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Tests the collector of Coimbatore positive for coronavirus, admitted to a private hospital | Instant News

The test result was positive on Wednesday morning, and he was mostly asymptomatic.

Coimbatore district collector K Rajamani has tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday morning and was admitted to a private hospital for treatment.

The collector temperature rose Monday morning, and so he gave her swabs to test on Tuesday. After that, his test result was positive on Wednesday. The collector was placed in the medical center Kovai and hospital (kmch).

Clerk of the district health TNM confirmed that the collector is positive for coronavirus.

Official district medical Ramadurai Murugan said, “the collector visited the area of deterrence, to help planning, monitoring spread of the virus. He got a slight fever over the last few days and as it was in the cases of the coronavirus, he yesterday gave the test. It was positive this morning and admitted in a private hospital. It is largely asymptomatic until now”.

The collector was actively involved in the activities of the district administration to stop the proliferation of COVID-19. Collector conducts a sudden inspection of the protection zones within the district.

July 2, collector visited Selvapuram and Telugu street germasino and communicate with people. According reports34 people tested positive in the area of deterrence Selvapuram. Cluster Selvapuram out of gold prefabrication.

As of Tuesday night, Coimbatore was 188 new cases of coronavirus. Currently, the district has 1131 active cases of coronavirus. In Coimbatore, 1,480 people tested positive for coronavirus, of which 338 persons were discharged after recovery. The district reported one death from the outbreak of coronavirus.

In Tamil Nadu, 1,47,324 people have tested positive for the coronavirus so far. While the state performs more than 97 000 people, the state 47,912 active cases COVID-19.


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