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Each person “exposes” the dark corners of show business, saying: “the female form is hard rich without working”, but it’s all Vbiz project | Instant News

In the evening on 12/7, the whole world showbiz the chaos of information ago, the police just destroy the model range, selling sex. the police came in, this 4-star hotel in district 1, caught, model 3, Price 18.000 – 30.000 USD. In addition, the police also arrested Luke Egor Kartashov Y. V. (age 27, house, da Nang) coordination model range selling sex, Miss thousand dollars.

The original recorded information is then one of the 3 girls was caught selling porn at this 4-star hotel was introduced as Miss Vietnam in foreign countries.

When this information is available and yapping in a social network forum, do not less netizen recall that in show business has never been one who openly stand out, to speak about problems the sample women. No other, is exactly the model Your Ceiling .

10 years ago your ceiling everyone has a speech that caused an uproar about the dark corners of this model. When talking about the newspaper in 2010, Trang Tran Frank said: “There are so many models, they should also have the model, and the model in the frame that does it or a year to go on an exchange program, then also about myself as a model. To go couple. They say white is going to make a prostitute”. Your ceiling do not hesitate to raise the question that the female form is unlikely you can get rich by profession, though if you’re not “big”.

Each person “exposes” the dark corners of showbiz, saying the female form is hard rich if does not work, but it's all Vbiz project - Photo 3.

However, at the time, a spokesman to your ceiling makes her meet not less problems, when all Vbiz project. At that time, super model Xuan LAN, each statement is not considered a ceiling the model page. Said Xuan LAN that face colleagues factor to make a name for himself doing shady, have no profession.


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