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Explains Selena Gomez social media break | person. | Instant News

Selena Gomez took a social media break because “he felt a bit insensitive” to the message, too “happy”.

28-year-old singer returned to Instagram on Wednesday (29.07.20) as she explained her recent absence, which came during a pandemic syndrome on a background of black lives matter movement.

She said to his followers: “Hey! I wanted to take some time to do a quick message for you guys, because I wrote so much.

“I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I miss you and so many interesting things coming up that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

“I just think that at the beginning of this year, with everything going on, it felt a little insensitive to post things that may be just a little… joyful and festive, it was very hard for me.”

In ‘losing you love Heath showed me that she will start posting again now after a break, but promised she’s “learned”.

She explained, “and I took the time to learn, really learn about what is happening, and I keep doing it my priority.

“But, just letting you know that I’m going to be a little more serious and I just send love and going to show you some of my personal things, and what I was doing.

“But thank you for coming, and thank you for supporting me always and I talk to you.”

Selena recently revealed that she wants to raise $100 million for mental health, and her rare beauty company seeks to raise huge amount to support those who need to access services for mental health, which had a deep impact on her.


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Bella Hadid resigned from Selena Gomez on Instagram … only ONE DAY after following a former love rival | Instant News

It seems rumors of their ceasefire are too early.

One day after Bella Hadid, 23, resumed her former love rival Selena Gomez, 27, on Instagram, the catwalk saddle reversed the decision and stopped following the Wolves singer once again.

The two women have dated the singer The Weeknd in the past.

On again: One day after Bella Hadid, 23, resumed her former love rival Selena Gomez, 27, on Instagram, the catwalk stunner reversed the decision

The status change was seen by the Twitter account @GomezSource on Monday.

It seems as though Selena is not the only victim, with Hadid cutting nine accounts from those he followed, to end with 377, down from 386 when he followed Gomez.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed over the weekend that the model was once again following Rare’s beauty on Instagram.

Olive branch: Bella Hadid follows Selena Gomez [pictured] during the weekend. Both have The Weeknd date

Bella Hadid was seen here at the Met Gala in 2018

Olive branch: Bella Hadid follows Selena Gomez over the weekend. Both have The Weeknd date

Bella still follows her ex The Weeknd on social media platforms.

Bella is one of 117 very limited people that Selena followed. He does not follow Canadian singers.

The former, The Weeknd, does not follow both. He only follows three profiles; Mercedes Benz, Roger Smith, and trading accounts.

Social media official: Selena was one of 386 people Bella followed at the time. He also followed his ex, The Weeknd too

Bella, is one of 117 very limited people that Selena followed. He does not follow Canadian singers

Social media official: Bella is still following her ex The Weeknd on social media platforms

High profile romance: Bella and The Weeknd start dating in September 2015 (photo February 2016)

High profile romance: Bella and The Weeknd start dating in September 2015 (photo February 2016)

Social media Bella Olive Branch came after she stopped following Selena in January 2017.

At that time rumors circulated that the actress was dating The Weeknd following Bella’s breakup in November 2016.

Selena goes on a date with Abel between January and October 2017. He reignites his love with Bella in Spring 2018.

Chaotic situation: Bella made her MET Gala debut with Abel in 2016

Official: Selena kissed a Canadian singer kiss at the 2017 MET Gala

The situation is a mess: Bella made her MET Gala debut with Abel in 2016 while Selena took it throughout the following year


September 2015: Bella and The Weeknd start dating

May 2016: Bella and The Weeknd made their MET Gala debut

November 2016: Bella and The Weeknd split

January 2017: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd sparked romance rumors – Bella resigned from Selena

May 2017: Selena and The Weeknd made their MET Gala debut

October 2017: Selena and The Weeknd split

April 2018: Bella and The Weeknd are officially back together

August 2019: Bella and The Weeknd split again

November 2019: Selena followed Bella on Instagram and left a supporting comment – deleted

May 2020: Bella followed Selena on Instagram

The supermodel parted ways with his ex once again last August.

And the former Disney channel star is ready to end the feud in November 2019 when he returns to follow Bella once again.

But love was not returned after the model deleted a post that Selena left in support of.

After a fan told Selena about what had happened, he replied, ‘that sucks,’ before having to openly explain what he meant.

“I shouldn’t speak without knowing the truth. Sorry, ‘he wrote.

