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Navalny’s Treatment “Targeted Torture,” Said Member of the German Parliament | Instant News

German Bundestag members described the treatment of Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny as “targeted torture” and demanded that the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture review the conditions of his detention.

The letter, posted on Facebook on April 10, called Navalny’s treatment “incompatible” with the European Convention for the Prevention of Torture, saying Russia was a party to the convention as a member of the Council of Europe.

The letter was signed by Manuel Sarrazin, with the German Green Party, and a bipartisan group consisting of 11 other members of the Bundestag, the lower house of the German parliament. It is available on Sarrazin’s Facebook page at German and Russia.

“Regardless of the arbitrariness and illegality of the verdict being pronounced against you, we demand a review of the conditions of your detention by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture,” said the politician.

Lawmakers said they believed the legal proceedings against him were not carried out under the rule of law standards and considered the decision to be politically motivated and arbitrary with the aim of silencing him.

They said they were following reports of his imprisonment and health condition with great concern and expressed their “full solidarity” with him.

Navalny was jailed after returning to Russia in January from his recovery in Germany after being exposed to the nerve agent last August in Siberia. He accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering security agents to kill him, something the Kremlin denies.

Navalny was treated in Germany after the poisoning, and Sarrazin said he was under the impression that Navalny’s treatment was meant to reverse partial recovery.

Navalny complained of back pain and numbness in his hands and feet and accused authorities of withholding adequate medical care.

Navalny announced a hunger strike last week, raising concerns about his overall health.

Lawyer Navalny, 44, said after visiting him on April 8 that he had two herniated disks on his back and a third protruding disc, and said he was losing about 1 kilogram a day.

With reporting by dpa and Der Tagesspiegel


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British Coroner’s Rules Exiled Russian critics of Putin Strangled | Instant News

A British coroner has determined that a Russian critic in exile President Vladimir Putin was strangled to death by “third parties” at his home on the outskirts of southwest London.

Self-exiled Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov was found dead at his home in New Malden, England, in March 2018.

Senior coroner Chinyere Inyama ruled that Glushkov was “unlawfully murdered” after the West London Coroner’s Court heard evidence suggesting that his death looked like suicide and that there was “involvement of a third party.”

Glushkov fled Russia after authorities accused him of fraud while serving as deputy director of state-owned airline Aeroflot.

He was granted political asylum in Great Britain in 2010.

He is a close friend of exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, also an outspoken critic of Putin, who was found hanged in his home in west London in 2013.

In 2017, during Glushkov’s trial in absentia, a Russian court convicted him of stealing an estimated $ 120 million from Aeroflot. This sentenced him to eight years in prison.

Glushkov is scheduled to appear at the Commercial Court in London to defend himself on March 12, 2018 – the day his body was found by his daughter, Natalia.

His death came a week after the Novichok poisoning in Salisbury, England, of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

‘Unlawful Murder’

A pathology report filed with the West London Coroner’s Court said Glushkov’s injury “could be consistent with a neck brace, applied from behind, and the attacker being behind the victim.”

The pathology report said: “There is a lack of injuries suggesting prolonged grappling or restraint with a third party, and a lack of defensive injuries to the upper limbs.”

The coroner’s verdict said: “From all the documentation, all the evidence gathered, Nikolai Glushkov died of extrajudicial killings.”

British detectives renew calls for witnesses who were in the New Malden area on March 11-12 2018.

The inquest coincided with a new request by the counterterrorism unit of the London Police for more information on Glushkov’s death.

Commander Richard Smith said more than 1,800 potential witnesses had been contacted and more than 420 statements taken.

London police said no arrests had been made and the motive for the murder was not yet known.

Reported by Reuters and BBC


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Even PM Imran Khan’s officer would say Usman Buzdar was the wrong choice: minister | Instant News

News / via Geo.tv/Files

LAHORE: A federal minister has claimed that the chief minister of Punjab was in hot water, saying he had issued a warning to improve performance and even the officer of Prime Minister Imran Khan would say Sardar Usman Buzdar was the wrong choice.

According to the federal minister, who is believed to be close to Prime Minister Imran Khan and spoke on condition of anonymity, Buzdar had been warned of the consequences if his government’s performance in Punjab did not improve.

The cabinet minister’s comments were revealed in a report published on Wednesday Daily Jang, who quoted sources as saying the problem was Buzdar’s “lack of ability”.

Buzdar, given several months to improve his performance, has in recent weeks been very active in making political statements and holding press conferences about his administration’s “performance”.

Everyone in the PTI regime and the ruling party itself – except PM Imran Khan – felt that the CM had been given responsibilities that were “beyond its capacity”, the minister said.

“Even if you ask the prime minister’s officer, he will tell you that Buzdar was the wrong choice,” he added.

Insiders say Buzdar faces tough times in every meeting with PM Imran Khan because the prime minister is his only backer.

In addition, the supreme leadership of the former ruling party, PML-N, has also prevented its political workers from criticizing CM Punjab, the source said, adding that they knew that as long as Buzdar ruled the province, the party would continue. the benefits and suffering of PTI.

