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Luke Parker, Joel Selwood pondered the structure of the new AFL season | Instant News

A few days after Scott Pendlebury suggested that the AFL experiment with the structure of the season – including shorter places and the best-of-three Grand Final series – Luke Sydney and Joel Selwood of Geelong Sydney had supported some changes.

On Friday, Pendlebury suggested the short preseason block should be introduced instead of the extended final series and once again floated the idea of ​​a wildcard weekend and the best-of-three Grand Final series.

“I feel that most of Round 16 has been paused for three or four weeks, so I think wildcards [weekend] would be very cool, “said captain Collingwood.” I have already said the best-of-three Grand Final series will be amazing to play.

“Whatever we do differently will create tension first, but then it will become a new norm, so this is a good opportunity this year to see [other changes] like games with shorter places, (or a) Grand Final tonight and see how it goes. “

The suggestion sparked heated debate on traditional media platforms and social media. On Sunday, Parker and Selwood were asked their thoughts, with the Swans midfielder clearly supporting the short game and the extended Grand Final series.

He said the best-of-three Grand Final would increase the chances of the season’s best team winning the premier league even if they had a bad day at the office.

“I actually thought about the length of the match [in Round 1] really good, “Parker told ABC Grandstand radio.

“Hopefully, in the future it has the potential to create more soccer games, faster turnarounds and maybe an extended season or final campaign.

“[If a best-of-three Grand Final series was introduced] then the best team throughout the year can have a little more chance to end up on top, than if you went away for a day, spending your entire season.

“So, potentially you will see the best team this year win a little more.”

Captain Geelong Selwood also agreed with Pendlebury’s suggestions, especially the shortened preseason and the longer round-trip campaign.

“I think there are more traditionalists out there who might not like the idea but many other sports abroad seem to play more and have less pre-season periods,” Selwood told ABC radio.

“So, I like Scott’s way of thinking and I might sit by his side more than traditionalists here.”


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