“Please, don’t be hurt. He is an extraordinary person, and that is all a misunderstanding. ‘

TMZ reported at the time that the couple resolved their differences behind the scenes because they didn’t want drama anymore.

Various sources close to Bella revealed that he was “really trying hard to reach Selena this weekend to squeeze out any potential beef.”

Love 10 months: Selena dated Star Boy singers between January and October 2017 (photo September 2017)

Love 10 months: Selena dated Star Boy singers between January and October 2017 (photo September 2017)

Back to: Bella and The Weeknd officially started dating again in Spring 2018 before separating again in August 2019 (photo February 2019)

Back to: Bella and The Weeknd officially started dating again in Spring 2018 before separating again in August 2019 (photo February 2019)

And while boy dramas have taken place between them in the past, Selena and Bella always have very close friends.

Bella’s sister, Gigi Hadid, is a very close friend with Taylor Swift. Taylor is also one of Selena’s best friends.

While the Vogue model generally does not get along with the Taylor group, Gigi and Selena are close friends.

Close to home: And while boys' drama has taken place between Bella and Selena in the past, this former Disney star and model always has very close friends. Bella's sister, Gigi Hadid, is a very close friend with Taylor Swift. Taylor is also one of Selena's best friends (Selena takes a picture with Gigi in 2018 MET Gala)

Close to home: And while boys’ drama has taken place between Bella and Selena in the past, this former Disney star and model always has very close friends. Bella’s sister, Gigi Hadid, is a very close friend with Taylor Swift. Taylor is also one of Selena’s best friends (Selena takes a picture with Gigi in 2018 MET Gala)


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Selena Gomez Demands Cellular Games You’ve Never Heard $ 10 Million – Good for her | Instant News

It seems quite clear that the developers of mobile fashion games Clothes Forever – Game Styling openly tore Selena Gomez’s likeness. I mean, just look at the photo in this report from Variety and tell me it’s not a conspicuous deception.

Gomez also didn’t hit. He sued Chinese publisher Guangzhou Fiedong Software Technology and UK-based developer MutantBox Interactive Limited for $ 10 million USD, and as far as I know he has 100% right to do so.

The claim claims that the creator of the game “never asked, consulted, or told Gomez about the use of any of his publicity rights in connection with the game.” But he did not stop there.

Like many mobile games, Forever clothes make money by exploiting its players, charging them large amounts for “diamonds” to make the game playable. You can spend up to $ 99.99 for this gem package, despite why anyone is outside of me.

Gomez is aiming for a game revenue model in the lawsuit, which continues: “Also, if asked, Gomez will not approve such use for the Game, which appears to depend on bad practices luring its users to make in-game purchases at $ 99.99 to fund spending imaginary in the Game and unlock features. “

I am very happy that Gomez and his lawyer included this part. Celebrities should not be tied to this type of game, both for their own reputation and because they have the responsibility as a role model not to encourage children (or adults) to spend their money on exploitative games.

This case is very different from Lindsay Lohan vs GTA V case. Lohan alleged that Rockstar had used the picture without his permission. While Rockstar really made fun of spoiled and uncontrolled young female celebrities with characters who resembled Lohan’s personality, they clearly didn’t use their true appearance without permission.

Lohan finally lost his suit, with a panel of judges who decide that the characters are in GTA V is “general… twenty women something without identifying certain physical characteristics.

Gomez’s case is clearer. The developer uses an actual Gomez image from the cover of Flare magazine, only flips the orientation 180 degrees. That’s one of the laziest things I’ve ever seen. The real hurdle, of course, will succeed in suing Chinese companies. That is not an easy task. However, even if he didn’t succeed in court, he might be able to get his game canceled. It seems, at least at this time, it is no longer on the App Store.

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Blackfishing: ‘Black is cool, unless you are really black.’ Mode | Instant News

HIn Monday night Interview magazine dropped their new cover on Instagram – a photo of a hyper-urban singer Selena Gomez with his tongue sticking out, wearing black boots, leggings and a Balenciaga X top. On his head, the singer was wearing a braid hairstyle with the tip of a baby’s hair. The Hispanic Gomez also seems to have a darker skin than usual. “He has finished letting people control his narration,” the magazine wrote in the description below. But the arrangement of cover images appears to show the singer is taking over completely from another culture. “This is catching black fish, you are all awake,” read one comment below the cover image, while on the website Pop Crave tweeted the question: “Why Selena Gomez is trying to turn black …” – displays images from Interview photoshoots.