“Parties” were also unhappy with PM Imran Khan’s choice, the source said. In the past, “these people” have directly informed the prime minister of their discontent, but the Prime Minister is worried who can be trusted to replace Buzdar if the chief minister is removed.

The source claimed that PM Imran Khan did not want to bring Aleem Khan or Mian Muhammad Aslam Iqbal to the position of chief minister of Punjab, but although many PTI leaders disliked Buzdar, they acknowledged the prime minister’s view that there was a lack of choice of MPs on the issue.

Responding to a question whether the report was correct this time because PM Imran Khan has publicly supported Buzdar in the past, the minister said the deadline according to the last warning given to the CM was the budget announcement for the fiscal year 2021-2022 (FY21-22).

Since that “warning” Buzdar has been active as far as the media is concerned, the source added. Last week, he held a press conference where he announced that his government was restoring 15,000 hectares of state land worth Rs450 billion.

It was the largest operation in Punjab history and it came to a logical conclusion, he said. Similar indiscriminate actions were taken against the sugar and inflation mafia, he added, stressing his government’s efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

In recent times, the Sardar Usman Buzdar administration has faced criticism for its poor performance and frequent turnover of civil servants – including in the Secretariat and field staff – while political interference in Punjab’s bureaucratic affairs is unprecedented to such an extent that it has become routine now.

It is believed that matters are no longer under the control of the chief minister of Punjab.

The recent notification of resignation from the South Punjab Secretariat was seen as a defeat for the Buzdar government. He later canceled it but did not provide any reason as to how it was removed.

PTI leaders from South Punjab – including Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi – are reportedly angry at the mishandling of administrative issues in the area.


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New food court and outdoor venue planned for Forest | Local Business News | Instant News

Mark Aldridge bought the property back in March. He also owns 11 acres behind the restaurant where Duval Auto Parts is located.

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Due to a series of state and local regulations, it is no longer feasible for owners to operate a restaurant, and it was dismantled last spring, Duff told The News & Advance last spring.

Joe Beans Express Espresso is the first business to be located at The Backyard and has been established in the Carol’s Place trail since last fall.

Linda Brown, owner of Joe Beans Express Espresso, says she is excited about The Backyard and interested in more food trucks joining the coffee trailers in Forest.

“I thought it was interesting. It will be full of energy, “he said. “We can all benefit from this. I don’t see any competition. I see it as growth for all of us and that’s a great thing for Forest. “

The area’s growth over the last few years has led to him opening Joe Beans there.

Other food options planned to come to The Backyard from a variety of food trucks will include sweet and savory pies, barbecue, desserts, Southern home cooking, hot dogs, and even dog treats.

Nicole Johnson, Bedford County tourism director, says The Backyard concept is an attractive addition to the county’s dining options.


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SHC set aside the findings of the KU selection board for the appointment of professors | Instant News

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has ruled out the findings of the University of Karachi (KU) selection board with respect to a recommendation for the appointment of a professor and professor in the chemistry department to the extent that candidates competed before the court.

The high court leaves the matter to the competent authority of KU to re-determine whether the competing candidates have the academic qualifications actually recognized by law to post the subject at KU by the time the cut-off date is given to the public. notification on December 26, 2014.

The order came on the petition of Dr Imran Ali Hashmi and others requesting the issuance of quo-warrants against private respondents questioning their recommendations for the posts of a professor at BPS-20 and a professor at BPS-21 in the chemistry department on the grounds that they did not meet the requirements and not entitled to be appointed and then hold a public office.

The Petitioner proposed that private respondents did not meet the criteria for holding public positions either as professors at BPS-20 or as professors at BPS-21 at KU, did not have the qualifications and experience required in the advertisement on 26 December. 2014 and subsequent addendum on January 30, 2015. They stated that private respondents did not have the teaching / research experience to occupy the above positions and asked the high court to override the selection board recommendation on 28 June 2018, and further steps as violating the law. The respondents’ lawyers argued that instant petition was not legally defensible because the issues raised by the applicant’s advisors involved factual controversy, which required evidence and the court’s constitutional jurisdiction could not be exercised in the matter.

SHC, after listening to the arguments of the assemblies, observed that the time period consumed in deliberation by the selection board which was in effect from 28 December 2014 to 28 June 2018 was very prejudiced against the petitioners’ case, which needs to be examined again afterwards. proper oversight under the law.

The high court ruled out the findings of the electoral board to the extent of competing candidates and submitted the matter to the competent authority of KU to re-determine whether the candidates i.e. private applicants and responders had the required academic qualifications which were duly recognized below. the statute to post the subject at the given deadline date in the public notification

The SHC directs the competent authorities to promptly send a copy of the original academic certificate / degree / publication of the applicant and private respondent to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan for verification. The high court directed HEC to inspect academic qualification certificates and publications of applicants and private respondents, and after confirming authenticity or otherwise submit reports to the KU syndicate in sealed envelopes within one month.


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