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The Brazilian man died after slipping from a waterfall taking a selfie | Instant News

A Brazilian man died over the weekend after slipping from a waterfall while taking a selfie, according to reports.

Guilherme Chiapetti, 22, plunged 32 feet while taking a photo on Saturday, landing on the rocks at Cachoeira da Onça in southern Brazil, The Sun reported, citing local media.

Chiapetti suffered a traumatic brain injury and died on Sunday morning at the Bom Jesus de Toledo hospital, report said.

The victim’s aunt, Ivani, mourned the death of her nephew in a social post.

“If I had known last Sunday, that kiss would be the last kiss you would give me, I would have hugged you more and kissed you more,” he wrote.

“Go in peace, my angel. God welcomes you with open arms, ”according to The Sun.

Chiapetti’s father told local media that his son often visited the waterfall where he fell and enjoyed photography.


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The Australian mother fell off a cliff, dying while trying to take a photo in the notorious selfie spot | Instant News

HALLS GAP, Australia (NEXSTAR) – A 38-year-old woman fell to her death on Saturday after she slipped on a barrier at a popular scenic spot in Australian Victoria state, police said.

Australia Nine News identifies the woman as Rosy Loomba, and says she was with her husband and child at Boroka Lookout when she climbed the guardrail. The lookout provided extensive views of the Grampians National Park, and Loomba was trying to pose over the “picture perfect rock” when he fell around 3pm, police told Nine News.

Witnesses told the outlet that they could hear Loomba’s screams, but no one could help him. The first responders took six hours to work up the cliffs to recover Loomba’s body, reported Nine News.

Warning signs on the 260-foot Boroka Lookout are often overlooked, social media searches show.

Graham Wood, a local tour guide, told the country’s public broadcaster ABC she saw someone else climbing the barrier for that day’s photo, and believe Loomba fell just 30 minutes after he left.

“I was shocked,” said Wood, adding that this was a bad way for people to learn about risking their lives on Boroka Lookout. “I don’t know how you can stop it but maybe this incident will help. It’s a hard way to get people to follow what should be common sense. “

The police have warned past visitors about chasing the “best selfie” at the Grampians:

“We regularly see dangerous photos and videos that are geo-tagged into areas where individuals have compromised their own safety in order to get certain shots. We also frequently work with local rescue teams on missions to get individuals to safety who have overlooked signage and climbed over barriers or safety fences. Our mission is not always successful.

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Shawano Football will surrender to front row Edgar | Instant News

SHAWANO, WI- The Shawano Football team have found a game for next Friday night. The Hawks (3-1) will travel to Marathon County to face the Edgar Wildcats (4-0). Edgar is ranked No. 1 in Division 7 and was D7 State Runner-Ups last year. They’ve been in state championship game three of the past four years and last won the title in 2016. The Hawks were originally scheduled to play Menasha before the Blue Jays season ended. .

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Selfie points were inaugurated at Taman Jilani | Instant News

LAHORE: The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) inaugurated the first selfie point built at Taman Jilani for residents here on Monday.

Officials say citizens will forever cherish unforgettable moments with themselves and their loved ones at this time. They added that more selfie points would be built in the provincial metropolitan city to promote local tourism.

The idea for a selfie point came from Provincial Secretary of Housing Nadeem Mahbub at a meeting a few weeks ago and the PHA implemented it in the shortest possible time, officials added. They said PHA guarded parks and recreation areas with all precautions against the corona virus.

On Monday, Punjab Chief Minister Asif Mehmood and Housing Secretary Nadeem Mehboob cut the selfie point tape at Jilani Park (Race Course). Asif Mehmood said that the provincial capital of Lahore was second in its beauty and prizes. From the point of selfie, citizens will forever cherish unforgettable moments with themselves and their loved ones.

Housing Secretary Nadeem Mahbub said that the PHA’s decision to set a selfie point was praiseworthy. Muzaffar Khan, Director General of the Park and Horticultural Authority, has implemented instructions in a short amount of time and has set a selfie point in Taman Jilani that deserves congratulations. Housing Secretary Nadeem Mahbub further said that the selfie point was a PHA special gift for the people of Lahore while PHA would open a park for residents with security measures according to government orders under the SOP.

PHA Deputy Chair Yasir Gilani said that the Park and Horticultural Authority is fighting for the beauty and facilities of the park for the enjoyment of the residents and the beauty of the park has been further enhanced by a selfie point at Taman Jilani.

Muzaffar Khan said that the idea of ​​a selfie point was realized by Housing Secretary Nadeem Mahbub. “We thank Housing Secretary Nadeem Mahbub for presenting the idea of ​​a charming selfie point for the people of Lahore,” he said.

He said that in the view of the coronavirus, maintenance of parks and recreational areas was being carried out with precautionary measures and PHA took steps to beautify the city and provide quality facilities to residents in the park.


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