From rapper Bhad Bhabie, who appeared on Instagram last week in tanned skin and in a black wig, in Ariana Grande style in her 7-ring video (she has been wearing “Culture as a costume” according to the Atlantic), “black fishing” has become an overly familiar cultural allusion. The term was coined to reflect the perception that you cosmetically enhance your appearance through makeup and hairstyles to make it look as if you have a black heritage. “It’s about choosing and choosing the common black traits and characteristics for one’s benefit,” explained Johanna Yaovi, founder Curl Talk Project“While we continue to face discrimination every day.

“As black women, we continually fight for representation, diversity that is clear, authentic, and then must confront individuals who carry out blackfishing, individuals who will therefore look ambiguous enough for brands to use it as a symbol for diversity.”

Last month Kim Kardashian, a figure accused by several commentators of normalizing blackfishing, was called to wear braids in Paris fashion week with Twitter users asking: “Can you stop taking over black culture?” In December, Kardashian was criticized for her appearance on the cover 7Hollywood magazine, which saw her wearing a wig, clothes, and skin that was darker than Diana Ross. Karen Attiah, editor of Washington Post’s global opinion, tweeted: “I don’t see it complicated. His closeness to and use of darkness makes him (and his family) paid. Handsome.” (Kim and Khlo√© Kardashian have a combined net worth of $ 400 million, while their younger sister Kylie Jenner has named by Forbes the youngest billionaire in the world). “This is America’s obsession with darkness, and black culture – without black people,” he added.

In November, Molly Mae Hague on Love Island was questioned afterwards use foundation many colors are darker than the color of his skin. Many Twitter users are annoyed because they turn their skin darker than usual, comparing it to Rachel Dolezal.

“I question the motivation behind the excessive use of tanners from some people,” said journalist Wanna Thompson. “Do I believe that anyone who wants to be black? Not really, but I wonder about the need to make yourself appear some darker color. Who are you trying to imitate?” Thompson came up with the term “catching black fish” when he saw discussion about white women who cosplay as black women on Twitter. “And I said to myself, ‘I need to bring awareness to this growing problem.’

“It’s always common,” Thompson said. “Be it fashion, beauty or music. Black is cool, unless you’re really black. “


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Former Designer Dior Zoe Turner Joins American Fashion House, St. John As Creative Director | Instant News

St. John, a luxury American fashion house founded in 1962 on the basis of elegant and versatile knitwear dresses.

Since then, the brand may have evolved to include other offerings, ranging from two classic pieces of elegant tweed (think Jackie O) and statement-yet-understated dresses, but the pillars of their brands remain the same. This label stands for design, fabric quality, expertise exceptions (just look at the sewing) and of course, a lot of sophistication.

With all this rich history choosing a Creative Director has no meaning, and this is where Zoe Turner came into play, because he was brought to the fold at the end of last year. After previously joining Max Mara Fashion Group and Dior (he works under John Galliano and Raf Simons), he has 20 years experience in the world of technical fashion and knitwear.

The Fall 2020 collection marks the Tuner debut line for the label, and aesthetically it is the intersection of femininity and power. Think of the oversized leather jacket, the specially designed suit, and of course, the textured tweed and smooth cover that this brand loves.

Turner discusses his chapter for the St. brand story. John

Felicity Carter: How, when, why did you enter this industry?

Zoe Turner: I have always been interested in this industry for one simple reason, I want to make all women feel strong and beautiful. When I was growing up, I saw my mother wearing an amazing Ossie Clark and Biba dress. He made me dream and fell in love with fashion. I obtained a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art London. After graduating in 2002, I joined Alberta Ferretti as a designer, where I worked with the founder and creative director of Italy for four years. I was then recruited to Paris to join Christian Dior Couture, first as Senior Designer under John Galliano, then as Chief Designer, Director of Knitwear under Raf Simons. After spending almost a decade at Dior, I returned to Italy to work at Max Mara Fashion Group, before my current effort as Creative Director of St. John

FC: How do you summarize the aesthetics of St John?

