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Selena Gomez Demands Cellular Games You’ve Never Heard $ 10 Million – Good for her | Instant News

It seems quite clear that the developers of mobile fashion games Clothes Forever – Game Styling openly tore Selena Gomez’s likeness. I mean, just look at the photo in this report from Variety and tell me it’s not a conspicuous deception.

Gomez also didn’t hit. He sued Chinese publisher Guangzhou Fiedong Software Technology and UK-based developer MutantBox Interactive Limited for $ 10 million USD, and as far as I know he has 100% right to do so.

The claim claims that the creator of the game “never asked, consulted, or told Gomez about the use of any of his publicity rights in connection with the game.” But he did not stop there.

Like many mobile games, Forever clothes make money by exploiting its players, charging them large amounts for “diamonds” to make the game playable. You can spend up to $ 99.99 for this gem package, despite why anyone is outside of me.

Gomez is aiming for a game revenue model in the lawsuit, which continues: “Also, if asked, Gomez will not approve such use for the Game, which appears to depend on bad practices luring its users to make in-game purchases at $ 99.99 to fund spending imaginary in the Game and unlock features. “

I am very happy that Gomez and his lawyer included this part. Celebrities should not be tied to this type of game, both for their own reputation and because they have the responsibility as a role model not to encourage children (or adults) to spend their money on exploitative games.

This case is very different from Lindsay Lohan vs GTA V case. Lohan alleged that Rockstar had used the picture without his permission. While Rockstar really made fun of spoiled and uncontrolled young female celebrities with characters who resembled Lohan’s personality, they clearly didn’t use their true appearance without permission.

Lohan finally lost his suit, with a panel of judges who decide that the characters are in GTA V is “general… twenty women something without identifying certain physical characteristics.

Gomez’s case is clearer. The developer uses an actual Gomez image from the cover of Flare magazine, only flips the orientation 180 degrees. That’s one of the laziest things I’ve ever seen. The real hurdle, of course, will succeed in suing Chinese companies. That is not an easy task. However, even if he didn’t succeed in court, he might be able to get his game canceled. It seems, at least at this time, it is no longer on the App Store.

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