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MATE.BIKE Gives E-Biking a Fashion-Forward Makeover – CR Fashion Book | Instant News

Remember the morning commute? Packed into subway carriages, sat in traffic, and in and out of Ubers. Although Zoom’s meeting seems like a fair trade-off for the stress of an early morning commute, it’s hard to believe the changes in everyday life compared to just over a year ago before the pandemic. These drastic changes in our daily lives have become our new normal that influences them to move out of their comfort zone, literally.

In a recent study by the University of VermontResearchers found that outdoor activity has experienced the largest spike in years with a 70% increase in activities such as walking due to the pandemic that the majority of subjects have positive views of their mental health and well-being. In an effort to get rid of “quarantine fatigue”, turning to Mother Nature has become one of the biggest pandemic trends, and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

The migration from our computer screens to the wild during the pandemic has profoundly affected our transportation habits. The public transportation system does not feel as secure as it used to be, triggering the need for more independent, affordable and safe alternative transportation methods. Enter the E-Bike.

Mate Bikes

Thanks to changing mindsets about the environment, health and fitness habits during the pandemic, the electric bike or E-bike has become one of the biggest pandemic trends as the preferred method of transportation with the sale of E-Bike. increased from 92% in April 2020 to 137% in May 2020 compared to the previous year. “I think it’s the only possibility that you can really go out and enjoy nature. You can cover distances that you might not be able to explore as much as possible by train or public transport “said Michael Lillelund Co-Owner of MATE, the maker of very stylish E-bikes, MATE.BIKE.

Created in 2016 by Copenhagen-based siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm, their passion for cycling (the preferred method of transportation in Denmark) made the two aware of a gap in the bicycle market. Christian came up with the concept of taking an e-bike – which at the time, was something really boring and something older people might carry – and then combining it with something that was fashionable, cool and desirable for the younger crowd, almost like a statement said Lillelund.

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Michael Lillelund Co-Owners of MATE.BIKE

Michael Lillelund

Among the variety of vibrant colors, sleek designs and foldable body, MATE.BIKE is perhaps the ultimate functional statement accessory. “If you look at the other E-Bike brands, the design looks the same wisely. MATE is very fashionable and something one can really feel, especially in Copenhagen, driving a MATE. A BIKE in Copenhagen is almost like you’re driving a Porsche, you know? Something that people are very proud of you can say, “he said.

bike pal

Mate Bikes

bike pal

Mate Bikes

With 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, Lillelund joined forces in 2018 to strengthen MATE’s fashion angle that emphasizes product exclusivity. “My strategy has never been to focus on regular bike shops, but only to go to the top concept stores around the world. I first entered Maxfield, we did a big launch in Los Angeles, we made Selfridges London, we made Webster in Miami, really took that other corner where we don’t really want to be a bike company, we want to be a lifestyle company which sells a lifestyle, “he said.

Like any other luxury lifestyle item, getting a MATE bike is no easy task.

Recently, the brand released their first big-name collaboration as the first non-fashion addition to the Moncler’s Genius collection where only 1,000 units were released from the special Moncler x MATE.BIKE. “It’s also something that’s really important to us when we’re doing all this collaboration is that it’s not just another brand-name bike, but has an extra feature or something special around the bike that really comes in handy in your everyday life,” says Lillelund. . Exclusive items and limited editions are certainly what drives the current climate of fashion, and MATE has been taking advantage of them in completely new ways.

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The combination of fashion and functionality that MATE offers has not gone unnoticed. In what will be the most successful European crowdfunding campaign ever, MATE’s accomplishments have attracted a group of star-studded investors such as Jay Z’s Marcy Venture Partners, Millie Bobby Brown, and Jessica Chastain, to name a few, who all hold stakes in the company. . today. Not to mention the long list of MATE’s celebrity clients including Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Lil Baby, and Corey Gamble who bought several bikes for Kardashian-Jenner clan. “It’s a great pairing, that’s why we always say you can WERE together,” said Lillelund. “You can go out with your partner or friend and get around and enjoy the city in a whole new way.”

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With speeds of 68 miles on a single charge at a maximum speed of 30 mph, MATE’s success has changed the game when it comes to easy-to-access eco-friendly transportation that allows for a safe and easy way to explore your city – and they don’t stop there. On top of the line-up of matching accessories that came out as an extension of the MATE brand, joining the two MATE E-Bike models is the MATE SUV, a cargo-style bike built for local travel that further replaces the need for something more environmentally friendly – a conscious alternative to car travel. short. “We found that in the US, 60% of all car trips are less than five miles,” he said. “It’s really where you can customize your kids so you can pick them up from school, you can store groceries there, there’s a complete music system so you can go to the beach with your friends, it’s like a cooler for a beer. and soda. It’s like an entertainment box we’ll be rolling out in a few months. “

Since MATE’s beginnings as a crowdfunding prototype, the company has been a moment brand that embraces the core values ​​of what is important to this generation. From eco-friendly approaches to limited stellar designs, MATE sets the precedent for future travels where style and style need not be sacrificed when it comes to traveling around your city in the safest and most effective way with a little added thrill. So go ahead and get off your training wheels, the future of a post-pandemic world runs on two wheels.

