised the question whether the plot provided by the CDA on March 9 was the same plot approved at the CDA Council meeting on 18 February. As the minutes of the CDA Council’s meeting state that objections to this new demarcation can be submitted within one month from the date of the meeting, which is March 18. So, how does the CDA make these plots available before that date.

He said that another problem involved was whether this allotment was made in violation of the Islamabad Land Disposal Regulation 2005 where all new plots that emerged in the developed scheme had to be auctioned.

It was also said that the federal government employee quota of 10 percent was only available when planning or developing a sector. He added that the BS-22 scheme was a violation of Article 38 of the Constitution because the state could not distinguish citizens in terms of various facilities including housing. The trial was adjourned because of records until May 20. For the next date, the Ombudsman’s advisor has requested the presence of the Director General, FGEHA.


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Members of the Senior PM’s Office approach the Ombudsman to the D-12 plot rations for the selected few | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: A senior member of the Prime Minister’s Office has approached the Federal Ombudsman for ‘extreme injustice’ from the substitution of the distribution of a second housing plot in the federal capital to several people elected to the bureaucracy in a way that is not transparent and unfair.

The Federal Ombudsman will hear this case, called ‘maladministration’ by the Member Inspection Commission of Members and former federal secretary Syed Abu Ahmad, on May 13.

Since 2007, officers who have been promoted to BS-22 in the federal government are entitled to receive special rights plots from the Federal Government Employee Housing Authority in addition to their normal service benefit plots, which means at least two housing plots in the federal capital. As reported by The News on Friday in the story “Maybe the PM does not know” some federal secretaries including some retirees have been given their second place in Islamabad’s D-12 sector at a time when the government really found it difficult to manage resources to feed the poor and who need those affected by the situation affected by the corona.

In a complaint filed before the Federal Ombudsman, PMIC members said that several plots had been offered in Sector D-12 in turn to officers who were promoted to BS-22 in 2018 and 2019.

He said that the fact was the last allotment offered in Sector D-12 based on BS-22 rights maybe in 2012 or thereabouts. Accordingly, officers who have been promoted in the past 6-8 years are offered at F-14 / F-15 or Park Road.

“It is common knowledge that there is a big difference in the value of plots in D-12 which is a developed sector that is not only ready for construction but has had people living in it for several years. On the other hand, the F-14/15 and Park Road schemes only exist in plans that do not have a timeline. Indeed, the case for the latest allotment is the sub judice at SCP, “said the complaint.

He added that whatever the official reason for the latest allotment in D-12 and whether approval or not was sought from the authorities, this decision had a negative impact on dozens of officers who had not been given such assistance (worth around Rs40 million).

He added that no wise or transparent process was observed in the latest allotment. PMIC members questioned whether these plots were available with FGEHF for many years and were not offered in the order of seniority, so some wise processes such as voting should be carried out with full transparency.

“It is also possible that rationing of such residual plots contradicts the CDA law which requires that all remaining plots in the developed scheme be offered through public auctions,” he said.

The official said rationing is currently maladministration and deserves to be considered a case of good governance regardless of whether it was made with or without intentions.

He also prayed that the designation process for the BS-22 rights plot in Sector D-12 could be postponed immediately. He clarified that he was not interested in undesirable personal financial benefits because God Almighty had blessed him sufficiently, but he certainly wanted to see his country and his government be honest, fair, transparent and fair.


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32 elected, 18 elected members formed a federal cabinet | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: There are a total of 18 Prime Minister Imran Khan’s federal team members who were not elected and elected after the last addition and removal.

All five advisors and 14 special assistants to the prime minister except Ali Nawaz Awan, who was elected to the National Assembly from Islamabad, was not elected and has been picked up by the prime minister for different reasons and qualifications.

However, twenty-seven federal ministers and four state ministers are members of parliament. They included three senators – Shibli Faraz, Dr. Farogh Naseem and Azam Swati – while the rest are members of the National Assembly.

Although it is easy to expel a cabinet member who is not elected because it has no weight for the government in the sense that he does not have a voice in the National Assembly or Senate, it is not easy to dismiss the cabinet members who are elected because his / her support is always needed in a critical numbers game in Parliament.

Not only during the deep crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but even before the outbreak, several unelected special advisers and assistants were known, working very closely with the prime minister.

They are responsible for key ministries such as finance, trade, etc.

During this pandemic, special advisers and assistants included Dr. Zafar Mirza, Hafeez Shaikh, Abdul Razak Dawood, Dr. Sania Nishtar, and Usman Dar [for working to set up Corona Tiger Force] seen doing their bits in different fields.

Among the elected ministers, Asad Umar, Hammad Azhar, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Syed Fakhar Imam [heading a parliamentary committee to work out holding of National Assembly session], Omar Ayub and Noorul Haq Qadri are busy in one way or another in the existing coronavirus crisis.

On the contrary, a number of ministers, state ministers, special advisers and assistants are hardly publicly registered because they are not known to do anything worthy of attention.

In particular, cabinet members who are allies of the ruling party generally work calmly while remaining in their territory and avoiding political controversies, and locking horns with opposition parties.

While some ministers did not lend a helping hand to wrestling with the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, they opposed the government’s case in daily TV program negotiations.

The prime minister continues to provide regular guidelines to them and other official spokespersons on how to project official policies effectively.

The current prime minister is the minister of health, establishment, parliamentary affairs, climate change, trade, textiles, finance, income, Pakistan’s foreign affairs and statistics division. Under the law, the prime minister is the minister of any ministry that does not have a federal minister.


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The abolition of the elected FA was unconstitutional, Asghar said | Instant News

LAHORE – Official Punjab Football Association (PFA) Asghar Khan Anjum called the removal of the elected provincial football association and replaced it with the provincial normalization committee because it was ‘unconstitutional’ to ask NC to prove this step from the PFF Statute or take this illegal action again. “The action of the PFF Normalization Committee shows that it is a proxy of a particular group and takes dictation from that group in all its decisions. Without changing this NC, organizing fair elections is a dream that cannot be realized, “Asghar said and added:” It is widely thought throughout the country that former FIFA employee Mohsen Gilani has personal interests and works hard for the success of certain groups. . “Asghar said that the PFF NC was formed based on Article 8 (2) of the FIFA Statute.” We the Pakistan football community always show high respect for the FIFA Statute. We express our full satisfaction when the PFF NC was formed in accordance with the FIFA Statute, but the steps taken afterwards proving that it was all in the interest and support of certain groups. ”He asked NC Chairman Humza Khan to explain that according to which law or article of the PFF Statute, the elected Provincial FA body could be removed and subsequently replaced by an unselected formation consisting from people, who are only suitable for certain groups.


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KE continues meter reading in the selected area today | Karachi | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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