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Brazil: Pope Francis Hospital’s ship treating Covid patients in Amazonia | Instant News

Bishop Bernardo Bahlmann distributed medical supplies from the ship

The Pope Francis Hospital ship carries medical equipment and assistance to communities affected by the corona virus along the Amazon river, the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) reports.

Brother Joel Sousa, from the ship’s medical team said, “This ship has performed miracles, bringing healing and hope to the inhabitants of the river.” With the current state of emergency, he said that there was even more need for work to save their lives.

The Pope Francis Hospital ship has sailed on the Amazon River for a year now, providing medical assistance and assistance to around 700,000 people, many of them from indigenous peoples – in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

Experts warn that while deforestation in the Amazon rainforest continues, the lives of indigenous peoples are at greater risk because the death rate from the corona virus is twice that of the Brazilian population.

Their situation is exacerbated due to lack of access to proper medical care and great distance from the nearest intensive care unit.

In an interview published on the CELAM website, Brother Sousa said that the medical and logistical team on board had been reorganized to specifically combat the pandemic.

He said the crew was committed to raising awareness of Covid-19 and providing information to the local population and offering on-site first-stage outpatient care.

“We deal mainly with flu-like symptoms and mild cases of Covid-19,” he said, adding that “doctors carry out consultations, while we dedicate ourselves to the distribution of medicines.”

Among the crew of 32 meters long, there are 23 doctors, nurses, paramedics, chemists, and medical researchers. The ship has a consulting room, operating room, laboratory for testing and diagnosis, a pharmaceutical and vaccination center. These are equipped to do X-Rays, mammograms, echo-cardiograms and specialist medical visits such as ophthalmology and dentistry.

This initiative was founded and promoted by Bishop Bernardo Bahlmann of Obidos in the Brazilian state of northern Brazil, along with religious people from the Brotherhood of St. Francis of Assisi at Providence of God, who runs a hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Pope Francis sailed in July 2019 and has since provided much needed assistance and care to many cities and communities along the Amazon River.

Pope Francis donated an ultrasound engine and sent a message of support when the ship made its maiden voyage.

In a letter to the crew and promoters of the ship, the Pope reminded them that “the Church was called” to be a ‘field hospital’, welcoming everyone, without distinction, “and he noted that, with this initiative, the Church now also presents itself as” home sick on the water. “

“Like Jesus, who appears to be walking on water, calming storms and strengthening the faith of the disciples, this boat will bring spiritual comfort and calm to the concerns of men and women in need, who are left to their destiny,” the Pope wrote.

Funds for shipbuilding were provided by the State after being compensated for collective damage by Shell Chimica and BASF SA after an environmental accident that killed 60 people and caused considerable damage.


DIVE – https://prensacelam.org/

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Pakistan: Christians reject Covid-19 assistance | Instant News

Source: ACN

NGOs and Muslim leaders in Pakistan are accused of refusing to provide Covid-19 emergency assistance to Christians and other religious minorities – even though they are among the worst affected by the pandemic.

Cecil Shane Chaudhry, Executive Director of the National Commission for Justice and Peace, a Catholic-run human rights organization, described reports of religious organizations and mosques that make Christians tell Christians not to advance for food and other emergency distributions.

Speaking to the Catholic charity, Aid for Churches in Need, Chaudhry said Christians and other religious minorities were in dire need of help because many were in low-paying jobs, dependent on daily wages, and on lineages, with jobs drying out of the turmoil.

And, emphasizing how a minority of women are particularly at risk, she called on the Pakistani government to provide COVID-19 masks, gloves and other protective equipment for sanitation workers and domestic workers – many of whom are Christians.

With the Pakistani government now defusing the lockdown, Chaudhry said he was afraid of a surge in COVID-19 cases, especially among Christians and other minorities whose jobs, he said, put them at risk of infection.

Chaudhry gave a report on how Christians in a village near Lahore on Raiwind Road were denied food assistance and how, in a separate incident, around 100 Christian families were expelled from food distribution in Sandha Kalan village, in the Kasur district in Punjab, Punjab.

He said there were reports of COVID-19 emergency relief staff on the ground refusing to provide assistance to non-Muslims because donations had come as charitable offerings of Zakat, in accordance with Islamic Sharia law.

Chaudhry said: “COVID-19 knows no boundaries – everyone is in danger, regardless of their religion, so how is it fair to refuse food and other emergency assistance to Christians and other minorities, especially when they are among those who suffer most in this time?”

The NCJP head quoted an imam from a mosque in Model City Lahore who, he said, had announced in a recent sermon: “Tomorrow morning there will be rationing for people in need but only for Muslims.”

Pakistan has 32,819 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, according to recent reports, with 733 deaths, although Chaudhry stresses many cases are not reported.

The NCJP head asked the government to consult with minority groups regarding COVID-19 response initiatives and to use better census data to target assistance to the most vulnerable.

He said: “Even though the plan is being worked on, for the time being we don’t know [any initiatives to include] members of religious minorities to ensure their needs are not ignored. “

In early April 2020, ACN reported a claim that the Saylani Welfare International Trust, a charity in Karachi, had distributed food vouchers in the Korongi city district, but when they arrived at a Christian home, they moved.

Assistance to Churches in Need has a € 5 million COVID-19 emergency assistance program (£ 4.38 million).



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