The MATE icon and the MATE X E-Bike are now available for shopping mate.bike.


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Post-pandemic playbook: Fashion is back to glamor | Instant News

While the pivot to the comfortable chunk was well received, 16Arlington has also seen an influx of inquiries from VIP clients for the full show since AW21. “There’s actually a dress that just came out of the machine … Feather from the breast to the floor,” said co-founder Marco Capaldo. “Even when we pointed out that the runway for the SS20 was not taken by the shop because they were playing it safe. Now, as we approach the end of the pandemic, we can see a taste for that real, extreme piece. “

The energy of optimism is in the air. “There is definitely a growing sense of optimism for the new season,” said Natalie Kingham, global purchasing director at MatchesFashion. “I think this summer we’ll be embracing a colorful, glamourous cut but in a more relaxed silhouette and fabrication.”

Separation allows versatility

Versatility has been an integral record for a wide variety of products since the pandemic, said Aoife Byrne, senior fashion and retail analyst at Edited. She notes an increasing demand for glamorous tops and pants in a wide variety. “The separate sauce that emerged during Covid is sure to last,” said Lee of Selfridges. “Tops are more versatile because you can wear them in many ways. You get more profit if you buy in a way that you can mix and match. “Lee reported strong demand for superiors from brands such as Nensi Dojaka, David Koma and Dion Lee.

The dojaka, known for its cut and fit dresses, was launched separately during the pandemic. “Compared to SS21, [buyers] bought more dresses for AW21, and that’s great, ”said Dojaka. “But they still buy separate clothes and essential items that people can wear in different ways.”

The style of embracing the Dojaka form is the winner for this year. Sales for body contour dresses were up 95 percent in the US and 44 percent in the UK for February, according to retail market intelligence platform Edited. Mesh tops are also one of the most sought-after styles on Lyst today, up 32 percent year over year. Bond seeking and layoffs rose 57 percent since the start of the year.

Patou’s creative director, Guillaume Henry tries to bring joy to his clients for AW21 after witnessing gloomy outfits on the streets of Paris from his studio at Île de la Cité. Although he chose not to use the word “glamor,” Henry tapped into a new hunger for fantasy and flamboyance with an injection of color, fur, and volume.

“For this season, I’m tired of looking at pants. I’m tired of looking at skirts, “he said. “So we actually put everything together. Everything is separate. You can buy a simple plain black skirt. Likewise for trousers and dresses. But you can build. The reception was very positive because I mean, it’s not like a work or a particular silhouette, but a global feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. “

Consumers want to invest

All over the world, customers want to invest in glamorous items that will last several seasons, says McKinsey’s Balchandani. “These items may be fine jewelry, fine watches, but they may also be the best denim in the world. Jackets or trousers that help you in various uses and occasions. “


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Fashion pioneer Hirestreet won top honors after experiencing a pandemic | Instant News

Newcastle startups aiming to reinvent the fashion retail sector have been recognized for their work with high profile accolades.

Isabella West, winner of the Young Business Executive of the Year award for the Northeast, founded Hirestreet three years ago to revolutionize the fashion market by encouraging buyers to rent clothes rather than buy them.

The company is now winning the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2021, winning the Recommerce Award for its focus on affordable prices.

The business is adapting quickly to stay competitive during the pandemic, reducing minimum rental costs to just £ 1.50 per day, while also introducing more casual clothing to stay relevant to a locked lifestyle.

Ms West said: “I was so shocked to win – and the jury’s comments got me. They acknowledge the changes we are making as a team, saying that we are making more sustainable fashion choices accessible to more consumers.

“We have now gone up to size 24, have changed our online images and used a variety of models. This was done because we care, but are happy they recognize it.

“There is often a conflict between affordability and sustainability. I launched Hirestreet to compete directly with fast fashion, not because it is the most profitable sector of the rental industry, but because it will have the most impact.

“A lot of people question the decision – myself included – and every time Hirestreet is left out of ’rounding up the rent’ because we are not ‘exclusive’ enough, I wonder if we should turn to be more ‘upscale’.

“The last three years have been a journey of understanding who we want as a business and what part of it we want to play in the future of circular fashion.

“Rent is something everyone should do. If it takes a pandemic to realize what we’ve been saying over the past three years, that’s brilliant. “

Ms West said the pandemic forced rapid changes at the company, while some of its core collections of holiday, party and wedding clothing were left hanging in lockdowns.