ZT: St. John is a symbol of American luxury, which is why I am so interested and interested in the brand. This house was founded in 1962 with a basic knit gown that is simple, elegant and versatile. The brand has evolved over the years, but the foundation and DNA remain the same as when the dress was made. St. John was built on great American design, graceful and timeless elegance, unmatched quality and expertise, and the extraordinary women who wore it.

FC: What is luxury for you?

ZT: For me, luxury is meticulous workmanship and smart and thoughtful design. On St. John, luxury is the basis of every silhouette, he talks in detail – like an expert sewing St. Or in the unique knitwear used to make the St. John Sometimes these details are minimized, they need to be seen and felt in order to be fully understood.

FC: Who are your customers?

ZT: She is a strong, independent, forward-thinking woman; who appreciate beautiful clothes.

FC: Tell us about what includes your role …

ZT: My role is to dive into all aspects of the brand. My position encompasses everything from design packaging to the retail environment, to our multimedia presence and overall brand communication. I want to re-energize and develop St John while continuing to stay true to its roots. I want more women to see what our American luxury homes actually offer.

FC: Right now which is your favorite part and how do you use it?

ZT: Our leather trench from Autumn 2020 is my favorite editorial work, and from an everyday perspective, we have a black knit jacket with gold buttons paired with plisse pants which I like as clothing.

Shop collections at lluxury retailers all over the world and through brand e-commerce sites stjohnknits.com.


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From Kylie Jenner to Selena Gomez; Recap Hollywood fashion this week | Instant News

Hollywood celebrities always amaze fans by putting forward their best fashion. Fashion cops are always amazed by celebrities who have very good fashion sense. Hollywood celebrities are often admired by fans for wearing clothes, whether brave or delicate. Here is a quick fashion recap of Hollywood celebrities who amaze fans with their clothes.

Kylie Jenner

Bringing it to Instagram, Kylie Jenner is seen sharing photos in an all-black ensemble. Hugging body dress featuring a long chain in the middle. Keeping his appearance classy but simple, Kylie Jenner chose winged eyeliner. Nude makeup with diamond earrings complete the diva look.

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is seen wearing a sequential pink dress. Hugging body dress featuring a plunging neckline. Accessed by the statement pendant, Selena Gomez makes it look simple. Minimalist makeup with pink lips adds elegance to its appearance. Short hair that is left open complements Selena Gomez’s appearance.

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian amazed his followers by sharing his throwback photos. In the photo, Kim Kardashian can be seen wearing a tight gray top with matching pants. The beautiful mogul accesses her appearance with sequential gray ankle boots.

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Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian left the internet apart with a bold and sensual avatar. The diva was seen wearing a mere orange button dress. Diva did not choose minimalist accessories and makeup for this look. Kourtney Kardashian left her slender hair open to complete this bold appearance.

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Selena Gomez isn’t looking for love Lifestyle | Instant News

Selena Gomez insisted having a girlfriend was “nowhere near the top” of her priority list.

The ‘Lose You to Love Me’ singer stressed that her new song ‘Boyfriend’, written long before the coronavirus pandemic shook the world and the focus now is on “safety, unity and recovery” for everyone.

He said on Instagram: “Many of you know how excited I am to release a song called ‘Boyfriend.’ This is a light song about falling and rising again many times in love, but also knowing that you don’t need anyone other than yourself to be happy.

“We wrote it long before our current crisis, but in today’s context, I want to be clear that a boyfriend is not near the top of my priority list. Like the rest of the world, I pray for safety, unity and recovery during this pandemic. “

‘Boyfriend’ will appear in the new deluxe version of Selena’s album, ‘Rare’ – which will also feature two other new songs, ‘She’ and ‘Souvenir’, and Selena plans to mark the release of the recording on April 9 with a donation to the PLUS1 Relief Fund COVID-19, as well as giving $ 1 from each LP order through his own shop to the organization.

He wrote: “Because of that, I personally contributed to the COVID-19 Plus 1 relief fund and donated $ 1 from each order in my official store to the fund from now on. Rare (Deluxe), featuring ‘Boyfriend’ is coming out April 9th.”

PLUS1 COVID-19 Fund helps musicians and music industry workers affected by the pandemic, as well as those whose physical and mental health, safety and well-being are most at risk as a result.

Last week, the 27-year-old star announced part of the proceeds from her new ‘Dance Again’ merchandise to be donated to the COVID-19 Relief Fund.


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