Previous summers have seen 1,000% year-on-year growth, but summer 2020 figures are flat – although they remain steady while the economy is mostly open in the warmer months.

She said: “For Hirestreet, it has not been an extraordinary year – the dresses that gave us the best investment were for several occasions, so we are in conflict because we don’t want to expand into areas that are temporarily behind Covid, into sectors that may not be. perform well in the future.

“We dip our feet in smaller collections, like jeans in nice tops and outerwear in winter, with coats when the pub opens.

“Overall, it is a very interesting but challenging time.”

The biggest axle for Hirestreet follows discussions with over-stocked retailers and resellers, who say they want to work with the rental sector but will only go so far, to get customers to come back and buy.

Using her experience as a trend expert with Selfridges, Ms West analyzed consumer trends and designed a new platform to make rental accessible to all retailers.

Zoa is the UK’s first white label fashion rental platform, which gives fashion brands the opportunity to add their clothing rentals as an option besides buying.

The platform, which is managed by Hirestreet.com, went live immediately. The company takes care of all the technology, adjusts the website and rental arrangements and uploads stock, and can all ship clothes to the warehouse and take care of all the cleaning and customer service.

Ms West added: “It will go live later this month with the first brand to use the technology platform. We’ve joined select retailers for a pilot stage.

“I can’t say who they are, but we work with menswear, menswear and ski-wear companies. I love the data and the cool thing about being a rental for multiple brands is that you always start to see trends emerge.”


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Retail group Mike Ashley takes over leading fashion retailer North | Instant News

Mike Ashley Frasers Group’s retail empire has swooped into the premier fashion retailer on Teesside.

Newcastle United owner and serial entrepreneur has taken over designer clothing company Middlesbrough Psyche in an undisclosed deal, years after the owner initially turned down a purchase offer.

Soul owner Steve Cochrane, who has owned the company for 38 years, will remain with the company after the deal, saying it secures the future of brick and mortar shops, online operations and 58 employees.

She said: “After 38 years as an independent fashion retailer we’ve never seen the uncertainty surrounding a pandemic with local closings, it’s great to have the security and support of one of the UK’s strongest retailers to continue to employ our talented staff and serve us loyal customers.

“Joining the Frasers Group will allow us to grow and develop.

“It will give us economies of scale and efficiency by being part of a large company.”

The deal includes Psyche’s 40,000-square-foot luxury fashion boutique in Middlesbrough, which sells more than 200 high-end brands for men, women and children, and is currently closed due to Tier 4 restrictions.

It moved into the building from its previous premises, also on Linthorpe Road, as part of expansion plans in 2003.

In 1995 Psyche won UK Designer Retailer of the Year ahead of Selfridges on Oxford Street and Mr Cochrane, saying he was first approached with a potential sales offer in 2017.

He turned down the offer – but was recently contacted by Frasers Group founder Mr Ashley.

The businessman visited four years ago during a trip to see his Flannel shop in Middlesbrough.

Mr Cochrane added: “When Mike came three years ago, he said it was the best shop he had seen outside London.

“They are really great to face. Many highways are on the brink of failure, but this deal ensures that Psyche is now part of something bigger and safer.


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Net Zero Festival: Slow down fast fashion | Instant News

VIDEO: Lucy Siegle asks Arizona supermodel and campaigner Muse, Daniella Vega of Selfridges, Robin Millington of Planet Tracker, and Wendy Rattray of Hello Halo Productions about how to green the fashion industry

Fashion is a very influential industry where trends are constantly changing, but one of the trends that this sector is struggling to get rid of is the so-called ‘fast fashion’.

Indeed, the shift in recent decades towards cheaper garments that use environmentally damaging materials, chemicals and production processes combined with single-use consumerism has been detrimental to human health, nature and the climate, and there is growing recognition in an industry that is very it needed. move to a more sustainable footing. Fortunately, there are some signs that increasing awareness of the climate and environmental impacts of garments can help change consumer attitudes, but there is still a long way to go without too much time to get there.

So, to discuss the role of complex modes in net zero transition in BusinessGreenRecent Net Zero Festival, journalist and broadcaster Lucy Siegle joins some of the leading experts in her field: Arizona Muse’s supermodel and environmental campaigner, Selfridges sustainability director Daniella Vega, Planet Tracker CEO Robin Millington, and Hello Halo Productions’ executive producer and director executive Wendy Rattray.

The full conversation can be seen above.

All of the debate panels, keynote speeches and presentations of the world’s first Net Zero Festival – which runs for three days from September 30th featuring hundreds of top speakers from business, politics and academia – are is now available to watch again upon request through Net Zero Festival website.


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